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  1. Thank you very much, may you stay always healthy and live long
  2. Hi Tony, Yes, it looks you have posted in the right place to me too 👍🏻😎 cheers Reggie
  3. Hi Tony have you tried here? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/77-photo-bugs-found-on-macos/
  4. Hi All, I tried the same thing (Pentax K3 DNG raw) _+ Jpeg, also very slow on my MacBook Pro. Interestingly the screen shot below shows a blank "Before" view and there is no effect on the "After" section when I try the sliders.
  5. Thanks for the font creation tool steer, great work by the way
  6. I don't why I haven't played with .... err .... been creative with vectors; a whole new set of possibilities thanks Dan and MEB good work
  7. Thanks Alfred for the information, Interesting and not entirely a surprise. Well lets stop this chatter and get on with some Photography :-D
  8. Hi Stephen, Very true Stephen, I grant you the embedded world of software development is very different; the metal is very close at hand and true in my day job I am nearly as busy with the concerns of the hardware as much as software design, implementation and testing. I have no wish to argue one business model is better than another on the strength of my personal knowledge and experience or in fact if there is a best, correct or better way of doing business at all. The commercial choices of a business are the just that, their choice. From a customers' perspective we too have choice, well at least realistically the choices that are presented to us including the walking away choice. It is a very good point that many subscription services, just for an example Microsoft Office 365, allow the use of their software on different platforms for the same licence. However the Adobe's and Microsoft's of this world do have a massive advantage and that is sheer size of financial power and number of employees. I suppose it comes down to what customers want in the end, this customer is personally happy with the Affinity software licensing scheme, however I do concede licensing is a tricky balance in the world of software. I just see that the hardware platform, especially for high work load specifications for example working with lots of large RAW files and even larger Tiff files, can be very expensive and the relative cost of Affinity software is small in comparison. If Affinity software was in the multiple hundreds of pounds/dollars I might possibly feel entitled to a more open licensing regime. Regards Reggie
  9. A good balanced reply Brad methinks. Like others on here I am also a software engineer (mostly embedded for 30 years but lately snuck into C# XAML UI .. old dogs and new tricks hey) and yes you are right just because a code base as a common design for different operating system the implementation for different OS and the corresponding UI doesn't happen by magic and there then is maintaining said different platforms not to mention the heaps of testing in development etc. I have both Affinity Photo and Designer for Mac but I would be happy to purchase a licence for an iPad if I had one ... saving pennies ... I rather fancy using an Apple pencil too, I think given the price of the hardware Affinity licences are good value.
  10. Nice work JMWellborn and so true, I have a number of (well thousands actually) of such forlorn 35mm film slides from far far ago, which I scanned a while ago now. I find getting the tone between new sky and old photo a task to match, I need to study the videos yet again Recently I did a sky replacement on a scan of a very faded photograph of my father in law with his beloved springer spaniel with them sat on a hill, the sky was around the top of both dog and person which was very painstaking to select for the mask. I won't share it as he died recently and it seems disrespectful to share it here, the final picture was used at his committal and his thanks giving. However the point here is always keep old stuff, even if it seems too battered to be of any use .. one day it might be the only visual connection to a beloved past place, event, person or pet and Affinity Photo can bring it back to life ... being old has to have some plus points
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