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  1. Reggie1958

    Fast RAW viewer

    Hi Walt, thanks for your reply Sorry I wasn't clear: I'm using MacOS I've tried the XnViewMP application and it doesn't really cut it for RAW files, yes it'll display them but painfully slow on my MacBook-Pro ... it's a decent spec (the best at the time of purchase) I got the hardware with high end photography in mind so even the graphics card was the highest spec at the time of purchase, .. I say this so I know it's not the hardware that's slow :-/ Update Awdt has come up with a good alternative Fast Raw Viewer it is very very quick and not too expensive. Thanks Reggie
  2. As a photographer (amateur) I have tens of thousands of RAW files and in my work flow one of the first things I do is review my photographs so that I can choose what to discard or mark as worthy to develop further. One of the most frustrating things I find and I know I'm not alone in this this is there are almost no file browsers / viewers / managers that are capable of displaying RAW files in a timely fashion. Most file browsers are woefully inadequate in this area, they either can't manage RAW files or are so painfully slow as to render a work flow unusable. Please, please, please, I don't want this file browser / viewer / manager to have editing capabilities or fancy gimmicks, just the ability to take a mass of very large RAW and affinity files and display them in number of formats, i.e. in grid form, film strip, etc etc very vey fast. The manager / viewer / browser needs to able to show histograms as well exif data etc. The ability to search and display files on a range of file parameters super quickly.
  3. Reggie1958

    Best file to save as

    Hi Fraser, I have made such a collage ... no expert mind I was asked by a friend to crate a collage of photos she took with alphabetical letters as her insperation .. that's the English alphabet, be interesting trying to get the letters Ö Ä Ü in photographic form .. now there's a project. Anyway..... I had a bunch of RAW files from her and used Affinity photo to create the collage; I found working in 32bit (HDR) colour format for each file made for a truely massive .afphoto best to export to 8 bit JPEG highest quality .. still big files .. or 16 bit Tiff files if you have the computer to handle the massive files. I worked in the highest resolution my computer could handle with the converted RAW filies into 16bit Tiff files then I created my collage .... we are talking a simply huge .afphoto file .. then when done I exported the final document as an 8bit jpeg file best quality. Thus the workflow was to maintian the highest resolution until the end export for printing .. that's another story .. Hope that helps and if there are any experts out there who want to give thier wisdom I'd be grateful :-D Reg.
  4. Reggie1958

    Call for Camera Images

    3 RAW files: one PEF file (Pentax K3 full size) One DNG file (Pentax K3 Full size) one ARW file (Sony A580 Full size) Various lenses. Hope they help :-)
  5. Me too, a menu option to close all would be great :-D
  6. Reggie1958

    Close All

    +1 me too, Close all would be nice :-D
  7. Err isn't nichts German for nothing? just saying ...
  8. Reggie1958

    Grass brush for AP - updated to v.0.2

    Great brushes, thank you :-D
  9. Reggie1958

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    @MEGraphicDesign Yes I'm looking forward to that too, the last I got from the team was yes it is in pipeline. Yes I too would like the software to be kind of along the lines of Bridge in the sense it doesn't have to maintain a database. Update: I've seen a post on another thread posted yesterday that confirms that the team are actively working on an asset management app.
  10. Hi RJ21, I have used Affinity photo for a number of years now and I have never looked back as far as Affinity photos is concerned. I have recently purchased Designer too, there is a little cross over but they excel in different things so I say do it. The selection tools in both apps are very good if used correctly I find. The macro feature of Affinity Photo is excellent too, I use it frequently and have made many a macro to make life easier. Cheers Reggie
  11. Reggie1958

    Non-destructive Add problem in AD 1.4.2

    @MEB Wow quick response :-D No probs MEB as long as it's still logged. I feared it might have been a fix that has over time been unfixed by such things as the magic of software configuration management or some such machination of software development ... yep been there .... small team and a zillion demands with prioritisation always keeping lower impact issues under the radar. You are doing a great job, thank you.
  12. Reggie1958

    Non-destructive Add problem in AD 1.4.2

    Hi @MEB and @sinbad Looks like we still have the same issue peeps. I was doing the same thing as Sinbad but for AD 1.6.1 Beta: That's December 2017 ... oh merry Christmas and a happy new year by the way :-D I have the same issue so I am glad I found Sinbad's report so we can at least keep these related issues together. I was following the beginners tutorial as Sinbad was and came up with the same issue .... Yes using the work around worked; that is, converting the nodes to Smooth nodes did work. Indeed a bit awkward and you wouldn't twig the solution by intuition either. However, still a bug? I'm happy to share files with full history saved if it helps. Regards Reggie
  13. Reggie1958

    Tone Mapping Presets [FREE]

    Thank you :-D