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  1. Here is the video file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OVbv0IHIbtI98un8G_B1w37LoV54PGIU/view?usp=sharing
  2. Maybe I found... something. I tried to create my simple macro 2 ways: I selected text frame with Move tool (V), then start recording macro - font size set to 8 pt, leading set to 9pt, stop recording and add macro to existing library I selected the text inside the frame (text editing mode), then start recording macro - font size set to 8 pt, leading set to 9pt, stop recording and add macro to existing library In the option 1 the macro was not saved after I quit and reopen Photo, in option 2 the macro was saved. So it looks that when I select text frame and record macro by doing some changes in Character panel, macro was not saved. If I select text itself and then record my macro by doing those changes (font size, leading), my macro was saved. Just for curiosity I also recorded these 2 macros in one "session" and none of them was saved.
  3. @Gabe Waw, it works now, thanks. When I create new category, then macro is there after I quit and reopen Photo. Let me do couple more tests anyway, I will report it here.
  4. Sure, see attached video - 2 steps macro recorded (modifed font size and leading) and added in existing library. When Photo is restarted, macro in library is missing. Photo_Macro_issue_(1).mp4
  5. I have an issue with macros in Photo. I recorded one recently, added it to existing library, but after closing Photo, it disappeared. I re-recorded it again, added it back to the library, export the whole library but it disappeared again. When I wanted to import the library, I received the error message. What am I doing wrong? Photo 1.9.1, macOS 11.2.3 (20D91), Macbook pro mid 2015
  6. I love recent 1.9 update of Photo and possibility to link just certain properties of the layer... like only opacity & layer effects. It helps me to quickly change lettering look based on my client wishes
  7. Christmas is coming so let's shake the tree again 😜 Any news for the list of upcoming featurefeatures?
  8. I can see the preview of the color font in Affinity Designer when I am choosing font but it displays only as black and white outlines... so is that preview means the Affinity team is working on the implementation? 😉
  9. Soooo.. 2020 is here, betas 1.8.0.x as well so it there also any list of Common Feature Requests hidden in this forum?
  10. Ok... It's (almost) middle of November, Christmas is coming, is there any news about Common Feature Request Index for Affinity apps 1.8..? No rush, just checking the status
  11. I have one crazy suggestion. There is an option to switch to different view modes in Designer (vector, pixel, pixel retina, outline), even to split views. I cannot see this view modes in Photo now, only in Designer but what about to add "1-bit view" to all Affinity apps? The idea is to get realtime preview of the artwork even the apps will still work in X-bit grey / colour mode. Make it sense or is that stupid suggestion? I don't know...
  12. Well, English is my third language but I heard this time definition: SOON = September October Or November... so definitely before Christmas
  13. It might be as I am getting older and blind but is there any regularly updated index of common feature requests for Affinity apps 1.8, 1.9 / 2.x.. some as was done by @MEB before 1.7 release?
  14. Small sneak peek to my current work - Czech version of comic book Sabrina in Affinity Photo. This time I didn't use tablet but went back to the old-fashioned paper & pencil to write translated text. The original lettering was handwritten but it could be a nightmare to rewrite everything by hand. So we agreed to compromise: to use font for main dialogues and hand lettering for SFX, signs, letters etc.
  15. Hm... just another case I had to use my old PS6 again. I am currently working on Czech version of the comic book where the original data contains the artwork in 300ppi CMYK & inks (black&white page) in 1200ppi 1bit tiff images. I am editing all B&W pages in Affinity Photo and export them back as TIFF files. Unfortunately I had to re-saved them in PS in Bitmap mode / 50% threshold as AP doesn't support it... yet. Please add (at least) the export TIF in Bitmap mode. It would be very appreciated Btw, the colour TIFF pages required little bit of editing / retouching as well but here I had to use PS only as I had a lot of issues with shifted colours, missing layers and deadline was so close. Once it's finished I will ask for support and "reverse engineering" here (well, not in this topic of course) as I want to know the limitations of Photo and/or Designer to edit comic books... and Publisher as well even I don't prepare the final PDF for print, this part is done by another guy in InD. Anyway I still believe in Affinity!
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