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  1. What is the day today, guys?
  2. Milos Micatek

    Typeface design (WIP)

    Just playing with Designer... new SFX for upcoming "secret" comic book.
  3. Milos Micatek

    Typeface design (WIP)

    Yes, I am using Glyphs now, full version. It’s very good application with a lot of support in their community forum.
  4. Milos Micatek

    Typeface design (WIP)

    Some work in progress: semi-manual lettering of Czech edition of the graphic novel Ghost World by Daniel Clowes. I am using Assets in Affinity Designer to build translated text letter by letter because there is no time to create font based on original hand lettering... in other words I am just too lazy these days
  5. @JimmyJack Thanks a lot, it helps! If you have more of these "if not..." advices just throw them to me!
  6. Hi. I am dealing with some specific item. I am creating the lettering using Pen Tool in Affinity Photo. The task is to create letter as curve and then turn it to pixel layer with crisp / sharp edges = no antialiasing. There is antialiasing around the curve edges but I found the solution here from @MEB to get aliased object by adjusting the Coverage Map. It works for vector object (curve) but when I rasterize the object to pixel the anti-aliasing is back. Is there a possibility to keep sharp edge after rasterizing? If not is there some elegant way how to make those edges sharp quickly?
  7. @v_kyr I am not very familiar with scripting language. Anyway the inputs for Nanits composer are PNG files, the balloons and text with transparent background. Yes, I can rename those files later but my question was if there is an implemented batch renaming functionality which obviously is not (thanks @GabrielM for your answer). Maybe it should be added to requested features...
  8. Hello. I am working on comic book lettering and using Groups to prepare the balloons for future slicing to PNG format (they are inputs for comic book composer we are developing). I try to keep it clean and organized by using simple naming code "LANGUAGE platform ###" e.g CZE mobil 001, CZE mobil 002, etc. Sometimes I need to split the ballon and/or add new one which messing up the order. I usually put there an extra letter (001a, 001b...) but I would prefer to keep numbers only. Is there any chance to rename all groups in 1 step by defining syntax I described above? I found the batch renaming for Slices is not possible but what about the Groups, Layers...?
  9. I couldn't find any topic related to this item... so I'm asking here. Is it possible in Designer to show Styles as list the same way as it is in Publisher? If not, I guess it should be somewhere in the requested features for Designer (and Photo as well). Thanks for answer.
  10. Milos Micatek

    Typeface design (WIP)

    Sneak peek to re-lettering in Affinity Photo - retouching of the SFX for upcoming Czech translation of comic book Asgard
  11. Milos Micatek

    Typeface design (WIP)

    Final comparison of the SFX retouching in Affinity photo.
  12. FYI - Boolean operations added (I guess) to the latest beta release They are not in the Toolbar by default but can be added. It seems they are working OK, compounds can be created by shortcut ⌥+click on the icon.
  13. There are 2 callouts in the toolbar but I don't recommend to use any of them for comic book lettering. It would be like to use Comic Sans for lettering. Or for anything else Btw, you can always create your own assets
  14. I am testing the possibility to do comic book lettering in Publisher Beta. There is couple of methods how to create balloons and one of them is to combine 2 shapes (ellipse and tail) into 1 shape or rather create the non-destructive compound shape for future modifications. It works perfectly in Designer but I cannot find how to combine shapes (destructively or non-destructively) in Publisher. Are those functionalities dedicated to Designer only? I assume when the commercial version of Publisher is out and all three apps in suite are communicating it won't be a problem.
  15. Milos Micatek

    Typeface design (WIP)

    I am quite missing Assets in Affinity Photo. It would be very useful in comic book lettering when I don't have accurate font. Here is the example where I created whole alphabet in Affinity Designer (I had no time to create it as font), then I built the text in some of dialogue balloons letter by letter using Assets and then copied it to Photo which I used to adjust and do little retouching of the original artwork. Question: Is there a plan to implement Assets to Photo? And similar.... to implement Macro to Designer?