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  1. Isn't Metal supposed to be the baddest meanest API and therefore perform better? I have this grid of curves I'm trying to gradient-fill but I have to single out the layer by hiding the other to have Designer not to crash on me. How do I know how big is too big? In the video help I see they have like a million layers and it performs quickly, I've huge files with dozens of artboards and hundreds of objects yet this one layer is literally toasting my computer. I made that grid also in Designer duplicating over and over the same curves, then grouped them to shift them a little and during that Designer performed well. Then exported them to warp them in Photo and imported them back. It's now that as a single layer, single set of curves, it's freezing. Usually I disable the second GPU to save battery life but with this file it just crashes Designer.
  2. Yeah, exactly that, but I cannot use the text as text because it's modified. There's not font that matches exactly unfortunately. I'd like to create my own and I've read Designer can be used for that but I've no idea where to start. Thanks for answering BTW.
  3. Designer has this core feature where text follows line strokes; I have this set of curves that's basically text but y'know...it isn't, and I'd like it to follow a line since I've been told twice now --one-directly-one-indirectly-- that the Mesh Warp tool from Photo is not happening yet on Designer. Can curves/shapes do this? The {A} (white pointer, node thingy) tool with the multiple selection gets it close but it's still a very manual, very involved process.
  4. Image Vectorizer is the app if anyone is found in my position, it's like 1 or 10 dollars in the Mac App Store and detects every single thing on an image and draws the vectors individually. Here I am adding them up (boolean operations):
  5. Thanks for clearing it up; that sucks though. I have this little tool I found some time ago on the App Store called something like "Vectorizer" or very similar, I'll try with that. Hopefully when Serif releases version 2.0 of Affinity Designer to purchase it comes with this functionality. *fingerscrossed* ...and without the Apple ID attachment on Macs.
  6. I made this huge grid/mosaic on Designer then tried opening the .afdesign file in Photo to use the Mesh Warp tool but Photo couldn't open the file because the app is too old*. Exporting it as SVG did the trick, though. Then, I modified it in photo and to get it back to Designer I tried: 1 - Exporting it again as SVG: appeared as an invisible rectangle in Designer, 2 - just opening the .afphoto: appeared as a pixel layer in Designer, 3 - and copying the layer in Photo: appeared as a pixel layer in Designer. Is there any way to export vectors from Photo? Ideally I'd prefer the Mesh Warp tool in Designer but I was told already it's not available. * I got it with a [now] locked up Apple ID [by MFA] hence it won't update anymore. Unlike Designer, Photo is used about twice a year so it doesn't bother me much.
  7. Designer updated today, I got the lighter square icon now, right away I felt something odd, I couldn't draw pasted curves from another document for instance, but that might been because I use some shortcuts to move around and didn't realize some didn't work but I kept smashing keys away. That might've triggered some lock or something--not important. I don't know if I'm an isolated case but the update clear all adjustments made on the application settings, language did stick but might be because it matches the system's. I only had the Artboards tool to the Q key, and like a couple more so I don't really care, but pro users might. Color palettes are still there. The main toolbar was changed too. On the user side that's easily fixed, but if that's something like a mismatched .plist file or something developpy it's gonna be a headache for the dev team. Good luck!
  8. I've been playing around with this, well, not really playing, playtime shouldn't be frustrating. I think this is a bug. I copy objects from one artboard in the NW area of my spread, go south to a far SW of the spread and it pastes all the way to the east area. in the center area. There are random objects all over the place. I thought I was just being way too careless but I've cleaned up the document several times, creating artboards to keep masters of objects and things like that and keeps getting worse. All objects and artboards have export settings in Export Persona so they're easier to find in there but the selection is lost between Personas so it's more really a confirmation than a tool.
  9. By lucky coincidence in the screenshot there's a regular group, what I used to get when I grouped things. I didn't notice it before.
  10. Sure, and thanks for answering BTW, I thought first it was because the layers were a few levels down and themselves in another group in the tree but it'll happen at the artboard (not nested) level too. The duplicate thing I know it's expected, I do it everywhere else in the system, it feels natural instead of ⌘J, which I've accidentally used on Finder too, instead of ⌘D. What I meant is that the duplicate item, though it appears where it's dragged to on the layers panel, on the layers tree it is still back at home base with its twin. Not always though, it depends where it's dragged to. This led me to believe somebody put care into this and that's what I was looking for that got me into this mess.
  11. I think I must've clicked something somewhere that every group that I create is now a constraints group and for some reason disappears. I was changing settings in the app recently. I went on a rampage changing Designer's program settings [⌘,] looking for a way to create ⌥-dragged duplicates in the destination artboard and I think it backfired. What disables (or makes it extra-steps) to create constraints groups? My layers panel is crazy enough already and with the objects disappearing from view finding them is hard. Thanks!
  12. I couldn't stand the downgrade to Mojave one more day and went back to High Sierra. Most of the apps I use aren't personalized or are synced through the Documents folder and Syncthing/Nextcloud, it completely escaped my mind to look for stuff to back up on the Library folder. I have 10day-old Time Machine backups on a server recent enough to recover my swatches, which is the only thing I need. Since I can't restore them on an older system anyway, I snooped around and found all the file system there, I just have to pick the right file. I found nothing under the Application Support Library but I did find a file under the Preferences Library for my old user which has a pointer to the iCloud local storage for the user. I went for the latest and it has nothing maybe because there weren't modifications to backup, I think, without the Time Machine UI I have to do this: Those are eight levels down a backup! Am I at least on the right place? Could you confirm? If I'm not, could you point me to the right folder? Thanks!
  13. Looking for a file I forgot the name to, (..figures!) I found the example you sent me and came quickly just to thank you again, because I thought I did the first time around but apparently I didn't--sorry!--and to say I found how's it done but only like a couple weeks ago by accident. As it turns out there's a layer blending mode that erases. It's just a matter or quickly drawing a shape to do the job. It's getting easier, sometimes I feel like a real designer. It's so easy I'm almost afraid of waking up halfway through. Thank you 2 times, this time.
  14. Thanks, that's what I did, except a little further; your way only sets associations for that specific file, if you cmd+i, or get the file's info, there's a section where there's the open with thing again, but it says something about for all. That changes it systemwide. When I did though, I kept choosing Designer but it would select the QuickLook agent for Designer instead at the moment of saving. The good thing is that it fixed itself--well, mostly. Thanks!
  15. Thanks I already knew that, but still associations wouldn't work. Then, by force of habit I guess, I click the button where it should read Designer and it launched it anyway! I lost Internet for the last few days bc of a firewall change so I couldn't update the post to be a non-issue anymore. I'm still going down an OS version though, if it wasn't for Designer I'd move wipe it completely and use RHEL instead, or Fedora. IDK. There's Designer for Windows so I'm hopeful. BTW, associations are working again, it still shows the QuickLook agent but I can double click or cmd+↓ again in Finder to summon it. Thanks again!
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