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  1. Nevermind, I just reopened the document and it worked. I guess it's must be some random bug, no biggie.
  2. How do I prevent it? I thought I finally had the hang of curves and it seems I don't. 😩 I don't recall doing anything different to change the behavior because it I've had been doing these for about an hour or two and it worked every time until it didn't.
  3. Nevermind! I'm such an idiot. The button was on the screenshot I posted. 🙄 I didn't get rid of everything but it cleaned most things up and fixed the bounding boxes! 🥳 Reset Default User Defaults not a typo.
  4. So, sorry to revive an old thread but did you manage to fix it in Designer?? I just enabled the bounding boxes by accident, had to go out and forgot how to disable them! I sort of panicked and trying to fix it and created a whole 🤬 mess. Well, no… "a whole 🤬 mess" doesn't do it justice: Now I have everything show IN ADDITION to the bounding boxes I wanted to get rid of! 😢 I think I saw a reset button, hopefully I'm not mistaken or I'll have to wipe my user account again. :/
  5. BTW, this is 1.8.4. I forgot to mention. It looks older bc I restored the docked skinny toolset, the floating one was starting to get in the way. Don't Microsoft us into new features.
  6. Since the way alignment tools work was changed they don't do what they're supposed to. Magnetic snapping and alignment guides are messy too. For instance, this thing I was doing: …the Matrix logo is in the artboard where it should be (there are 16 artboards in the document) but the minute I try to center it, it shoots way off the artboard to where there even aren't any artboards and where it has never been before--I thought about this because oftimes I paste things outside the artboard before moving them in place, but where the objects land is way off. Another thing frequently happening is objects that were another artboard, then dragged the to the next one and alignment is tried, the objects align but to their old artboard, despite having moved correctly both in the workspace and in the layers panel to the new artboard. To make them realized they're being given a new home move them on and off the new artboard to empty space a few times, it don't know if it works but so far it seems like it does. I get what you're going with with the new way alignment works, but don't "Microsoft" us into using new ribbons features specially if they work 100% of the time. This is not a one time occurrence, it's has been happening plenty. I even downgraded from a TM backup but it synced back to the newer one from another Mac. I had a feeling it was going too look good in the end but I lost inspiration while fidgeting with the tools. Maybe next time, I guess. FIX THINGS PLEASE, leave new features for v2.
  7. Yeah, neevermind, I figured it out. it was the color. A brighter color was a better contrasting choice. My bad. Sorry! 🙃
  8. I'm creating these accents for a little project; they're transparencies so I add color to the artboard to help me see the finished thing which will get composed in another place. When I remove the color however, the object changes a lot from what I had before. The sharp cuts of the object can clearly be seen when they weren't before: As you can see (above, "rainbow" artboard, colorless rainbow, I guess) the gradient doesn't leave the boundaries of the object and it goes to complete transparency way before reaching the end anyway. You guys know what's up?? How do I fix it?
  9. I'll make it work. I already found the backup, several actually, I wasn't aware I had more than just the one. I can run the current version on a server using Apple Remote Desktop (it shares the clipboard, you can drag and drop seamlessly, etc) restore the old version in my everyday Mac. When I finish reconverting hundreds of files, thank you Serif, I trash the new version from the server as well and make a push the older to it. Automator has this recording feature, maybe if I'm careful enough I can automate the whole thing. Option B is exporting a pseudo universal format, I guess that could be SVG or EPS and getting it back in. :) After either I'm blocking all updates using MDM so it can't be circumvented. I'm already blocking iCloud, all of the stores except for the Mac's and since then batteries last much longer without the background processes syncing corrupting your files, as iCloud Drive would do. Again helpful, thanks!
  10. WTF 😡 That ain't cool. Why would I want objects to skip all over first? Why would anyone want that? It breaks workflow on already easily-distracted minds such as mine. I have now to think steps head to work out how undo will work if it works. It's idiotic. I end up distracted on eBay or something. 😪 Now I'm definitely mounting my Time Machine backup, I don't care about having the latest anyway, having the it works as expected that I care. Hopefully when they release version 2, if they ever, they revert that or give us the option to hack it. That or mama's gonna have to force a workaround. ☝🏼😂 I just hope they haven't made silent format changes like Apple very insidiously does with apps like Numbers and those so you're forced to used the latest version if you opened the file elsewhere and now you have to update everywhere. Evergreen software is evil. Thanks a mill, you saved me a lot of stress.
  11. Oh, shoot, it's a bug then. I searched in my other Macs if I had an older copy but I don't, I don't even have the app at all. My only hope is a Time Machine backup from like a year, two, ago when I temporarily enabled it for install Catalina (and rolled back less than two hour later). Anyway, thanks!
  12. I was a little apprehensive because of the price (free) but it might help in an quick emergency. At first impression it felt ported straight out of GNOME in Linux it even has the preferences shortcut different from the universal ⌘, I exported something in SVG from Designer, set Little Snitch to in Ketamine paranoic mode and launched it. The 2 object SVG was loaded as a 14layer file, the UI has a feel to Adobe's or something I've seen before, anyway to my surprise it turn out that it was Designer who exported all of those layers. They were very hard to edit on Vector something something so I exported a simpler version, and just when I was getting impatient I found the tool. As I said, for emergencies it should be fine. The app is way too glitchy though, and UX things need a little work, like dragging an object and holding it while scrolling though a list. This was a big draw to the Mac when I first switched, considering Vector SumSum is targeted/exclusive to the Mac, they should probably address the quality of life things that Mac users generally seek. That's getting killed by Apple fast now, but in the meantime… ________________________________________ Up until just now that I saw how night and day it is from Affinity Designer it just also made me realize why Affinity D is so good, even Adobe's phonehoming terabyte-sized install mess has some quirks to it that make it seems like the program was done in Java--y'know how Java things have this quality to them that they never fully blend with the OS. I'm very curious of what's the team making Designer made of. UX/UI/Graphic Engineers/Designers? Programmers? Photographers? That won't let me sleep now. 😪
  13. I seemed to have accidentally updated from version whoknows to version noidea, honestly I couldn't have noticed if the toolset bar wasn't floating by default now (was it detachable before?--I never tried) that's all fine it feels airier, smart move. However, I don't know if this is a feature or a bug, it used to happen before and then stopped and now it's back again that things jump around wildly out of place, definitely out of artboard when they're alined/(un)grouped. Also, an what I mainly want to revert, is to have the ability where to act when aligning objects instead of offering just the align the selection only after aligning to artboart first. It's never available on the first click, how do I change it back? :O And addition of first messing things up (sometimes it's reset after Selection Bounds is selected, not always) undoing it undoes as if the objects that were moved were moved in individual steps--that's a lot of ⌘Z sometimes, then you overshoot, lose place, yknow… :( I looked it up in Preferences but there's only something about using ⇧ to cycle tools, that's not it, is it?? Thanks!
  14. UPDATE Illustrator did work on my version of macOS, and was wrong earlier, Designer can't export .ai only import. Actually no format it exports imports well on Illustrator. And, if I'm bad in Designer I suck in Illustrator. It makes no 🤬 sense, things get locked up with other things like if there's was a magic passphrase needed to be said out loud or something. I don't understand how people willingly pay monthly for that ****, it's like bondage without the fun. To the Serif team: PLEASE HURRY UP WITH THIS. Whip up some artsy part-naked-woman-part-panorama-part-animal-with-horns-and-wings that nobody gets for the pretend shipping box to display on the online store, put in the warp tools and call it version 2 then charge for it, you can't maintain v1 forever--not that I'm complaining--but we need the tools, though. PLEASE!
  15. So, no response, huh? That sucks, I asked years ago and got the same. I'm finishing reinstalling Illustrator and all the Adobe crap just now, it took forever and I don't know if it'll even run because it's too old now-I might have to reinstall High Sierra or search for OpenJDK or some hacking or emulation util on Homebrew. I find it interesting though that Designer back when I got it was marketed right at Adobe Illustrator users, so much so that out of the box came prepared to import those files…not the other way around though, so now that I need to pass back and forth files I could-probably should-use SVG but both .afdesign and .ai files are more likely to maintain fidelity of the data, of those only .ai is supported by both tools--Serif might be inadvertently pushing the format. I don't know what's the hold up, the code seems to be already in Designer–take a look at the isometric tools: I played a little with it and it turns it's even automated, they're kinda impressive; you just have to know how to use it which is not documented in the help. As some of you noted, it's in Photo too. What's up then? A patent maybe? BTW, for those doing basic grids, remember that individual nodes can be selected from many different objects at a time, then with the distribute tool they can be aligned so they match an opposite side. I know it's not much but for the most basic things it might be able to help somebody. I'm attaching the file with history. Using the Constraints panel to constraint one shape into a box and then warping the box from its corner nodes. I haven't tried it but it might be worth the shot. Personally I stay away form the constraints because it's confusing and always brings unintended results when I group-resize things later. 😔 Good luck everyone! 🤓 grid-example.afdesign
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