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  1. ...at least there must be an argument why most of the bigger players in software aren’t publishing their programs for the Linux world: Steinberg (Cuba’s, Wavelab, Spectral Layers...), Grass Valley (Edius), Adobe... and no popular solution for inventory management with the same functional range than Windows is available. There must be an inhibiting factor that count more than all the Linux user promises: Cashflow. As a company you have to generate sales to pay your employees. The experience and the environment with the Linux community speaks at least a different language: All that’s not for free and with visible source code cannot be trustful and worth a look... To be clear: this is not valid to ALL Linux users and surely there will be an amount of users willing to buy. Also the many different Linux distribution might be a brick...too much support... For myself: Yes, I would support Serif if they make a Linux version and still I am waiting for other professional solutions come to this plattform. At least since these excruciating Windows 10 updates and upgrades and these massive quality problems. And there is a need of an alternative OS without cloud pressure and this SaaS thing...
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