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  1. And round and round it goes. Never knew that laser cutters where so widely in use under graphics designers...
  2. Just a little extra info for all Apple users that are wary of Google and data security - You don't need the Google software for 2FA, you can use the inbuild 2FA feature of Passwords
  3. So how many designers even use laser cutters? Just a little reality check - It starts to sound here like in video editor circles where anybody not doing work for Hollywood is no pro...
  4. I DO think Serif read it ages ago. I'm not really sure what people are trying to reach here.
  5. The available hw is useless if the driver does not support OpenCL. Edit: It appears the Windows version uses DirectX 12. Does your card support it?
  6. Well 10.15 is from 2019. That's already a big backward compatibility. Old versions have to be left behind sometime as you can't ignore new os features for ages because of a few users of out of service os versions.
  7. If you are on macOS it sounds like you tried to save to a location where Affinity has not been allowed to write to. You could check this in the settings.app of macOS.
  8. My guess would be that DXF can't save most features from Designer.
  9. Yeah anything after "nothing planned for Linux" is kinda in vain...
  10. It may be as simple as not wanting to work on a Linux port. I for example would never do any coding for Windows.
  11. it is safe to say that Apple *PAYED* Xerox with Apple shares. The only one ripping off here was Microsoft.
  12. You forgetting the many API changes in the Kernel that break binary only programs very fast.
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