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  1. I see. I don't know how hard it would be switching to Macs for you but macOS has Bangla input support and Affinity seems to work fine with it. The word is probably at a whole senseless gibberish as I don't speak the language, but it looks fine to me.
  2. But I do know about it. Serif NEVER promised the feature, they said they consider it for the long term. As long as there is no clear feature anouncement it is very strange to expect delivery of a feature. And that I disagree with all the hate towards Serif for not implementing this is no reason for personal attacks. I would love full japanese support. But it's not on the roadmap currently so I have to live with the situation. Constant whining won't change that.
  3. What made you wait for it? As far as I remeber Serif never said anything about support for rtl complex script support in their Affinity line.
  4. Why do you need ANSI? Affinity is supporting Unicode fonts just fine. just not the needed special features for complex script and rtl writing systems.
  5. I'm quite sure there aren't any clear plans for 2.x or even 3.x, yet.
  6. Perhaps it's from english being only second language. In german there is a really big difference between the 2 words. Possible that I never spoke it correct. The german Kalkutta is spoken kalˈkʊta
  7. Affinity simply currently does not care for complex script support. Probably economic reasons. Asking again and again won't change that.
  8. All other have it? InDesign and Xpress have it - as addons and far from perfect. It’s sadly a fact that cursive Arabian and Hebrew is very hard to typeset. Serif is to small a company to sink their resources in that feature. Not because they don’t care but because the needed work probably stands in no good relation to the additional income it would produce.
  9. I see. I feel the pain. I would love to have full japanese support in it but I know that this will not come soon even with it being lots easier to implement than full cursive arabic.
  10. Has Serif promised RTL support sometime? To my knowledge no. So why should they give arguments why they don't work on features never promised?
  11. Well don't take it wrong but I don't think there is a huge market for Hebrew supporting software. But has anyone asked Serif if such simple rtl support would be easier and faster to implement? From a technical look it should be easy when there are no special cases that have to be taken care of.
  12. RTL support is easy, the problem is languages using these so called complex scripts instead of simple letters. Just stop using this insane stuff and the problem goes away. There is a reason no one is using hieroglyphics today.
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