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  1. Well 10.15 is from 2019. That's already a big backward compatibility. Old versions have to be left behind sometime as you can't ignore new os features for ages because of a few users of out of service os versions.
  2. If you are on macOS it sounds like you tried to save to a location where Affinity has not been allowed to write to. You could check this in the settings.app of macOS.
  3. Yeah anything after "nothing planned for Linux" is kinda in vain...
  4. It may be as simple as not wanting to work on a Linux port. I for example would never do any coding for Windows.
  5. it is safe to say that Apple *PAYED* Xerox with Apple shares. The only one ripping off here was Microsoft.
  6. You forgetting the many API changes in the Kernel that break binary only programs very fast.
  7. Marketshare has no value if the people are not willing to pay for software.
  8. Developers hear customer wishes - But a good developer works at HIS program, he can integrate some wishes but many won't fit to the vision of the program so won't be implemented. This is good as without a vision you get a mountain of features without any coherence.
  9. Serif is not in a war with Adobe. They just use another licensing model. There are zero politics in it...
  10. I always wonder why no one is using the trial before buying. Would prevent much frustration on all sides...
  11. Just rechecked. All three applications (Ver 12.2.1 on macOS Ventura) open new documents on tabs.
  12. Hate to say it, but macOS development removes this for some time now and moves in the direction of all-in-one windows.
  13. Hmm I don't think Serif will implement this as it only supports English and French.
  14. The problem is that Metal is way better than the available OpenCL implementations for such workloads. And concerning UMA and PCIE4: As fast as PCIE may become it always need 2 copy operations when cpu had to do something, on UMA the ram is used directly without any slow operation betwenn cpu/gpu access. Here are current speed rates: PCIE4/16 - 31,5GB/s M1 - 66,67GB/s M1Pro - 200GB/s M1Max - 400GB/s M1Ultra - 800GB/s
  15. Yes the same. Just wondering as so many appear to not use it before buying.
  16. Strangely Blender is working perfectly fine in the MS Store version...
  17. I am pretty sure we see the impact of the copy to and from gpu memory.
  18. I'm not sure you have understood what role a DTP program plays - It's no word processor.
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