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  1. If Affinity Designer is going to truly compete with Adobe Illustrator it MUST include the VERY BASIC but ESSENTIAL functions: SELECT SIMILAR and DXF EXPORT. I still cannot believe this program does not have these features. SSSSoooooooooo many of your customers have requested it, why are you ignoring them!??? Writing the code for these features will be child's play for you surely!!!???? TIME TO GET SERIOUS AFFINITY - include these features and then clean up, it's a WIN-WIN!
  2. I'm dying here!!! Please, please, please can we have DXF export for Designer? This is absolutely fundamental to professional workflow..
  3. We're hitting 2020 and still no DXF export!? ..this feature is crucial for those that have to convert brand logos into 3D CAD ..there are many of us. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ..it can't be that difficult to write the code into the app surely!?
  4. Ah! Excellent!! I didn't realise you could input percentages into those fields, I thought they were millimetres only - I've just tried that out and it also works with multiple objects at the same time ..that's extremely helpful thank you very much!
  5. Hi Chris, the transform palette options in Publisher are quite basic, I cannot see a percentage value - this is much more useful when scaling objects which regularly comes up in our workflow. For example: if you have multiple images of different dimensions and/or formats and you want to scale them all to say 50% or 25% of their original size - please see attached screen grab from Indesign to explain this. Nearly all design software both 2D and 3D has a scale factor function in either 'percentage' or decimal value 'scale up or down by a factor of 1.5 or 0.5' ..surely Publisher has this and I'm just not seeing it!?
  6. Hello, is there a tool or method to accurately control the scaling of 'picture frame content', 'images' and 'graphic elements' in Publisher using percentage % values? ( ..as per Indesign) - many thanks
  7. Thank you very much! ..very surprising such a basic feature isn't in there yet, fingers crossed it happens soon
  8. Hi, how do you create a hyperlink - live text link to a URL in Publisher - I cannot find a menu selction for this.. Many thanks
  9. Hello, Once I've selected 'scale to min fit' in properties I'd like to then select 'fit frame to contents' - as I do in Indesign - is there a Publisher equivalent of this important workflow feature? Many thanks Dan
  10. When will Designer have this very important feature? Thanks so much
  11. DXF Export is really needed to properly compete with Adobe Illustrator, this is necessary for the workflow of many creatives
  12. Hi, I'm inputing PDF drawings and Jpeg images within frames into my Publisher document (as I would with Indesign) but when I reopen the document after updating some of the files they do not automatically update in the Publisher document - they all appear to be embedded and I cannot find a linked files palette ..am I missing something? Thanks
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