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  1. Hi Callum, Thanks for your reply...Yes tried that, but it remains choppy and slow :(. Installed the newest drivers etc etc...but nothings seems to help. When document are getting a 'bit' complex it just slows down everything. Sliders and input fields (like size) are soooooo choppy and slow!!! Changed resolution etc etc....nothing works.
  2. Dear Forum, I really, really love the Affinity workflow but I still can't make the switch from Adobe. I really miss the pattern-make tool, warping in Designer and a trace function. But even when these functions are implemented there is one huge issue: S P E E D. When there are 'some' objects on the canvas Designer (and Photo and Publisher) becomes s l o w. For instance, if I want to change the stroke width on one object it's fast, snappy and responsive, but when there are several objects (really non-complex) stroke adjustment becomes very very laggy (pretty annoying). This is such a pity!!! If this can be solved I'm over! I'm working on a i7-8700k 3,7ghz, all ssd's and a GTX 1080 videocard. I also work with a Wacom Intuos Pro 2, but mouse movement shows the same sluggishness...:( I'm I the only one who's having this problem???
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