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  1. Picking a color for Gradient strokes and fills, only works from the gradient menu. In the gradient menu there is the option for color. However from this color panel I do not have access to my swatches. Further more, if I navigate to my swatches and select a color, that color overrides the gradient on the object as one solid color. Same goes for the color panel. Note -- For fills I can work around this by using the Fill tool to create the adjustable line for gradients, selecting the nodes on the adjustable gradient line and then selecting colors from my swatches or the color panel with out the swatches overriding the gradient to a solid fill. I should be able to select a color for gradients from swatches and the color panel while I have the gradient panel open with nodes selected. I should not be limited to the single "color selector" button that is within the gradient panel. I feel like it could almost be done away with, as I'm sure most people have their color panel or swatch panel located somewhere on their screen. Edit : I have found that within the gradient color selection there is a drop down which allows me to access my swatch colors. This provides me with a useable work around for coloring stroke gradients. However my point still remains that this color selection button could be done away with. I already have my color panel, and swatch panel, open in my work space, I use them very frequently and habitually. It is very frustrating to have these extra steps/clicks to navigate to and color gradients. When the color and swatch panel are used so frequently, it is very anti intuitive that they both do not work for gradients.
  2. I cant seem to color pick easily via short cuts when I am trying to color for a Gradient. For example. I have my colors layed out in shapes on the side on my artboard. Normally, for regular fills, I can hit the "i" key for "color pick" and click on the color in wont, applying it directly to the fill of the object I have previously selected. However,, I would like this process to work the same when I and picking multiple colors for Gradients. It is not a smooth and easy process to get all my different gradients to match which is why the color pick is great for this. Unfortunately it is still pretty damn slow because i need to manually mouse over and click the color picker, then click the color, then click again to apply to my gradient. Hit "i" and clicking my color, automatically exits my gradient and fills the object as a plain color. please fix this or provide a work around to make the process smoother.
  3. It must be a bug with Mac. As in your video GarryP I am pushing my mouse all the way to bottom or sides, but nothing happens. After messing a bit more I noticed some slight movement if I hit the sweet spot but this was hardly an inch on my screen and impossible to find. It seems like the capability to drag and scroll is there but it is very much broken for Mac. I am using the Magic Mouse which uses a touch gesture instead of a scroll wheel which may also complicate the process. Non the less doing so on my track pad yielded no positive results.
  4. In adobe Illustrator and Indesign, I was able to select an item *Image, Text, etc..* and then use my mouse wheel, touch pad, or mouse pointer to scroll down my canvas or to other pages, while dragging the selected item/s with me. This was very convenient, and I am unable to do this is Publisher. I am using a Mac and Magic Mouse.
  5. I am not able to do either of these in Mac version. I used this a lot with Indesgin and would really like to see it working here.
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