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  1. would really important to have 3d file import/export, maybe formats like .igs or .sat would be easier or better to implement? i my case i would like to be able to make stuff in fusion360 import .iges or something to designer and export as .svg or whatever... hopefully this is will happen soon thank you
  2. others shouldn't play arround with sagethumbs settings like me... after deinstalling everthing worked like it should - but sure preventing such stuff makes sense
  3. your support is awesome, and sorry for the efforts - it seemed i had messed up my .exr thumbnails and that caused the crash as i understood it worked now as it should and lightning fast - thanks again
  4. thank you, also thought about testing with new user, btw i had a little succes when i checked allways start as administrator it worked once with adding 3 files :-) hopefully you find a solltion for the future new user didnt help btw btw found crash report folder now and sent also on dropbox
  5. i sent gif to you dropbox
  6. i say thanks for you time, but i want to use affinity as its my weapon of choice... downloading screen to gif and sending you later, also crash report and thanks again crash reports folder is empty :-(
  7. mhhh current project is under nda but i tried other .exr from older project same crash files are about 24 mb it uploaded a few for current project about sizes are about 16mb and would be 592 files -no light ui seems to happen with .exr and .hdr
  8. no, resetting the standard 3 checked items didnt help when i add one by one it crashed when the fith exr added... can show via skype btw just pm...
  9. also tried save to orginal position, folders, change performacen grafik card to 970, 1070 or warp so shouldnt be driver related problem i guess? lower ram usage to 12287 and even 2048 instant crash :-(
  10. hi, you understood correct, i tried unchecking paralell and unchecking afphoto files, as i try to add 2 files crash . if i add one by one, no problem - kind sucks as i'd need 592 files... i try to restart system maybe something is fucked up as got a memory crash yesterday but didnt have time to look at... somehow cool to hear it works for you, and i am not sure if i tried few weeks ago with multiple files
  11. hi, tried to make a batch conversion from .exr to png but when i try to add multiple files (more than 1) affinity 1.52.69 and newest beta instantly crash it works when i add the files one by one - but thats kinda annoying... for 600 files... unhandled exeption on beta 0xE06D7363 also sent crash reports hope you can fix that soon though as i need it for job today i guess not that soon... thanks in advance
  12. cool, hopefully we get this soon - would need that a lot for some upcoming projects, now have to use inkscape as "bridge" and loose layers with that workflow...
  13. same for - anyway i bought and hope you'll make it working in the near future
  14. arionfx plugin (3.5.3) still greyed out when useing 32 bit files in
  15. arionfx plugin is still greyed out when useing 32 bit hdr works with 16 bit now - thank you