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  1. totally agree, first of all i want to do anything possible in one software other thing is maybe your customers are not that happy if you upload their files anywhere. hopefully this will be adressed in the next release and we dont have to wait another years for DXF/DWG import export and dont get me wrong i totally like the intuitivity of your products, but at some point i am loosing faith in your speed and direction of develepment and how you handle your customers needs. as i have allready postet on twitter i would like to see a kind of uservoice site to better see you customers wishes and needs and make everything more transparent like on substance feedback/uservoice site anyways thanks for your hard work http://feedback.substance3d.com/forums/261284-substance-painter/filters/top
  2. @Mark Ingram ok thanks for that information, but could you please tell me if ArionFx will be working in 32bit in Photo? - or its too difficult? - or does it need changes on plugin side? i am in contact with Chema Guerra (CEO and Lead Engineer at RandomControl), in case its necessary i, or you could get in touch with him to ask for changes? i really hope at some point ArionFX will work thanks in advance
  3. @firstdefencesorry but i am not interested in any kind of speculation on your side, like said some words of a Dev could maybe give some insight and facts regarding app compatibility i think you mix Arion Render (which was discontinued btw) and ArionFx, and those link you posted says: "The charts below will help you choose the right GPU for Arion and the Arion plug-ins:" btw Arion runs on CPU and GPU... what i really dont get is if i ask a question to Serif Officials and Devs, and somebody answeres who has no answers! nothing personal but i'll ignore further stuff from you - as you seem to talk much about stuff you have limited knowledge, please dont waste my time.
  4. so after about 3,5 years and 2830 views - still no official statement about my question - kinda sucks just a few words would really help... ask myself do you at serif even read this?
  5. no option there to edit - and thanks for trying to give input guys, but i'd prefer an official statemant from a Dev about the bug please guess this also would help a lot of people...
  6. didnt check the link in first post - domainname changed this year... will edit link in the first post this topic has been also discussed in another thread and Devs should be aware oft it since 2016 the problem is still that ArionFx Plugin is "greyed out" (unselectable) in 32bit mode and only works with 16bit oder 8bit... a Dev was talking about a fix soon in 2016 - so i was hoping this was ment for ArionFX so i am still hoping this bug might be fixed for next update ok just found out i cant edit and update link in first post?!
  7. what do you mean? i use Arionfx - v3.5.3 Affinity Photo - v1.7.3.481 and tried latest Beta: Affinity Photo - v1.8.0.514 and i know its Windows only and i am runninng latest Win10...
  8. yea any comment on this topic would be really nice - some years later and 1.8 arround the corner, would have hoped for better support :-(
  9. hi, could you please add support for X-Rite Colorchecker Passport? it was initially asked in this thread: thank you, Reinhard
  10. mhhh maybe there are not many peoply interested, but its kinda strange we get no response
  11. hi, i also think about buying ColorChecker Passport, so please can you make it work, thanks in advance
  12. hi, any news on this? ust made a logo with a vector brush and thought its a vector, my bad i didn try before but now customer likes it that way, so i have to vectorize in another software... would be cool to have "real" vector brushes
  13. would really important to have 3d file import/export, maybe formats like .igs or .sat would be easier or better to implement? i my case i would like to be able to make stuff in fusion360 import .iges or something to designer and export as .svg or whatever... hopefully this is will happen soon thank you
  14. cool, hopefully we get this soon - would need that a lot for some upcoming projects, now have to use inkscape as "bridge" and loose layers with that workflow...
  15. arionfx plugin is still greyed out when useing 32 bit hdr works with 16 bit now - thank you
  16. sorry to say but 32 and 16 bit files still dont seem to work with arionfx plugin and v
  17. ArionFX is definitely built to work with 32-bit HDR data - would be awesome if it will be 100% compatible at some point and again thanks for building intuitive and outstanding software
  18. ok, got it working at least for .jpg so far - would be awesome if it will work with .exr ... but now time for me to explore this gem :-)
  19. hi, so great its out cant wait to get rid of PS... though i really really need 1 plugin http://www.randomcontrol.com/arionfx-for-photoshop which is really awesome btw... so hopefully this will be working soon, thanks in advance
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