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  1. Mayan

    Wrong EPS import

    Please remove last two posts and this one - switched to wrong topic.
  2. Mayan

    Wrong EPS import

    I forgot. NO, the issue occurs also with the new simple file only with one element as seen on the video.
  3. Mayan

    Wrong EPS import

    What about pixel size of the document? Can it be related to the issue? The file is a mobile app design and it has about 100 artboards and the dimensions are 51000 x 22000 px. I think that the issue occured from the start, but I cannot say for sure. Maybe I can try edit the file in AD on Computer ONE that has not the issue.
  4. Mayan

    Mouse sensitivity

    Yes, Sean, I switched on Computer TWO to Genius Wired Mouse and the issue is still occuring. Before I switched, I tried the both drivers for Microsoft Wireless Mouse - defalut drivers that came with Windows and MS dedicated drivers (exactly as from your link). To be honest, I cannot analyze in my mind what configuration can cause the issue (and I am good in analyzing, it is half of my job). Evidently, mouse drivers and whole new PC dont influence it. Last weeks, the issue occurs only on PCs (TWO and THREE) that has Win 10 Enterprise and are totally offline, but I cannot imagine how this could cause the issue. (Today, I experienced also real transfer of element on simple mouse click. I have set 1 decimal place for px, work in px and the position was rounded from say 123,6 to 124 px on both axes.)
  5. Mayan

    Wrong EPS import

    No, only blank Layer with no elements in AD.
  6. Mayan

    Mouse sensitivity

    Hello. I tried with 6 decimal places and no actual transform. (I think that I had problems with actual transorms months ago, but I cannot replicate it now). I targeted on this issue and found this: Computer (lets name it) ONE: issue is not present. It is a very old computer, but with newest Windows 10 64b and newest AD beta. Old cheap mouse. Computer TWO: This is the PC where the issue occurs. It has Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2000 with Win10 standard drivers. This PC has Windows 10 Enterprise 64b v 1803 and is completely offline (never online). The issue was the same with previous Windows build and with mouse changed to a simple cheap Genius wire mouse. A week ago, I completely changed from PC TWO to a new clean PC THREE. Newer hardware, but the same OS and offline also. The same mouses again. Completely new AD installation - unfortunately the issue IS also here.
  7. Hello, I downloaded a wonderful Media Militia Line Art Pack Vol2 https://mediamilitia.com/line-art-pack-volume-2-104-brushes-vectors/ but when I try to open EPSs in AD (last beta - I do not install older stable versions), EPSs seems blank. But they are NOT: Try to convert them in https://convertio.co to svg and you can see. It is possible, that old EPSs in this pack are technically wrong, BUT AD could try to restore and open them. Or maybe there is a bug in AD EPS import module.
  8. Mayan

    Mouse sensitivity

    Hello, I tried to record the screen. I simply clicked on a rectangle (no group). When you look on history panel, you can see two steps with one click (and NO mouse movement): Set current selection and transfer. When the rectangle is selected, only transfer occurs (but without a reason). During this demo record, no actual transformation was made. The rectangle stayed on its place. BUT, when I work faster on a bigger project, elements are moved during non intended transfer command. So what my workflow looks like? I always watch History panel and go a step back again and again. bandicam 2019-02-11 07-38-13-528.mp4
  9. Mayan

    Mouse sensitivity

    Hi Sean, OK, I will try when I have time at work. Do you know about some good free screen recorder that visualises mouse click? I realize that the the problem happens the most during doubleclick when I want to get into the group. But it can be because I heavily use groups. The unintended moves are ~0.1-0.5 mm. I also think that is not caused by my hands - my hand are still not shaking :)
  10. I have problems with mouse sensitivity all the time: I want only select an element but I usually move (transform) this element uninentionally by some tiny distance as well. I must check the history every time and often go back and select the element again very very carefully. Is it possible to add the setttings of mouse sensitivity (probably in a form of a treshold) for moving elements? I don't remember when this beahviour occured at first (but I think with 1.7) but I remember that I didn't have this problem ~6 months ago and earlier. I use latest Windows with latest mouse drivers. I tried more mouses and the behaviour is the same. My settings of mouse sensitivity in Windows is pretty low, so definitely it is not a problem of over-sensitive settings in Windows.
  11. Hallo Mayan,

    i would be very interested to know when the final version of Affinity Designer will be released?

    best regards


    1. Mayan



      It must be a mistake - I'm not a member of Affinity team.

      I look forward to the final version too.



    2. mediascene


      Excuse me, where can I ask that question?

  12. Mayan

    Export persona crash

    AD doesn't show selected item in a view as selected (no handles etc.)
  13. AD crashes without a warning in Export persona: sometimes when I want to select a few slices with Shift key when I want change Export Options for more selected slices (latest Win10, old hardware)
  14. I agree that the effect itself have probably always been rasterised when making a PDF. But the layer (or group) that the effect is applied to should not be rasterised, but is. I really think that it worked a few months ago.
  15. Hello. Layer Effects (at least Outer Shadow) make this layer and effect rasterised in exported PDF. I think that a few versions ago, export worked well. Of course, I have advanced features allowed. (I cannot enclose the file publicly)