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  1. Hello. Do you plan to add DXF and/or DWG export option? I need it for exporting logos to AutoCAD drawings as curves. Older AutoCADs (and probably some other CAD software) cannot import SVG, PDF etc. I exported as DXF from Corel years and years ago :). Thank you.
  2. AD crashes without a warning in Export persona: sometimes when I want to select a few slices with Shift key when I want change Export Options for more selected slices (latest Win10, old hardware)
  3. Mayan

    Export persona crash

    AD doesn't show selected item in a view as selected (no handles etc.)
  4. I agree that the effect itself have probably always been rasterised when making a PDF. But the layer (or group) that the effect is applied to should not be rasterised, but is. I really think that it worked a few months ago.
  5. Hello. Layer Effects (at least Outer Shadow) make this layer and effect rasterised in exported PDF. I think that a few versions ago, export worked well. Of course, I have advanced features allowed. (I cannot enclose the file publicly)
  6. Mayan

    Designer Export multipage pdf???

    Thank you walt.farrel! Anyway, this is something that can be improved from the user perspective.
  7. Mayan

    Designer Export multipage pdf???

    Hello. So please make it possible to select specific artbards in standard export dialog. If I have artboards that I do not want to be included in final multipage PDF, I must delete them. Thanks.
  8. Hello. I would love to see this feature in Designer: When printing or exporting - ability to set up N copies to print/export on a page. For example: I prepare a business card. I would like to print 15 business cards / A4 page. So I set up 5 rows and 3 columns, select whether business cards will resize, define gaps, cutting marks... I used Corel Draw years ago and it is a feature I LOVED. Very simple and automatic. When I change the design, it is so simply to print it again! With Designer, I must mess with artboards, multiple copies, arrange... And when I change anything, I must copy again... Thanks, Tomas