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  1. Yeah that is weird. Just tried it in Windows version and it worked.
  2. Not sure if this is exactly the same scenario, but just in case it helps... here goes. I drew half a badge shape with pen tool, copied & mirrored it, snapped the halves together at center, selected all, clicked A to bring up node tool, then selected the top 2 (stacked) corner nodes and clicked "join curves". Those nodes joined (became 1 corner node) but this didn't work for the 2 stacked curve nodes at bottom center. For some reason, clicking 'Add' on the toolbar joined the 2 curve nodes at bottom as 1. I've been battling this for a while too. Got to where I would just draw 2 closed shapes and weld together.
  3. Here's a vid with instructions on how to use PSD mock-up files in Affinity Photo. There are other vids as well. Search something like "affinity photo 3D PSD mock-ups". Hope this helps.
  4. Should just be to have snapping turned on. There is a button on the upper toolbar with a magnet on it. Click that to turn on snapping. Click the dropdown arrow next to the snapping magnet to choose which specific elements to snap to (grids, guides, points, object geometry, etc.). Hope this helps.
  5. Sure send me a link and I'll send it to you. It is a free download found on numerous mock-up sites.
  6. Thanks. I knew I would most likely need to add RAM. Was my plan but haven't done it yet.
  7. Is there a trick to getting a 3D PSD to open correctly in AP? Or a setting to tweak? I already made sure to tick 'Import smart objects when possible'. I have tried a couple of "Signwall" 3D PSD mockup files and on both the Your Logo Here layer will not completely load. I also tried downsizing the doc to see if that would help... nope. Is there a certain amount of RAM required on PC laptops to ensure this works correctly? I have 4GB but can add more if that is the issue. Screenshot example attached shows how much of that layer will load.
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