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  1. Yeah I can see the option there, but if I change the password will it save? I don't want to test it, just in case it mucks something up. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Bit weird we can't change our contact email address though. I get that usernames are usually locked, but since I registered 8 years ago I'd like to change it to a more relevant, recent one, since the current account may not be in use for much longer.
  3. Hmmm...I use a different email address for my Mac/iOS Store purchases than the one I use for my Serif account - will this be an issue in activating the iOS purchases if I buy the Universal License via the Affinity Store? If so, is it worth changing the email address in my Serif account first, to match the iOS store email address, or would this muck up previous V1 purchases? Complicated all this. Cheers.
  4. Thanks both - yeah sounds like the best option, then if I get any problems with the App stores I can contact them directly. Ahh...good! Gives me a bit more time to procrastinate!!
  5. I'm still chewing over whether to buy the V2 Universal Licence before the current deal is over, but put off by the number of issues and confusion reported on this forum with some purchases. So these are my V1 purchases: I have the Affinity apps, purchased on the Apple iOS Store I have Photo and Designer, purchased via the Mac OS Store And Publisher purchased directly via Affinity (I also have Windows versions, but not using those now). What is the best way for me, since I've already purchased from three different locations, to buy the Universal Licence - would it be via the iOS Store (doesn't seem to be available on the Mac OS one), or direct from the Affinity website? Cheers.
  6. When I was working in printers a decade or so ago, the big hassle was when web designers brought in ‘finished artwork’ for printing. 72dpi RGB .jpg’s, and on a couple of occasions - animated .gifs. Now I’m mostly working on websites it’s the opposite - ‘ready optimised’ graphics from print/graphic designers that are 400dpi CMYK, .pdf logos where the obscure, missing font hasn’t been converted to paths, and last week, Powerpoint files.
  7. This is an issue with my M1 Mini - incredibly all my V1 Affinity apps take about ten times longer to open than on my old 2012 MacBook Pro. No other software performs as badly. I thought it was an M1 related issue, but maybe not.
  8. And publisher was released three years ago. Hardly annual, but hardly ‘lifetime’, either.
  9. When a customer feels valued by a company, they don't just buy a product - they spread the word. Tell their friends, colleagues. They don't have to do this, but by being thanked for their loyalty to the company, it creates a relationship where they return the favour. If this didn't work, then loyalty schemes and customer relationship management wouldn't be a thing. Nothing to do with 'entitlement'. That language will have potential customers turning away in their droves.
  10. Actually, that part probably is possible, since you're setting the bundle price - you should be able to just set the amount for the bundle based on the V2 IAP cost, with a percentage discount for existing customers. As long as Apple have registered the IAP payment for V1 (that, could be a potential tricky bit) it can make the discount calculation. I think it's worth talking to Apple and see what they can offer - and if they do register IAP payments then it might be as straightforward as I've listed. You've missed the boat this time, but it's worth bearing in mind for future releases (assuming Windows can provide the same bundle discounts). Yeah sorry, if Patrick thinks this idea has any legs maybe he can send me a DM.
  11. You set the bundle price. So for example you could set the bundle price at the V2 full cost with the IAP unlock, minus 50% of what the customer has paid for V1 (Apple will have logged and calculated this already), so if they’ve already enjoyed a discount they might not be entitled to another. I guess the tricky part could be assigning the V2 unlock to the bundle purchase, but it’s worth checking with Apple. Your products help to raise the potential for graphic arts use on the iPad, so they might be able to provide a workaround if the IAP is a stumbling block.
  12. I’ve no idea, I’m not the sales director for Affinity, just a slightly disgruntled customer who’s already bought everything - but it’s something that IMHO should have been checked out at least. I could look it up for you, but I’m spending far too much time on here already. I don’t know if this makes a difference to your point above, and is a moot point if the Windows store doesn’t support it anyway, but your products on the App Store would still have the option for free trials regardless of being part of a bundle or not, they can still have IAP’s.
  13. No problem. I've bought a number of discounted iOS apps from developers using this method via the App Store, I'm no longer using Windows however so can't confirm that one. Something similar could be introduced on Serif's own website - which would ensure consistency with the App Store at least.
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