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  1. Thanks for the reply - just fixed this actually. The apps were installed on an external drive, so yes installed elsewhere. While this isn't an issue when running them separately, it stops Publisher from working with the other two personas. I moved them back into the main drive Applications folder and it's now working. It'd be good if I could run Publisher with the two personas from the external drive in future though, as I'm trying to conserve disk space on the main drive.
  2. As others have mentioned, I have both Photo and Designer, purchased via AppStore, I have the latest versions 1.7.1 Publisher, bought via the Affinity Store doesn't seem to be able to link to them, and says I have to purchase/install them. I tried restarting all apps several times. Opened documents in each, closed them, opened them, restarted...nothing. Really annoying.
  3. Could you please confirm if I can buy the Mac version of Publisher from the Affinity store? Thanks
  4. Ah ok thanks, so I can grab the Mac version from the Affinity store? To be honest I'd prefer using that to the App Store anyway.
  5. Ah ok thanks - is it possible to purchase/download the Mac version from the Affinity store and bypass the App Store? Sorry for the newbie question - I bought Windows versions of Photo and Designer via your store, but I bought the Mac versions via their App Store. Didn't realise I could buy Mac versions direct - if so I'll buy it via your store and get the extra beta discount.
  6. Hi, Lookig forward to the official release of Publisher - just a query on discounts - as a beta user I've been offered an additional discount, but will this work for Mac? I purchased Photo and Designer via the App Store, so will the discount still apply? Just curious as to how this will work if I click the pre-order option for the Mac version. Thanks
  7. Thanks both. Still considering whether to buy - a lot of bugs and crashes are being reported, so still on the fence.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Haven't bought it yet, due to the not-quite-wonderful feedback from some, but since I've got everything else they've made and I use it daily on the desktop, I'm sure I will eventually. It'd be good to hear feedback from Air 2 users - since this is the lowest specced supported model.
  9. Hi, I'm running Designer and Photo already on Mac and PC, so pleased to see the new iOS version. Just a quick question - what's the performance like on an Air 2? I realise this is the lowest compatible device, so wondering if there are any limitations with usage and performance. My Air 2 is an earlier model. Thanks.
  10. Froze up again, this time creating a new layer.
  11. I'm experiencing occasional freezes on a Windows 7 machine, when trying to export .jpg files from the latest version of Photo. Doesn't always do it, seems more frequent on larger files. The 'export' dialog remained on screen, and the only way out was via the Task Manager and forcing a quit. Strangely it created the file though.
  12. Others have mentioned iStudio Publisher, which is in a similar price bracket so thought I'd share my own experience. This is one of my first few posts on this forum - I didn't expect such an aggressive reaction to what I thought was a helpful suggestion. Is this how you normally treat new users on here?
  13. No, I was able to produce print-ready artwork for leaflets, stationery and banners with it. It looks awful, and from a usability perspective there are big improvements to make, but calling it a toy is inaccurate. I've been working as a designer for over 30 years, and have used pretty much every DTP bit of software out there. I used to teach advanced Quark techniques to print and design studios, so I'm familiar with pro software. Swift isn't a piece of pro kit by any stretch of the imagination and will try the patience of a saint, but when a job came in and I needed a quick software fix on a Mac laptop that didn't have existing DTP software on it, for a dollar (it was part of a MacHeist bundle) it did the job - and the finished printed results looked as good as anything produced in Quark - or any other software for that matter. You're not going to be using it for full colour magazine jobs, but for someone on a budget who wants to knock out the odd flyer it could fit the bill. I haven't used it for a year or so as I'm back on my normal machine, and it was a one-off job anyway, so there are probably better options available now, but it's no toy. The quality of the results are in the hands of the user.
  14. Affinity products are ridiculously good value. I tried PSE as a cheaper alternative to full PS and didn't get on with it at all, and then a few weeks later they brought out a new version which I'd have to pay for if I wanted the update. Photo is ten times better than PSE at half the price, and you get free updates.
  15. For a cheap and cheerful Mac based DTP app I've used Swift Publisher in the past, and despite a naff looking UI it did the job ok, and didn't cost much to buy. Only thing is they release new versions rather than continued updates, so it can cost a bit over time. To be honest I'm pretty impressed with the print features in Affinity Designer, so I'll be using that for leaflets and simple print jobs.
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