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  1. +1 Preference Having said that damn, we get a lot for $39.99
  2. First, I only recently discovered Affinity products. Big fan. After i started this post, i realized there are two errors. Both relate to a pasted image from another program. There are 3 images in the problem description. Image 1: is a cybersecurity image copy/paste from paint.net image 2: placed image of a micrometer squeezing coins, from local directory image 3: re-pasted image 1, from paint.net I am using beta I looked for a similar report, but did not find one. What i did: Copied/pasted a screenshot from paint.net (image 1) onto a Publisher Master Page (left), new document. One text frame on each of two Master pages. Added text to actual pages, about 50 pages of Lorem Ipsum to learn text auto flow. From Master, adjusted text wrap of image 1. Placed a second, different image 2, on Master Page. Adjusted text wrap. Updates reflect correctly in thumbs and actual pages. What broke: Adjusting text wrap or moving the pasted image 1 did not update in thumbnail preview or actual pages. Image 1 cannot be removed from the actual pages. Second error: Pasted again image 1 (now image 3 ) onto Master. It was moved off the page to the pasteboard area (at nine o'clock). From Master, 'select all' will outline its position. Deleting image 3, then saving the file will crash the program. Image 3 remains in the file. How i tried to fix it: Deleted image 1 from Master. Thumbnails/actual pages did not reflect update. Saved/reopened the file. Image 1 is no longer on Master. However, image 1 is on all actual pages. Cannot remove. Delete image 3. Save file crashes program. untitled.afpub

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