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  1. Hi Yes, there is still an issue. I have uploaded the file. If you open and then delete the last master page (only tried with that one for now), the programe hangs with no scrolling etc. Can only end with task manager Regards Barry
  2. I resorted to "Save as" and then it seemed to work and allowed me to go to a particular spread. See here too
  3. Another thing I have found should the page freeze, even selecting "Go to spread" from the page icons on the left does nothing. At this point there was no way to recover the file (close and reopen etc.). I did find that the "Save as" (select another name) does then work.. this had me worried as I had a large project open and all of my work would have been lost.
  4. I went back and deleted any graphics on my master and now it does not freeze etc. Only problem is that Master pages are of no use if we can't use graphics
  5. It seems when I delete one or two master pages, Publisher freezes. No option to close except via task manager. Also, often after editing a master page a portion of publisher would become unresponsive (can only scroll a couple of pages but not all) and cant edit anything further. A restart is required but any edits that were done are lost. Using Windows 10
  6. Hi. It does sound weird. I have attached a PDF (just has 2 lines, top and bottom) created by Affinity Designer called "outline.pdf" which doesn't print correctly and also one called "Doc1.pdf" created with MS Word which prints fine. I also tried using Affinity Publisher and got the same outcome as Designer. Hope it turns out to be something quite simple outline.pdf Doc1.pdf
  7. I have a very unusual PDF printing issue which I can't figure out. Steps: I create a document in Affinity Designer and exported to PDF for print. I open the PDF (which looks fine) and select print (the print review box looks fine) Once printed, there is a large "gap" on the top of the page and the bottom is cut off. Investigation: Print directly from Affinity designer - all is Ok Print standard Microsoft printer test page - all is OK Create PDF from Word - all prints OK Printer settings tired with PDF created from Affinity - print 100%, print original size, fit to sheet It still prints top gap and cuts off the bottom Create new document in Affinity (just a rectangle) and export to PDF - same issue as above I'm at a loss here - any ideas?
  8. My photo refused to open anything this morning. Ver, windows 10. Noticed when I tried to open an image "open with" Affinity Photo it started to launch then just closed. I then opened photo and it launched OK but then closed as soon as I tried to start a new project. I often leave my PC on and rather let the PC "sleep" than shut down. When I couldn't fix the error, I rebooted my PC and all started to work normally. Photo now OK.
  9. When I export a file to preset PDF Print all looks OK but when I export to PDF/x-3:2003 (which I use to make sure drop shadows print correctly) I get a weird coloration color creeping in as per the attached (pink faces ). Used to use Indesign and never had an issue. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. I have an image inside a picture frame and I want to give only the frame a drop shadow. I can do this if I create an empty frame but if it already contains an image, the style is applied to the image and not the frame. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  11. Hi all. How can I manipulate text (squash it etc.) as per the attached? I know I can convert to curves and manipulate each character individually but was hoping I could manipulate the whole group in a similar fashion?
  12. Ah, thanks. Strange designer would use these fonts if going to be installed on a windows PC.
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