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  1. When I export a file to preset PDF Print all looks OK but when I export to PDF/x-3:2003 (which I use to make sure drop shadows print correctly) I get a weird coloration color creeping in as per the attached (pink faces ). Used to use Indesign and never had an issue. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. I have an image inside a picture frame and I want to give only the frame a drop shadow. I can do this if I create an empty frame but if it already contains an image, the style is applied to the image and not the frame. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  3. Hi all. How can I manipulate text (squash it etc.) as per the attached? I know I can convert to curves and manipulate each character individually but was hoping I could manipulate the whole group in a similar fashion?
  4. Hi there. Any idea why I'm getting the message "asset contains missing fonts" when I drag an asset onto my page? (All fonts start with SF UI) I'm using Windows PC Thanks in advance
  5. Ah, thanks. Strange designer would use these fonts if going to be installed on a windows PC.
  6. OldGoat

    Introduce Yourself

    You sir are a lifesaver. Did exactly what you suggested and have now repurchased. Also 2 other friends have also purchased the product due to my recommendations so in the end everyone wins Many thanks
  7. OldGoat

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all. Barry from South Africa. Moved from Adobe to Affinity even though I have CS6 fully paid for version. Love the program Pity, only after a few days after I bought Affinity Designer and photo, the price dropped 30%.. I'm gutted