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  1. and one more after I use Affinity designer in a span of 3 to 4 hours. This software feels lag
  2. ok, I hope this problem will be resolved quickly
  3. hello I export persona, after being exported to svg why is there this part, this is not used if I use svg export in inkscape, then the rectangle doesn't exist backup.svg Backup.afdesign
  4. halo can you solve this broken node problem bandicam_2020-04-12_21-25-39-636.mp4
  5. when I use bolean and experience a bug happened, affinty designer uses a lot of my RAM memory, and it can't work properly the photo below is proof
  6. this is very detrimental to me I work on flaticon and they don't accept svg files from export persona
  7. I am open the svg file in Adobe Illustrator then Unwanted in artboard IMG_0244.MOV
  8. export persona svg if opened in adobe illustrator why is there a box? Unwanted elements in the artboard ? if it's exported manually it will be good I need to export to svg at once a lot
  9. I want to expand bug add tool geaometry
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