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  1. I feel frustrated because I have to delete elements that are not used i
  2. bisakah kalian memperbaikinya, aku rasa empat persegi panjang itu tidak perlu.
  3. aku sudah mencoba file>export dan export persona, dan kedua nya menghasilkan yang sama export persona.svg master.afdesign
  4. aku mengexport di adobe illustrator tidak ada empat persegi panjang
  5. aku membuat artboad di projek dan menemukan ada elemen yang tidak perlu setelah mengexport di persona.
  6. I found a bug in the export person if I used an artboard, after exporting the unwanted element Next I turn on the master file and after exporting. I'm frustrated having to delete this unwanted element 1 by 1 after export to svg.svg before export.afdesign
  7. Come on, I'm sure the Serif team can solve this problem
  8. I want the grid lines to be the same as on the desktop
  9. yes 32 on subdivisions not appearing on my ipad i'm using a 64 x 64 artboard. I want the same settings as the desktop
  10. how this can happen, on a windows grid this can, but when on an iPad it can't. I want to use the same grid as on my laptop
  11. and one more after I use Affinity designer in a span of 3 to 4 hours. This software feels lag
  12. ok, I hope this problem will be resolved quickly
  13. hello I export persona, after being exported to svg why is there this part, this is not used if I use svg export in inkscape, then the rectangle doesn't exist backup.svg Backup.afdesign
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