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  1. I understand and this is a fair point, but like Joao Silva I too have the iPad versions and would be a fantastic addition. I am just hoping that when we get version 2 of the software things like this are added and also I would not mind paying an upgrade fee, I also understand Affinity are a fairly small company compared to say adobe that’s why patience is sometimes needed.
  2. This is a feature I would really like and cannot believe its not in at least the Designer program, I decided to get a copy of DrawPlus x8 so that I can convert Bitmap to Vector and WOW this program does this incredibly and in my thinking this is that same company that makes Affinity Programs so why could that not use this code in the Affinity range of programs they have missed a key feature in my option. Please consider implementing this into Affinity ASAP looks like there are quite a few people wanting this, I have only signed up on the forum to post this so that show how much I want and there must be other people that just put up with the work round method.....
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