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  1. That being said I have no idea how the file was initially created and saved. I just assumed it was saved without this crucial option selected and that this was the root cause of the problem.
  2. I messaged you the file converted to SVG (using Illustrator CC) - but of course that does not solve your problem with other files. It probably would help if files meant for sharing with others were saved with the 'Create PDF compatible file' option ticked. It certainly does in this case.
  3. Could Auto White balance / Auto levels be triggered upon loading the image?
  4. Why are we talking to you? Random GUYS on the Internet. Never women. Always Kellermenschen. The usual suspects here. The original poster did not ask fanatisk fanboys - yes, that IS what you are, your reactions are text book examples - he reached out to Serif. He complained about a real issue that is raised here again and again and again. All that the customers get is emotional fanboys or “Bear with us” for YEARS. Let Serif handle costumers and explain why their product - Designer especially - is going nowhere slow.
  5. Jebus. I did expect the product to develop into something more in a timespan of 4 or more years. The marketing was and is not humble. I do subscribe to the FULL Adobe package. I just prefer to draw and construct shapes outside Illustrator. Did that a lot in Inkscape. I like Designers few tools better. But Designer is stripped of advanced features - and basic features. Hoping for more increasingly frustrated here is punished by fanboys who cannot let Serif answer. Apologists. "Asking for "basic things" or not, it's their product, and they handle it as they wish." Fresh out of school arguments, haha. It certainly is their product. Fortunately I am a clever guy that listened to my customers, adjusted accordingly before they retired or DIED of old age. Increased revenue. Brand value always rising. Etc. Ben was not supposed to answer at all. Someone from Serif was supposed to listen to a customer. Handle it like a professionsal. Thats how it works out there. I face customers every day and did for 30 years. They handle their money as they wish! Thats the centre of the universe here. And now something else from the adult world - lets agree to disagree.
  6. Minor improvements over a long timespan, long and numerous posts, no real progress. We'll I am a paying customer just like other "complainers" (you picked up that term in Linux forums?) and I like the interface of especially Designer. I would have paid 2, 3 or 4 times more if the long requested features were in designer. They are not. They are not in the betas I follow closely either. So I will - just like the other unsatisfied customers - remind Serif and Ben that this is not good enough in our opinion. In the adult world this is how it just works. You are satisfied? Great. But let other who are NOT voice their concerns. So type less and think more about the original post - a legitimate question and concern. Basic tools - where are they? I hope Ben is busy as a bee preparing them. Otherwise his post is ridiculous and counter productive. So many people love your product and ask for the basic things that should be in the tool for professional. What are you doing there?
  7. Easily. We kind of reached that point in time already.
  8. Fanboys will be fanboys, @B13eL Just look at their replies. We have so many posts here about the slow pace of development and lack of basic features and still not one of these guys, even the Serif employee, takes this into account. They did not even catch that your post was very positive - a lovely cheering heads up post. They - and even an unprofessional Serif employee - just gave you best best reason ever to move your money and effort elsewhere. They are justifying the price of Illustrator and CorelDraw in a major way. I have to thank them for that. Either pay that price or... the above. The waiting customers are the unhappy twiddlers... the arrogance! Man... never let the above character handle costumers, Serif! Get some additional bad feelings here
  9. Symmetrical nodes are indeed missing. Now that the pen tool supports it, I see no reason why the node tool shouldn't. At least a keyboard shortcut should enable it when dragging a handle.
  10. Serif is the modern Manuel. You are Basil.
  11. Still badly needed, agreed.
  12. Hopefully a UX profile can direct their graphic artist. Remember that the icons are tiny on a high-res monitor.
  13. Exactly. Why is it possible to click a button that can't do anything. Context sensitive buttons please. Me too. Especially meaningless for cultures with RTL text and icons etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-left