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  1. An actual solution? Something like this.. or probably just the 20GB Photography plan. Thank you for your payment. We received your payment for your Creative Cloud Membership. To print your invoice, open your Billing History or follow the instructions at the bottom of this email.
  2. There you are again with your only statement: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. You should join a cult - you will love it. But that message of yours makes zero value in this or any other thread. This reminds me of you. Same principle. Same succes rate:
  3. That is the only thing you ever said on repeat: "Take it or leave it. Take it or leave it". You oversimplify everything to the extreme and make it black and white too. So your contribution here is zero. There is no basis for any kind of discussion in your posts. It is as simple as that.
  4. Does it matter to us how he spends his time? He may be one of the individuals it is fun (and interesting) to actually share a drink with and one of the few that really stands out. Today there is a lot of me me me, I agree, but people are also getting more sterile and copy each other more than ever. How did all the likes and "You rock" posts in here contribute to innovations and changed priorities? Not much, eh?
  5. That is of course true. But still. He did not insult your mother. He did not tell lies about you. Just... let it pass. And let him talk about the products and use cases. We are here to share inputs that improve the products according to our needs - and others needs. I think he does have valid points. Serif can now chew on his words. If they are even more sure about their priorities now, fine. If they agree with him after some thinking... fine.
  6. You argue like a kid or someone with hurt feelings. You don't have to defend Serif - you could do so, but you chose to cite irrelevant marketing material FROM SERIF instead of a solid use case from your own serious line of work and without other arguments as such. You point at someone else and say: "If he can use it, it must be professional". If you want to point at civil rights, respect them and use arguments and facts. But you don't. It is simply just words and feelings. And it is funny (and childish) to react to one members semantics and reactions BUT when it comes to your rants you refer to civil rights because of course YOU are allowed to do the same. Serif is a company that opened this particular forum. Here people can voice their concerns and report bugs and say thank you. I guess you as a civil right defender approve of that. What Serif decides to do is indeed their ball game. But without input and reports from happy or angry users, how would they understand their users. It is feedback, knowledge. Sometimes it is served beautifully, sometimes not, but inside there is a core message. Serif needs it to prioritize and to make their business moves. But all this didn't cross your mind, did it? The bigger picture. You act like a moral judge on a very weak foundation. A true swede. But this is not Folkhemmet. And the childish "if you don't like it, don't use it" is simply so single minded. Serif do whatever they want? You like civil rights (when you can use them to continue yelling) but you do not understand how debate, compromise, heated debates, politics, society works. The heart of it. It is NOT centered about you yelling out loud about your rights. It is to listen and understand as well as pushing an agenda. In fact your philosophy should be "I am satisfied. I like it. I will leave the discussion to people who are not. Let them make the product better for their use cases." But no. Look around in the forum. So many voice concerns about the priorities made by Serif. For Serif to do what "they want" (lets just act like adults and call it "make an informed decision") they should listen. Here fx. Your role is not to filter inputs from users.
  7. Come on. Ha ha. Spotlight is a one sided marketing channel - classic parfumed propaganda. The (indeed nice) gfx is isometric work - what Designer does support rather well. Of COURSE that will be highlighted by Serif. (But besides that, how many of you do isometric work? I see almost none here.). The lack of advanced (and often requested) features - just look at the starving featureless boring toolbar - is extreme and paying customers are allowed to have an opinion about that. Spotlight is paid for or filtered opinions and articles. Remember the articles with artists showing some work done in Affinity... but who work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in their REAL professional life outside the propaganda. Because they are indeed professionals. They use professional software from Adobe - not budget software made by Serif for small companies and mostly hobbyists. Let people voice their concerns about the product(s). Let them have their personal style. If it is not personal you don't have to comment. What really is interesting here is the input costumers have and the reaction (or lack of reaction) from SERIF. What is interesting here is not what @JGD is WRITING. It is was Serif suddenly is HIDING. Let SERIF handle their COSTUMERS. You are not part of the equation.
  8. This is Inkscape 1.0 alpha with a dark theme and "symbolic icons" I think they call them. You can customize icons, theme, dark or light mode. Also interesting for the Apple crowd out there: Mac Application Inkscape is now a first-rate native macOS application, and no longer requires XQuartz to operate. It has a standard Mac-style menu bar (rather than a menu bar within the window). Keyboard shortcuts now use the command (⌘) key rather than the control key. Retina display screen resolution is now supported. The build is now cleanly 64-bit, a prerequisite for MacOS 10.15 Catalina and beyond. http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/Release_notes/1.0 I always followed the open source alternatives closely - mostly their potential in poor countries is extremely important, I like helping creatives wherever I find them (and I have met some with zero resourses... zero, zip, nada, nothing) - but the Inkscape project simply have to dedicate a year to usability and interface initiatives... massively. If only Google would sponsor Summer of Usability to lift these and many other open source products with awesome engines into the 3rd millennium usabilitywise. And btw also share resources and coordinate more.
  9. We know one thing. The 7 man "strong" development team will be busy for a long time now developing Publisher for iPad too and a DAM and the rest of the suite simultaneously. Meanwhile if you are on a budget - or cant wait for certain features - or if you are the curious type like me always checking out everything the market has to offer - this is getting closer for free: I am curious about Inkscape. No fan of the UI and performance and I can't use it for professional work. Earlier versions crashed to often. But if someone is waiting for cool and advanced vector features while waiting 3 - 6 years for Serif to implement such features... Inkscape is free and delivers. Today.
  10. Quoting Serif - April 30th 2019, Facebook:
  11. Oh you will have to wait for years for version 2.0. No question about that. Quoting Serif - April 30th 2019, Facebook:
  12. I am a professional, yes and a curious one. That is why I am here. You found and pointed out a spelling error. And have an attitude like a... pdddr. Well English is not my first language so there. But you mentioned the most insignificant error like a child. Very mature. I am not impressed. You can’t compare a roof with a service. Times are changing and conditions are changing. I understand companies perfectly when the charge as a service. My latest work reached approximately 5 million people. Rich and poor. It does so four times every year. Did for more than a decade. But I made it in Illustrator etc. again. The price is nothing compared to literally everything else in our setup. I just fancy looking for options, new tools, better drawing tools, better software. More fun if possible. Creativity is not fun with clumsy tools. So I had to take a look at the "professional graphic design software" AD. This bar conversation, however, is futile. It ends here for my part. Feel free to be a last word freak.