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  1. Illustrator generally is good at preserving as much as possible as vectors. In this case it wouldn’t rasterize. Allthough you would achive the same effect from the appearance panel using a fill on a group fx. This is not possible in Affinity. If you add an effect to a group (fx glow) of elements in Affinity the entire group is rasterized into one image. Illustrator only rasterizes the glow and all elements are preserved as vector when exporting. There is even a vector free perspective option in Illustrator in the FX panel.
  2. @Mithferion and especially the constant unhappyface tagger @haakoo I am simply requesting features for professional use that was once (and for years) on the now removed roadmap from a company with 33 years of experience who once had those features in DrawPlus and who is in fact marketing the products as "pro-end" but clearly focused on digital painters and other products for years. Designer needs some serious attention now. I am certainly not the only one making this kind of claims and requests either. I think it is very obvious what people need - the more pressing question is... why not soon. Workarounds do not attract... professionals (more customers).
  3. And that is what all this is about. Tribal behavior. Android vs Apple. Microsoft vs Linux. Canon vs Nikon. USA vs Russia. Full frame vs crop sensor. Meanwhile some people are actually trying to reach a goal and earn a dime using the software.
  4. How would I not know that? We are quite a few with a CC licence - and equipment far more expensive. We all need the features. Because they matter measured in possibilities and speed. Orders and results. Introducing low cost hobbyist software, limitations and work arounds ad libitum would be a more expensive experience; a death blow, actually. The tons of internet discussions and far fetched hypothesizes just doesn't affect reality.
  5. You do know that the element with an overlay FX is exported as a bitmap - is rasterized? All elements with effects will be rasterized in Affinity. Some sort of colour management difference between vector and bitmap could affect the presentation of the contents on your system. Just a wild guess. On my computer opening the SVG in Chrome, Firefox or even Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 etc. renders the greens identically. In a heavily colour managed setup btw.
  6. Exactly!!! It is essentially a debate about what is important and when, it should be known territory to all adults here with a job with a bit of responsibility in a medium complex setup, but when someone actually notifies Serif here that these features are important to them and their work, apologists immediately destroy any attempt at starting a discussion about the features themselves. Suddenly we get heated arguments about software development from people who (unlike @v_kyr) know nothing about software development, project management and implementing a business strategy for that matter.
  7. So in conclusion. I can safely continue my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for the next decades and then check the status of Affinity by then. Maybe JPG output is optimized by then. Finally. I am so happy my employer makes this possible... I have REAL pro-end software. I feel sorry for others waiting. Maybe Serif could dial down the terms used in marketing materials until then. The blazingly fast Publisher fx ... ain’t. And @v_kyr is right. You can’t compare those scenarios.
  8. Back to school: https://medium.com/bymds/color-contrast-crash-course-for-interface-design-a69c987abe1b
  9. "Low cost" AND "pro-end" ? So with Designer Serif are targeting pro-end customers who don't actually need pro-end features? They go by another name...
  10. I believe that is correct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIELAB_color_space : This is also a great visual presentation:
  11. Jowday

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    I uttered a silent "Finally" to my monitor - it is essentially a bug fix in a beta I shouldn't use yet for production use. Not the introduction of a great new tool.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_color_spaces_and_their_uses

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