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  1. Could you add right click support for adjusting the width of various tools on Windows fx the brush? It is an easy to remember and easy to access method I use it in Capture One Pro all the time. Right clicking in C1 activates a dialog box with a preview of the brush size as you move the sliders. Right click is not used at all i AP and the "press ALT + LMB + RMB and drag horizontally to change brush size and vertically to change brush hardness" shortcut is hard to find by chance. Another slightly related thread:
  2. It is a known technique in software development, but I think the user interface should in some way communicate this to the customer - a simple notification like you notify about other events. Perhaps less intrusive than a dialog box that must be close though.
  3. 1) Only the one program approach makes sense when we are talking about basics, so agreed 2) Yep, the UI is in engineerish (closely related to rubbish)
  4. My point was that "from time to time" makes little sense when nothing happens for four long, long years anyway. It is a waste of time. This guy was lucky that this feature finally arrived that same week after years and years of waiting and a lot of other complaints from customers. Trying to teach HIM a lesson under these circumstances is fanboy behavior. It would make more sense if one could sign of for news when features from the roadmap is actually implemented and in beta ready for test. Some of us don't have time for monitoring software and forums when essential features are not implemented for years anyway. Some people actually work and create value.
  5. No, he could have waited four to five years until a week ago. Until then, there were no arrowheads in the beta.
  6. It sure will. If there is no other way he may have to make these work arounds in a copy during export, if at all possible of course.
  7. @Mr Lucky I believe that this is due to a design flaw in Affinity Photo. There is also a bug that is fixed in Photo 1.7 beta. The result of the layer is supposed to be transparent, obviously, but you are not getting transparency in the SVG as you do in PNG's. If you select Document -> Flatten you should get a SVG with the desired transparency: During export Affinity Photo 1.6 will warn about rasterization but the result is fine. During export Affinity Photo 1.7 beta will not warn about rasterization and the result is fine. Other solution: If you right click the layer and select Rasterize you should get a SVG with the desired transparency. In this case you can export selection only with no background and transparency will work: During export Affinity Photo 1.6 will warn about rasterization but the result is fine. During export Affinity Photo 1.7 beta will not warn about rasterization and the result is fine. This kind of work should be done in Affinity Designer, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape. More control, less agony.
  8. Only? Nah! That is not what I have seen. Then these 1.7 beta release notes - just an example I could quickly find - I have seen from Serif many times also in the legacy range are quite interesting. The RAW processing engine in Photo has been rewritten—producing better results and improved performance. RAW files now load much more quickly. Reimplemented support for XTrans sensors. The denoise algorithm has been rewritten. Of course it is worth working towards. It is just not the real reason why it took years. The real reason is that arrows were in the development backlog but prioritized down, down, down. Items in a backlog are first of all prioritized after business priority. I find it hard to belive that 'effort' amounts to anything serious. If you can struggle so much with the rocket science behind accurate arrows I find it hard to believe that we will ever get envelope distort, offset path, mesh gradients and all the advanced features also requested for years. Designer is mainly targeting specific types of digital artists. I bet they are more likely costumers than Illustrator power users. Why not just admit it.
  9. In Illustrator a quick fix for this problem is select all objects then Object > Path > Offset Path to offset all the objects to fx 0.1mm. Another argument for offset path in Designer.
  10. @10on12 Please check out the beta and share you opinion - do you consider Designer 1.7 a major update?
  11. It should be painfully clear to you by now after so many YEARS that this feature - an many other basic features - have low or no business priority in Serifs strategy. I don't know if you guys live forever or if time simply has no value in your lifes - but why wait? It is quite obvious that Designer targets very specific types of digital artists, very few professionals and that Serif is probably fine with it. There is a lot of foolish Führerbunker optimism in this forum - but now I personally don't expect Designer to get any complex or semi-complex vector features. Serif made a great user interface on top of a small machine and they will make some money of it. Works for them. Waiting for so many years for probably nothing doesn't work for me. It is all a nightmare if Publisher doesn't evolve into a nice workhorse like PagePlus.
  12. Just pressing the CTRL-key while the corner tool is active is enough.
  13. 'Gandalf put his hand on Pippin's head. There never was much hope, he answered. Just a fool's hope, as I have been told.'
  14. Rest assured that enterprises will look at the actual features and output - not the icons. Law of triviality