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  1. Perhaps the current staff can figure out and code zoom but not more complex features.
  2. Jowday

    New Icons Too Similar

    Law of triviality
  3. Exactly and as far as I remember Darktable also applies open source camera specific colour profiles, open source camera specific noise profiles to RAW images (if you enable these features) and even more. Darktable is an open source program that glues other open source components together in a very transparent way. Impressive work made outside labs by volunteers for free. They only need the magic extras that big companies and their research and specialists provide in DxO, Capture One and Photoshop of course. "Serif Labs Raw Engine" ... Labs? RAW engine? Adobe engineers made their own RAW engine, DxO engineers made their astounding RAW engine. There is no real advantage in opening RAW files in AP. I wonder how many open source components they glued together and sold me.
  4. Jowday HSL luminance problem

    Compared to Photoshop (latest version) it is obvious that the new HSL L control desaturates the colours. Even in 8-bit mode.
  5. Rule #1: Ignore the angry guy in the pub Rule #2: Get the right tool for todays tasks... today. @AlfredI did not know that - that is good news. PagePlus X9 offers great value for money and DrawPlus X8 too. @mvlad I agree 100% And now back to creating and billing surrounded by professionals.
  6. No, sorry, I was just joking. DrawPlus is no longer supported, it works just fine, but some day in the future it wont. I guess it will work for years, but I is a weird situation, is it not? That you have to go back in time to get a decent design program from Serif. I like to draw and design shapes with the pen tool in Affinity Designer. Problem is, the second you fx need to add some perspective to a shape (fx a shape from another project), Affinity Designer is next to useless. Especially if time has any value for you. Serif focused so much on isometric grids they forgot the basics of drawing and workflows. What I did was to export a shape to SVG and into DrawPlus to finish it there. Then I exported it back to Affinity Designer. It is not unusual for designers to construct shapes outside Adobe Illustrator in other programs so I had tried it before. It is just silly in this case. But it was just me monkeying around in my spare time. They money I spend on Serif software was earned using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I am always curious when a newcomer enters the market, but in this case the complex parts of the machinery is only "promised" features on a roadmap - not reality. Serif retired the software that could help you - replaced it with AD that can't for years to come? You can do what I did or what @Checkmate did. Or look for other options.
  7. No, but then again.... neither does Envelope tool Distortion tool Roughen tool Knife tool Replicate tool Blend tool Palette designer Mesh fill Support for multiple pages Erase tool Flood fill tool ... in Affinity Designer 1.7 for OS X So it is not that great to be an Affinity customer with an OS X machine.
  8. It is amusing that you are requesting and waiting for this feature that is available in an even cheaper program developed by a company... heard about it? Serif Software. They abandoned it so you could wait all over for similar features for years. It is not supported anymore - but chances are... it will support your workflow. Works like a charm on Windows 10. Reintroducing Serif Drawplus X8 from 2015 featuring: Envelope tool Distortion tool Roughen tool Knife tool Replicate tool Blend tool Palette designer Mesh fill Support for multiple pages Erase tool Flood fill tool I suspect that this was possible with the help of Microsoft technology (code libraries that Serif had to purchase licenses for) - and that Serif must to develop these features from the bottom and up now. Perhaps. Personally I don't expect to see any of these features before version 2.0. When? 2021? The roadmap is just promises. I suspect someone also had a roadmap for Brexit... Anyway - purchase the good not so old performer Drawplus X8 from Serif right here
  9. There is a similar issue with the title bar icon in all three programs.
  10. I couldn't find any posts about this. You are probably aware of it but here goes: Windows 10 Professional. Latest beta 1.7 build of Publisher (206), Designer and Photo (206). The icon in the title bar suffers from jagged edges and doesn't look right. My Windows installation is "out of the box" ish - app font size is 100% fx. Icon was fine in earlier builds, I think.