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  1. Hi, Yes, please send me an upload link. I want the file to stay private. I had just a look at .nef files made with my Nikom D800. For this Pictures the color are OK. So the Problem only occures with Pictures which are created by scanning a negative. These are scanned with the NIKON Super Coolscan 5000 ED. I believe this scanner creates pictures with a higher color depth
  2. I didn't say Capture NX does not open Jpeg-files. Normaly it opens them. Only the ones created by the Nikon scanner software can not be opened. I found out that if ithe color depth is changed to 24 bit it works. (Does not work for Tiff/Jpeg with 32 bit color depth.)
  3. Hello, if a nef-file is imported the colors shown are not the one in the file. Her is an example. The Capture NX is a NIKON Software. But also in othe Software like XnViewMP the colors are like in the Nikon Software. Only Affinity shows this colors.. Something wrong in the setting of then Program?
  4. So this problem is nicer as told here. I just bought an Nikon Supe Coolscan 5000 and started too scan my negatives. Most are Black/White negatives. So I treid too scan them as .nef. Capture NX 2 couldn't open then (Too large??? 141 mb) So scan them as Tiff. These are also not axcepted by Capture NX 2. So I use only Nikon software (Nikon Scan 4.02 and Capture NX 2 2.4.7) and still it doesn't work. Okay both programs are no longer supported by Nikon but normally (for colour pictures) both work optimal. Further the GUI (Grafic User Interface) of both programs are very user freindly and ergonomic. But it is a shame that they doesn't work for black and white pictures.
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