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  1. I love Affinity Designer for some Features but i dont think there will be a Vectortracer. I always wonder about people's patience to wait 8 years for a feature that has long been standard in other programs and still hope it comes in Affinity Designer.
  2. copy a part of a curve is possible in Inkscape and VectorStyler
  3. recreate your curve, the best i can (traced your Image) just as Boldline wrote, no Problem (btw is latest Version VS 1.1.072) another one
  4. seems curios to me why this works only with closed stroke in Affinity Designer is no Problem in VectorStyler with a open one
  5. While i cant answer your question, there are some Options out there. You could take a look at "Nodebox" (Free) (PC / MAC - OS X Catalina) for Design transfer you could use "SVG" (Nodebox can Import Designers graphics as SVG) It works Node based. Here the Website https://www.nodebox.net/ Here a Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bn8ky1G10g A step further is "Cavalry" (PC/Mac) (there is a free Version) while build for vector based Motion Graphics it is also useable for stills. Stills can be exported/"rendered" as SVG also in the free Version. You just have to create a account to get it. (Note: If you like to export your Result in "Cavalry" you need to "Render" them and the final Render would then be saved as SVG.) Here their Website https://cavalry.scenegroup.co/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIucTblryr_AIVEQiLCh3XaAJTEAAYASAAEgLy8PD_BwE And a Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHUUCLe2zP0
  6. In case you may not know. You could take a look at Clip Studio Paint. CSP can import 3D objects (.obj Files) and has even a few 3D primitives. It's a paint program, but has vector layers. Vector Objects can be copied to the clipboard as SVG and then pasted into Affinity Designer. (I only use Affinity Designer 1.1 so i can not speak for Affinity Designer 2) Here is a video from Clip Studio Paints Channel. Where Polycosm uses Clip Studio Paint along with Blender. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7cgC7_OraQ Btw For a simple (but cool) 3D modeler you can look at Womp 3D (its free). Its a online Modeler. Self created objects can be exported/downloaded as .Obj Here a LInk to the Website. https://www.womp.com/ Here a Video from Womps Channel (Note: Womp 3D dont have a Texttool, but you can use Primitives to create Text like Objects) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX43jHazQVE
  7. I would recommend to her " Clip Studio Paint " Has many Tools for Manga / Anime Artist and Animation build in (Edited: App Name corrected, think i was already tired)
  8. Nowadays, fortunately, there are Vectorizer online apps, even for free. A popular search engine will surely help if you ask "Vectorizer Online" And the free open source App "Inkscape" had also such a tool.
  9. One can find it a bit strange what Affinity sells as a vector program. On the other hand, I find the mix of some vector and bitmap functions quite handy from time to time. But I have my doubts that, if you are interested in more vector features, that you will find them in Affinity Designer. Like to be surprised. Btw Vectorstyler will be difficult to top in this area.
  10. That many companies have switched to flat design, does not mean that every user likes it. And whether a user interface is easy to read does not depend on a flat design. After all, we live in a 3-dimensional world and are used to and adapted to this look. In any case, Flat Design gets a thick 3-dimensional Dislike from me.
  11. one relative simple and easy Trick to fake a Eraser in Affinity Designer is to overpaint a Stroke with another Stroke/or Shape which have the Background Color If you dont need a Vector Grafik as Output you could convert it in a Bitmap then. If you need a Vector Grafik then maybe the following Steps could help. Shapes could be cut with a Boolean cut. Unfortunately, this does not work with open Curves/Strokes. Or I do not know how. For me Affinity Designer always closes these curves, which looks stupid. You can avoid this by converting all lines to Shapes with "Expand Stroke". Menu Layer. Then a Boolean Cut will works. -- BUT -- Expand Stroke work only with a Vector Stroke and not with Brushes --
  12. Isnt the swatches panel not useful to transfer your colors to a gradient ? All colors of the Documen are listet in the top of the Swatches panel "Recent list". So its possible to transfer them from there into a gradient. On the other hand, you could also create a palette from the document colors, also from Images, in the Swatches menu and use this palette then for your gradients. Swatches menu > Create palette from document
  13. Well, it's always the question of what you get in return. I own a copy for a year now and can say that in terms of features VectorStyler is hard to beat. And on top of that the developer listen to the users and is very open to ideas for improving the app. It's not that I don't like Affinity Designer. I like it. But other reasons than features that have been requested for years. As you could see in the Forum.
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