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  1. Hi 2989 "Cavalry" the new 2D vector graphics program for motion graphics could meet some of your needs for pattern making. You can also use it to create still images. There is a free version where you can save your vector graphics as .SVG. Cavalry Website https://cavalry.scenegroup.co/
  2. Well, that might not really fit the topic. But for 2D physics I remembered the free "Algodoo" btw some Unity 2D physics examples will also be possible in Algodoo. And for really cool vector animation the new "Cavalry", just for your information. Unfortunately Algodoo save Files only in its own format. The free version of Cavalry will save also in SVG.
  3. Hi Solidsmith As i see, you create a new Star in Affinity Designer it should be a Smart Shape. Select your Star and pull/push this red dots to transformate your Star. There are many changeable Smart Shapes in Affinity Designer, try it out. Greetings 2ddpainter
  4. Well its not really 3D Extrude but for this take a look at the Isometric Studio in Affinity Designer. Look at the Cube Function. Isometric Studio may be ok enough in some Situations ?
  5. Well said Bugiardini. I found “Does it spark joy” from Blende21 also well said. Whatever you choose, i think you dont have to fear that much. Your new computer will definitely be better than the current one. And as I have already written Affinity programs and Clipstudio ( i own that too ) are not so heavyweight programs compared to other graphic software. Wish you the best.
  6. I don't know how old your HP pavilion is. My PC is also allready a few years old and still perform very well. With much bigger Software, like Corel Painter, Krita, Cinema 4D to name a few and of course Affinity Designer and Photo. Here some of my tech Specs: PC with Window 8.1 CPU: Intel Xeon CPU E3-1230 V3, 4 Cores, 3.30 GHz Ram: 8 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 HardDrive: Samsung SSD EVO 500 GB If I bought a new PC these days, I'd take this CPU: i dont know AMD or Intel but minimum 6 Cores but only because of 3D Renderings Ram: more than 8 GB maybe 16 GB Graphics: mid price Graphiccard 200.- to 300.- Euro HardDrive: Samsung SSD EVO 1 Terabyte With both of these configurations i have no Problems to work with Affinity Programs.
  7. Well, i can't believe that Affinity Programs works more smoothly on a Mac than on a PC. Mac OS may have some features that are easier to get in grip with than on Windows. Affinity Prgs are in my opion so lightweights Programs and more streamlined compared to other Graphics Software that i cant believe that you need a powerful computer to work with them. Remember Affinity Programs work on Ipad Pro too. I prefer Windows in the long run, because of these things. - The cost of Hardware if you have to replace or want to change something. - The range of Software that is avaible.
  8. Hi v_kyr Sorry for that, had forgotten to write as i post this that xara was only for pc. I'll remember that in the future. 2ddpainter
  9. Hi Matt Thats interesting to hear. I didn't know that. This gives hope for the future of Affinity Designer ;-) I know and own Xara since Version 1 and it was always ways ahead of other Vector Programs at his time. If i rember well, is was the first with smooth transparency and color gradients in a vector graphic program! Where others still have bandings, or no gradients at all. But one of my all time favorit function in xara are to copy an object with the just the right mouse button. Just select your object with the right mouse button, drag it away and you got your copy, simple and effortless and no need to press a Alt-Button for that. greetings 2ddpainter
  10. Hi PaRunk Your right. I know what you mean and understand you. It is more Forework do to. It just doesn't bother me that much. I like that i can move symbols freely around and make my own symmetries. greetings 2ddpainter
  11. Hi Would also recommend use Symbols. They are really easy to use. Especially for symmetry You can also mix vector graphics and bitmap graphics (Photos/Drawing) in Symbols. On Youtube there are some Tutorials.
  12. Hi durss Here are a few suggestions that came to my mind while reading your post first - 3D extrusion Affinity Designer (AD) have no 3D extrusion but maybe the "Iso Studio" is enough as a workaround for you. (you can also change the ISO-Angels, to may fit better for your needs) In AD go to "View" > "Studio" > "Isometric" You can find a Tutorial in the AD Forum Tutorials. second - "global edit" Look on "Symbols" in AD these may help. Symbols may also help in point: " edit a 2D shape and instantly get the 3D rendering " Well 3D rendering is not possible but you can edit a (Symbol) Shape and this will change the Isometric (Symbol) Shape too. - If you have a Symbol, go to the Layer open it and select the curve in it, than you can edit it. third - " (boolean operations) " Do you know " Live Booleans " in AD ? it may be similar to what you are looking for - Select the Objects you like to Boolean. Than hold the ALT-Key and make the boolean you like. The Result are a "Compound Object" in the Layers in this Compound Object are your Objects untouched and you can make further edits with them.
  13. Hi fde101 Ok, looks like i misinterpreted the first Post a bit. Sorry for that. Greetings 2ddpainter
  14. Hi fde101 "Graphics" has a real Vector Brush too. Sorry, in my previous Post i forget to mention this. Greetings 2dppainter
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