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  1. Hopefully a UX profile can direct their graphic artist. Remember that the icons are tiny on a high-res monitor.
  2. Regression in 1.7 Designer, Publisher and Photo: Activate minimal UI with Toggle UI (tab) Exit program Start program Create new document Bug - toolbar buttons are greyed out except image button Closing and creating a new document, using another persona, adding a new layer etc. re-activates buttons
  3. Exactly. Why is it possible to click a button that can't do anything. Context sensitive buttons please. Me too. Especially meaningless for cultures with RTL text and icons etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-left
  4. @md50 You can also try out fx Xara Photo and Graphic Designer for £40 You can torture yourself with time consuming work arounds as life goes by or get help from fx Xara Designer: Who wants to wait forever?
  5. The only thing costumers know is that it is not available and that development of new features takes forever. If you are not already working around this limitation you can get it for free in Inkscape get it for only £40 in Xara Photo and Graphics Designer (reduced price in April, Windows only) From a trial version of Xara - examples took me a minute to create. Export to PDF and import in AD. Envelope distortion (also missing feature in AD) is just a click away too:
  6. Clearly out of their league. First they will have to figure out how to improve "expand stroke". It might take some time.
  7. The reason why I believe the collapsible panels will arrive first and only - is that it does not require math intensive coding and vector specialist knowledge. There are actually only a few advanced features in Designer compared to Corel and Illustrator. Again; look at the toolbar. Look at the menus. Virtually empty. In the vector feature department AD has not much more to offer than Gravit has. The Shape Builder in Illustrator is much more advanced than the simple implementation in DrawPlus. I simply doubt that Serif has the in-house expertise to make and perfect the hardcore features in a vector editor. I also doubt they plan to compete in that field. For as long as no advanced features are implemented and 'expand stroke' shows no sign of a Serif vector expert and coder(s), I am not an optimist. My fault though. I did expect too much from a cheap program from Serif. Serif never was different. The marketing fooled me - as did the DrawPlus related marketing. Fool me twice...
  8. All things equal Serif still have to create, build, maintain and document, market and sell yet another product for Windows OS X Possibly iOS All the common code that will be integrated into a DAM will have to be integrated and tested inside a fourth product. FOUR products must now be in sync. If Serif is a little pro then this will be done by the programmer(s), programmers who verify a product increment (user story) before it undergoes real testing efforts. Further they are aiming at live targets: Windows, OS X and iOS change all the time. Even service packs and security fixes can require updates of Affinity. Every bit of complexity you add to a product (range) follows you through every release and update of the product for as long as it exists. And further... whenever dependencies are updated or retired every bit of your complexity requires attention. It goes without saying that none of the above makes the Affinity Range cheaper to develop. You guys are paying for this effort with your money and waiting for years. Lost options. Time consuming work arounds. The need for several programs to accomplish one simple task. Creating and maintaining (especially) software is a bigger task than you think. With the current pace of development in mind I see no reason to slow it further down with a DAM. We do have options but lack basic features most of all in Designer. In the long run a DAM is fine. In the short run I simply need basic features. I have nothing special to index in a DAM before that happens. Right here and now I think that Serif should focus hard on fulfilling the great potential the Affinity has user interface wise and price wise with actual and often requested features. Or simply tone down the marketing hype until we finally see these features released and working. Personally I hope Serif is prioritizing plugin support higher than a DAM.
  9. Serif is a small company. You will get a mediocre ho-hum DAM and development of the entire Affinity Range will be affected negatively. You will get fewer new features at a slower pace. Again. Beggars can't be choosers.
  10. Two fine requests. I predict, tough, that you will only ever get one of them: collapsible panels.
  11. It is not "high expectations". At. All. Let me repeat: We are requesting missing basic vector editor features in a commercial "professional" program. Of course I am on the Adobe subscription plan. How the Hell would I be able to work and deliver only using Designer? The point could be - just could be - what would it take to move many Adobe or Corel users from that kind of expense and feature overkill to fx Affinity Designer. Perhaps something like a few features that you would expect in any professional vector design program. Photo is surprisingly feature packed. Designer is surprisingly ... not. So, when Serifs marketing is allowed to claim that Designer is "The Best Graphic Design Software Available" - they have to deliver more and in an acceptable time frame.
  12. Listen. We are requesting missing basic vector editor features in a commercial program - not requesting feature parity with Illustrator. And all we get is fanboy apologists answering. And exactly because Serif is a small company people are concerned that with too many products being developed - development will slow to a crawl. Fans? Justin Bieber has fans. Serif has costumers. I am waiting for basic features for commercial work. I am not excited. I am just waiting. Lets quote Serif: "The Best Graphic Design Software Available" "The complete graphic design solution" "Pro Vector Illustration" "Professional graphic design software" Professional? Just look at the half- empty toolbar in Designer. If it could speak, it wouldn't say "LOOK at the professionel features", but more likely whisper "I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread." Designer is advanced paint software and it will probably not evolve into much more.
  13. Hope based on what exactly? Serif is hiring new people again, but still no math wizards with coding skills for complex features. They are hiring for marketing and web: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/careers/senior-web-application-engineer/ There is hope if you need the requested features around 2022 or later or if your time has no value. Serifs strategy is to milk the cow they have NOW. It is obvious. With small improvements along they way. We know that from their legacy range. Nothing changed. Designer is advanced paint software and it will probably not evolve into much more.
  14. True dat. I survived mine. Worked till midnight Tuesday. Brain needs a break from time to time.
  15. You guys obviously don't have customers or deadlines to worry about, eh?
  16. Exactly. Especially when it is marketed as "The complete graphic design solution".
  17. Could you add right click support for adjusting the width of various tools on Windows fx the brush? It is an easy to remember and easy to access method I use it in Capture One Pro all the time. Right clicking in C1 activates a dialog box with a preview of the brush size as you move the sliders. Right click is not used at all i AP and the "press ALT + LMB + RMB and drag horizontally to change brush size and vertically to change brush hardness" shortcut is hard to find by chance. Another slightly related thread: