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  1. Yep, but be advised it is a roll back maneuver. With that profile you will see the colours your monitor is showing out of the box. That is rarely what creatives want - those colours are either not calibrated for anything, or else they are calibrated by the manufacturer for movies (punchy) or office work (neutral more cold colors). Further colors drift over time as the monitor gets older. Creatives therefore calibrate their monitor now and then to generate a monitor colour profile that results in colors more close to... lets call it an agreed target. I never can present my work or photos on office computers. Colors are always off - especially greens. If they were calibrated they would show the image closer to what I saw on my monitor. Or even very close. That being said you are probably fine with your setup now. Don't do anything if you don't experience issues. ๐Ÿ™‚ In my case with a wide gamut monitor the sRGB profile would be wrong.
  2. Arh... kinda. They are indeed all based on Chromium content rendering engine. Monitor profile support is another story. Monitor profile support of images was not satisfactory for years, didn't work well several times. It worked perfectly in Opera the last 3-4 years though, then Microsoft Edge was released recently supporting it fully and behold... Google Chrome did too some months later. The monitor support from Chromium and Google only supported the correct display of images on a page. Not the entire browser and browser window. Opera did though and then the rest of them followed suit later with complete support. I know because I have a wide gamut monitor - I need total monitor profile support. Not just of images - but of anything - ANYTHING - in the browser window. Including the browser itself. I run fx Gravit Designer in a browser and it looked terrible in anything else than Opera for years. Then Microsoft Edge based on Chromium was released this year and Gravit was fully colour managed in Edge as well. And as by magic Google Chrome suddenly fully supported my profile as well some months later. So my gut feeling is that someone - possibly Microsoft, maybe even Opera ๐Ÿ™‚ - contributed to complete monitor profile support recently. But correct rendering of images possibly worked better up till now. So it is not just a blessing inherited from the Chromium project that all browsers benefit from. I followed Google Chrome from the first public release - I had wide gamut monitor for just as long I guess. And now in 2020 my monitor profile is finally supported. It is shitty design and an ignorant approach from Google and Microsoft like this that makes me wonder why I did not use OS X instead that handles monitor profiles much better and did for long. But that is another long story.
  3. Maybe in preferences - maybe not. I have no.. ehm... preference. But there is another way, I always (since forever) toggled the visibility of the brush outline in Adobe Photoshop with the caps lock key: So, this feature with a custom keyboard shortcut for it would pretty much solve the issue. I would expect Affinity Photo to remember the last used setting so if I disable the outline I would have to enable it later. I think. Disabling/toggling is fast anyway if it does not. Shortcut should be configured here:
  4. Probably root cause: you have a monitor profile installed in Windows. The profiles is used by programs to display images - and in very good programs the entire program is rendered using this monitor profile. I made a profile like this with a device for it and results are greats. Sometimes these profiles are installed by the manufacturer of your PC... and I have yet to see a good result. In the last case you will experience Poltergeist because... Some programs use it. Some programs don't! And now the horror story: Affinity Photo etc. does. MS Photo does not. Windows itself does not, generally And why would Microsoft not use it for their photo apps? I have no idea. It is ludicrous. Anyway, if this is the case, and if the monitor profile is a good and accurate, in your case Affinity shows the image correctly. Software that does use the monitor profile out of the box - try opening the file in one of those - it should look identical to how Affinity displays it: Google Chrome browser Microsoft Edge browser (the new one base on Chromium/Chrome) Opera browser In Irfanview you can in preferences configure Irfanview to use the same monitor profile. You should never use MS Photo whatever. This was a helpful link, I believe:
  5. Except if a new team was put to work on requested features. That would affect feature development positively. That being said that if the goal is that a purchase from the store is automatically downloaded then it makes sense for the many non tech savvy users you are probably trying to attract with Affinity. And the new generation of customers who did not grow up with Norton Commander and the like. I didn't try to log in in the apps - never will - but I am curious how the PDF documentation for the brushes is handled. How will the customer get access to it? The feature will be especially interesting if: Resources (fx brushes) are shared between all programs Brushes can actually be arranged, re-arranged, grouped and sorted inside the programs (in the panels) as requested many times Resource files are optimized more often - or perhaps split up into several files The new team will not run out of work. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. I know it is a nightmare, @Uwe367, it was a joke ๐Ÿ™‚ I gave up using Designer for most uses; mostly because of missing features but even the more basic work I tried to finish was sabotaged by the faulty divide.
  7. But divide is implemented how you always dreamed? In this workhorse:
  8. I donโ€™t need a forum police. I need free transform, distort, envelope distort. Whatever it is called, we need it. A lot - LOT - of posts are created and replied to by active or potential (!!!) Serif customers because the feature is extremely missed, needed and anticipated. CREATE. Donโ€™t patrol.
  9. The message does not speak for itself - it is far from clear and consise.
  10. Yet another thread where the problem is... significant lack of usability because no educated, real user experience designers were involved. Until you see Serif trying to recruit one here: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/careers/ ... things will not get much better. Serif always focused on marketing and terms like "professional", "jaw dropping", "stunning". You know, strategies from last century.
  11. Same here. It is also re-activated if you select another layer.
  12. You didn't learn plotting graphs in relation to curves in Photo editing software. You learned what a graph is. This is about basic usability and coherency from feature to feature in Photo and across programs as well. Who ever asked for X and Y coordinates among users of Photo software now that no one else uses it? Where is the advantage? How does it improve curve editing? How intuitive is it?
  13. Did I? ๐Ÿ™‚ I showed an animation of how it works in PS. Perhaps that is what you are referring to. This is what the Photoshop Help says about their curve adjustment and what it represents: And here you see curves in Photoshop in action - more telling perhaps: Photo This is the Affinity Help - written by an engineer? I am not sure what help or clue the labels X or Y provides the user with in the context. What effect does these values have, Serif. Output and input makes much more sense. And as a reference to the world - GIMP curves - also input-output: Because in the end we use these terms in the software elsewhere: Photoshop Even Photo Also GIMP
  14. This should be the inner dialog in the mind of a user experience designer prior to a beta release.
  15. This is how it works in Adobe Photoshop @dmstraker No traces of graph paper and engineers. The x and y values in this beta with three decimals ... no thank you. That is the Rawtherapee UI mistake. I often adjust the integer values when adjusting LAB curves in Photoshop, easy to remember and enter - even easier than copy pasting.
  16. The question will still be "arrival of what" - will it be exactly what you need and like.
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