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  1. 😣 But an easy thing to fix for Serif.
  2. Thank you for you time, @walt.farrell 🙂 Indeed. So, we can mitigate the problem. But Serif, you have to verify that the default keyboard shortcuts are correctly configured in code/config. No one expects defaults to disappear when updating. Or the Spanish Inquisition.
  3. I am not experiencing that. What I did experience was that I forgot to select custom ratio: If you don't it is possible to adjust the 1440 x 600 selection freely... without noticing it, but believing it is kept proportional by Photo. And then discovering a different in the export dialog.
  4. Two fast-to-use shortcuts in Photoshop I have used ... a gazillion times are D for set fill and line to black and white and X to swap them. They are supposed to work exactly like that in Photo as well, but D does nothing here. X does swap fill and line color though. I think I once assigned control + shift + x to set them to black and white... so I found a way back then. But I don't use Photo much. I don't recall exactly. I don't think it is a standard shortcut.
  5. Key 'D' Set Stroke/Fill (or Colour 1/Colour 2) colour selectors to black and white, respectively. From the local help (F1), topic 'Keyboard shortcuts' No effect observed to two computers. EDIT: As Walk correctly found out D is no longer in the default settings. Bug!
  6. Agreed. It is a real smooth workflow killer.
  7. Hey @MattP Latest beta 641: Further boolean operation improvements Great thx - but what exactly? 🙂
  8. I miss them too in the desktop version. I have them in every other program I work with (except in Adobe Photoshop sigh), always had, so they are part of muscle memory since 1990? Also, it is easier and faster to reach them and use them with the mouse than to reach for the keyboard and find the keys for undo. There is simply no usability argument for removing them - Serif attempting to keep the user interface uncluttered using minimalism can explain why they have been left out. There are many other buttons I could live without up there - or prefer grouped. Further ... I would like custom buttons that can be assigned a commonly used feature - like print, or export or especially export to pdf. Export is triggered by control + shift + E, paste without format... control + shift + alt + v! Some of these menu items can be assigned a shortcut - but they require several keys pressed. Having expand stroke up there as a toolbar button and not having to remember an exotic keyboard shortcut like control + shift + alt + v + look to the left + stamp with your right foot + blink with your eyes would just be great. 🙂 Sometimes I am simply using the mouse most.
  9. OoooOOoooooOOoh please, Serif, I neeeeeed fade in pixel persona! 🙋‍♂️
  10. Hi @VectorVonDoom I am not sure I understand exactly what you are asking for - but it reminds me of something I struggled with until I discovered that with a gradient stop selected I can ALT + click a color somewhere to apply it to the selected stop.
  11. Something like this, yes. AND a global "Disable fx" switch for better performance while working on complex designs.
  12. Saving files (fx a group photo or a portrait with a blurred background) as JPG for a website without a preview is crippling. Not slowing, but crippling. You have to see the actual output and compression artifacts. In the case of Affinity even more important. The algorithms are vastly inferior to those used in Photoshop and file sizes also different. You have to see what you will GET. Feedback. A cornerstone in usability. In Photoshop I have NEVER saved a photo for website use without inspecting the preview and resulting file size. Never!
  13. Yep, I saw it down there from the beginning. Both buttons just did nothing. I don't use default mouse settings. I had to do it very fast - adjusting the double click speed helped - but using both buttons is slow and awkward and I am not going to use it.
  14. With the node tool selected it is possible to convert a smooth node to a sharp node (ALT + click). I would really, really like it to toggle the node type cycling between sharp, smooth and smart. Or just sharp and smooth. The mouse trip to the toolbar or switch to pen tool to convert a node to a smooth node is frustrating. EDIT: Whoa! I just made convert to smooth node via left and right click simultaneously work. I have to click both buttons instantly insanely fast. It is no good. One toggle shortcut would make much more sense, be much easier to use AND to remember. Double click setting: My double click setting can't make things worse.
  15. Still not fixed in beta 😕 EDIT: "There will be other patches" - good, can easily wait for this tiny bugger.
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