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  1. The status 'Ex User' was written after I finally stopped using the software. Didn’t - and don’t - plan to use the forum more either. This is a rare Sunday evening exeption. I wouldn’t waste time with Vectorstyler either - unstable, incredibly buggy early beta software disguised as release candidate number SIXTEEN. S I X T E E N!! I tried it, believe me. I found so many bugs in a few days in the core program itself and in output files. I voiced a lot of concerns in here but I sure as hell also posted a lot of bug reports and features requests. So quit talking about whining. I participated! I had too much patience with Affinity though thanks to twelve months of lockdown boredom but a career move finally got me moving towards a better place. I will have SIX user experience designers and several professional networks at my disposal. That is SIX user experience designers and several professional networks more than Serif. No further comments. The forum and waiting is all yours.
  2. Well well well, this thread (and many others) goes on and on and on. This week I finally made a career move away from my last few hands on tasks in Illustrator and InDesign to project management and project work in large and huge projects full time. Good stuff. For me Affinity was a fruitless wait since 2014. Also it was unbearable to see software developed like it is. The year is 2021. Not 1995. Just imagine that these tools will not come to Affinity at all or in a form you don't like. Imagine if Affinity still rasterizes so much more than professional products. Imagine if all current issues and usability issues will not be resolved. Imagine spending the same amount of time on workarounds for years. How long will and can you wait? There is no such thing as a free lunch. But time has a value.
  3. Serif should simply hire a user experience designer that handles all these usability issues across features and apps - including this observation.
  4. I have a feeling that the Nikon software stores an embedded JPG preview plus a color profile / color settings that is used by Nikon software and the embedded jpg is read by XnView (some RAW viewers show the embedded JPG preview, not the RAW data) while Affinity simple reads the RAW data and renders the image using the white balance from the RAW data - actually renders the RAW data from scratch. Just a hunch - but the somewhat natural colors in Affinity Photo substantiates my theory, I think. Some info from XnView: https://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=6100 You will loose some of the niceties from manufacturers like Nikon when using third party software. Adobe added color profiles almost identical to those found in Nikon cameras to Photoshop and Lightroom but it is still not the same or as much as what you get from using Nikon software with Nikon cameras and scanners. Manufacturers can store a lot in the RAW files besides the image data and metadata. Unfortunately their own software is often far from perfect.
  5. Well, hope has its limits and time is precious. I know Serif will work - and work hard - to fix some bugs, make changes and add features. Usability improvements though... serious changes... it is not just added tasks. Somebody (up high) needs to open their eyes, somebody (developers) has to handle the responsibility and ownership over UI to others (specialists), business networking and user tests has to take place (enter user experience designers). What really baffles me is that a downright crazy program behavior like this with customers complaining about it still exist. The obvious issue was not a) identified by Serif itself b) resolved years ago. That does not leave much space for hope.
  6. THIS! It is issue in itself shows that Serif cannot really be interested in reaching a mature and professional audience. Many workflows are crippled by bad usability in Photo but this issue is insane. It was reported for years and never fixed. It just cannot be a major issue to fix, but it is a huuuuge annoyance in any kind of workflow with web images etc. Further these usability issues are rarely fixed. With no user experience designer involved in the Affinity apps ... do not expect a fix either.
  7. They usually do - but there is no UX in Photo. No user experience designer. Just a chaotic interface with very little focus on workflows. If at all. But while some bugs are ironed out all the usability issues are not, year after year after year. And that in itself is proof that Serif will never reach true professionals. And that they probably do not intend to.
  8. Still? Now both dialogs are showing CMYK values in percent on this machine and 8-bit if I select that. Instantly (have to hide and show the dialog without the option first of course).
  9. Bingo. Sad but true. On the positive side I found the price tag on my professional software quite acceptable now. And love that professional software even more.
  10. Try to keep it in percentage and see what happens. My color chooser suddenly changed to percentage as well after I changed the unit to percent. But not immediately.
  11. This is a usability issue - one of many - in Affinity. Inconsistent layouts or/and missing feedback. Sliders above (47) shows 8-bit values - fields below (18) percentage. In the color panel you can select 8-bit or percent as a display unit - if you know where to look that is. Some labels or tool tips would help at least.
  12. From 1.9.1 release notes Disabled hardware acceleration for AMD Radeon RX 5000 series and later cards (awaiting response to bug filed with AMD)
  13. Please share your technical insights about the complexity of the apps? And how your personal happiness is relevant for costumers who report issues that frustrates them? Reaching a professional audience is truly up hill for Serif when the official forum is littered with fanboys and apologist answers like this.
  14. Text -> Insert - > Spaces and tabs -> Narrow Non-Breaking space Also scenario for text assets @sfriedberg ? Eg. Super<Narrow Non-Breaking space>U
  15. At least they added it now - not having one was impossible to work with. If you followed the link I provided one employee from Serif said: So it is very difficult to tell where the UI is heading. How will export preview evolve, how will the export persona evolve. Will they be merged one day. Will they look and work like today for years. Purchase now what you need now.
  16. Rubbish. If I see no future in the software for serious use, I won't upgrade. That goes for software as well as any other product. Serif is not the Red Cross. We are not crowdfunding anything either here for a poor or struggling company. Serif is doing very well. Probably better than ever before. Not asking for an upgrade fee for years is part of a BUSINESS STRATEGY that indeed works very well for Serif. You do not owe them a favor or money. I do not work IN software development - I am a product owner that directs one, occasionally two development teams in one or another direction. I am the customer. They develop what we need now and in the future. The end users... well, their choice to use our product or leave it. We go out of our way to make them choose our stuff. Our choice is to actually meet their expectations and always important to deliver more than that. And communicating that we will also be a wise choice in the future is key. That's why the BUSINESS DECISIONS I implement make the difference between what end users choose now and in the future. And that is why these BUSINESS DECISIONS are underway for years. Shameful... you GOTTA be kidding me. That's a new low. Even for this forum. I won't comment further on this.
  17. I work with software complexity in huge projects. What really makes a difference is business decisions. The rest follows, good or bad. Expand stroke fx. New features were more important for years. Stopping up for a moment and stabilizing was not. We are currently in our fourth major revision of our product. Lets call the current version v4.5. Every major revision WAS a revision of architecture, platform and user interface. What made us invest in a major revision every time was a business decision based on what was expected from us. Every time we kind of could continue as before with the features, platform and user interface that served us well for some years, but a radical change would simply be a much better platform for the future. Every time we got the chance to rethink many features and much of the architecture. Pull the plug on inefficient code and features. Every major update took 1-2 years of intense non-stop work but was totally worth it. Looking back at the previous version I always felt relieved we did it. We had to pause many initiatives while these huge projects were underway - the world had to wait - but still worth it. All is forgiven when you give the masses what they were waiting for or something that impresses. Fx the user interface - the panel concept - Publisher is flooded with panels after its birth and just a few releases - it begs for a revision of the interface and panels before it ends in chaos. They can't just add layers and layers of panels. I do not expect 2.0 to be in the horizon. It would be worth waiting for. Much more than small increments that doesn't lead anywhere real. Serif worked on Affinity for a long time now - I am sure they have a long term vision and a revised backlog and a lot of revised plans. It takes a lot of effort to make a major update and I can patiently wait for it. They need time and space for such a task. If the team continues to add complexity in near yearly releases without fixing many old issues and never REALLY revising the platform and just adding layers of features, then we have a new Xara. I can't even in my wildest dreams imagine that Serif wants to go there.
  18. Yes, I offered some feedback and got this response... it is an added "perk" ...
  19. It is only a MVP if they have bigger plans for the future and it is an early step. 😮 Otherwise it is just the product. As a vector design program Designer is a MVP - and on top of it I have a MVP export.
  20. I am not speculating - I am just ready to pay even a significant upgrade price if the step up from 1.x to 2.x is interesting. If it is not I will loose the last faith in the product I have. How many tiny increments and years before the product is - or is not - significantly improved? If they only now seek to fund the future with low upgrade prices and a small feature set ONCE AGAIN how would they motivate the entire base to follow them into a slow uncertain future with more minor upgrades and finally lagging behind. A promising version 2.0 upgrade of all three Affinity apps would encourage, inspire and assure bigger fish than the current massive mass of hobbyists and small entrepreneurs that the products will indeed mature into something truly professional. A major update is also a unique chance to clean up the mess and mistakes and build a better and more user friendly interface. "Generate a ton of revenue" - THAT is speculation.
  21. No global layers and soft proofing “Per page” ... I get the feeling that someone focused entirely on technical performance and basic layer concepts early in the proces and without much thought (or involvment of professional customers) stood with an unprofessional foundation for Publisher. And a bizarre one. How did they end here with such a poor platform after starting from scratch and after 25 years in the Industry? Any yet they sell it as professional. Professional MEANS something. At least to professionals. But they were obviously never involved.
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