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  1. Wrong. @imamdwt It sounds like the bug and regression in AD 1.7 I reported for @squirrelfire
  2. But in the comment section...
  3. Jowday

    Expand Stroke

    People are even asking Youtubers for help
  4. He met the rasterization challenge in Affinity Designer (8:25) - he figured out how to solve it, but sometimes you don't He discovered that Inkscape imports AI files just fine - you have to rename the .ai extension to .pdf
  5. Jowday

    Affinity illustrations and experiments

    This is one you can stare at for a long time for many reasons - well done!
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    Josephine Baker Plush Design : Designer

    Why not this pattern? Its awesome!
  7. A regression from 1.6. In version the pen tool works as described by @squirrelfire 1.6.5: Create a closed shape with the pen tool. When you hover the nodes a minus symbol is displayed next to the pen tool. If you click and drag the node with the left button you can round and shape the tool. 1.7.0: Create a closed shape with the pen tool. When you hover the node that closed the shape a minus symbol is displayed next to the pen tool. If you click and drag the node with the left button you can round and shape the tool. Hovering ANY other node displays an... anchor symbol... and clicking and dragging add new curve to the selected curves object. The "Add new curves to existing curves" is always on when using the pen tool no matter if the toolbar button is selected or not. .... but if you click on one of the cursed nodes with the node tool - just once - you can again manipulate it with the pen tool. Originally reported by @squirrelfire
  8. Post your observations again but in the bug section.
  9. Crop tool: crop rectangle or square - usually cropping a photo or screenshot Crop to selection: crop to WHATEVER type of selection - especially irregular areas - to keep only that area in the file only discard the rest forever. It is part of a well thought out workflow. I rarely use the crop tool at ALL when I am not working with photographs.
  10. Bingo. Cropping to any selection is exactly what I want, when I use it. It has NOTHING to do with the crop tool use cases. It is part of an entire different workflow. Selections of all sorts. Fuzzy, round, rectangular, crazy. For use in another program or the same.
  11. It is a bug and a regression. Not a RTFM scenario. Compare 1.6 to 1.7 in practice. It takes 10 seconds to verify the report from @squirrelfire
  12. “There is a known issue that these do not work if your document contains an Artboard.”
  13. Jowday

    Burn tool not burning

    I think Serif Labs needs more time to polish the algorithm that must be an inside job. Serif launched Serif Photoplus in 1999; 20 years ago. Serif released 14 version of it before they retired it. Then Serif launched Affinity Photo 3 years ago. But with almost two decades of experience developing algorithms for photo editors. I expect more from a company with 20 years of experience. It is simply time to hire some experts and engineers. More than ever. @Gnobelix I have seen that Affinity effect in real life - but it was smog in Beijing.
  14. That is the focus POINTS used by the camera. It does not show what is actually in focus is the photo. You have to use a more clever image editor @lisarose66. Capture One can - but it is expensive. Since any camera supports focus peaking live these days other programs must support it. This is how it looks in Capture One Pro:
  15. What color format are you working in? See Document -> Convert format with the picture open. Topaz plugins and many others do not support all color modes/formats. When they don't support a format (fx CMYK, LAB) they are greyed out. But sRGB 8/16 should work. On this Windows 10 machine they work as they did in 1.6 - but of course OS X is another story.
  16. Do you really believe in marketing? Is a Serif owned marketing oriented site a credible source? The girl who made the new splash screen for Designer works in... Illustrator fx. I love her creations. But in real life she works in Adobe Illustrator for a living. And Elena works in Adobe Photoshop CC: https://www.photocrowd.com/blog/86-interview-elena-paraskeva/ Same woman in august 2018 interviewed in an article about photography - then she was using Photoshop. And she always shoots RAW. If she does that I refuse to believe she would pick an inferior RAW converter for a Nikon D810 full frame camera. I believe she is still an Adobe CC customer.