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  1. Hi all, This is not really a bug report, but rather an observation of an unusual fluctuation of Affinity Publisher file size, which I can not explain. I am not sure if it would affect anybody, but maybe it hides some unknown issue, unless there is a simple explanation. I am writing my new book, using Affinity Publisher, which is now finished and we are going through some proof-reading. The book has lots of colour illustrations, photos and tables, and certainly plenty of text, on a total of about 690 pages in A4 format. Since the crash issues I have experienced a few times when editing text (and already reported it), every time I do editing and slight text changes, without adding new illustrations nor removing, I save the publisher file and make a duplicate copy of the file - just in case. I then keep working with the original file, but the copies I make I number them with two digits (83, 84, 85, ...). I keep all these copies on a backup drive, again, just in case I loose my original file due to crashing. Now, what I noticed, and this is what I am reporting here, every next file version either increases or reduces in file size. And I am not talking about a small change, but rather a change that is at least a few hundred MB, despite that nothing has been added nor removed from main book contents. The complete book size is just over 1GB, and as you can see from the file screens shot enclosed, the sizes fluctuate from 1.22GB, next one 1.47GB, then next one 1.07GB, then 1.12GB, then 1.4GB, etc. The last version is 1.51GB, and I am sure when I save my next little edit, it will probably be around 1.1GB or 1.2GB. It is interesting that it seems like following a pattern of higher and lower sizes one after another. I repeat again - there is no graphics added nor removed in the subsequent saving, only minor proof-reading text changes, often just a couple of sentences at a time. I am really curious if Serif people have an explanation for this? Thanks.
  2. Hi Dan C & Affinity Publisher developers, Today I got yet another crash of Affinity Publisher v.1.10.5, on a Mac Monterey. Happened during text editing on my book, as before. The previous crash happened on the 17th May, two weeks ago. Each time while making even the smallest change editing I have been saving, on a daily basis. After each day work, Affinity Publisher was correctly closed and computer shut down. This is now happening for half a year, admittedly not as often, but still happening unpredictably. I am always worried about possible corruption of the whole book (around 600 pages, 1GB ). I make duplicates all the time, have already 60 prior copies, and I am nervous with every new unpredicted crash. I don't think this is how Publisher should be running on a new Mac machine (Intel) with 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD, etc... Can I please kindly request the developers to really take it seriously and update the software with the fix soon? P.S. Does this happen with the M1 Macs? I am even contemplating buying (yet another) a new Mac if this is the case... Affinity Publisher v.1.10.5 another crash .pdf
  3. Another crash of Affinity Publisher v.1.10.5 (OSX Monterey) today, two weeks after the previous one. Full report enclosed. @ Dan C : Any news with another update that may possibly address this issue? Thanks. Affinity Publisher v.1.10.5 new crash .pdf
  4. A new crash of Affinity Publisher v.1.10.5 happened today, after a while. Full report enclosed. Affinity Publisher crash xy+2.pdf
  5. Yes Dan C, The frequency of crashes has reduced, but I started shutting down all of the unused applications, and I also shut down the computer more often then before, when I would only close the lid after the days work.
  6. Hi Dan C again, FYI, and just in case it helps your developers, today I had my first crash of the dreaded text editing in Affinity Publisher, this time with the latest official update 1.10.5. Attached is a PDF of the test crash report. Hopefully, a fix for this issue is coming in the next update. Thanks. Affinity Publisher new crash 1.10.5.pdf
  7. I just downloaded the latest version of Publisher (1.10.5). Does anybody know if this version has fixed the issue with text editing and crashing please? I can't read this in the version statement... Thank you.
  8. Sorry sfriedberg, I only saw your comment a few minutes ago. Thank you for trying to help me, I do appreciate it. This may be a very simple thing to do, but so far I have not found a way. Trying to better describe what I want to do: My book has chapters which have chapter heading text style, also sub-headings, which are processed by the Contents function, and all that is good. The start of chapter has a different master page design, due to the starting of a new chapter. The rest of the pages are the same main-text master page design. If I add more text as I go through my revisions, or add a new picture, the new content, as expected, pushes the text further into new pages. But if I add too much text, it pushes the following chapter from its location and messes all up. So I then add a blank main-text master page after the last one of the chapter I am working on, and I can pull back the next chapter heading. But this looks messy to me. I am not aware if I can tell the main-text master pages that they should expand automatically as I add text and pictures, but without pushing the following linked chapter. This is where I thought if I can break the chapters on its own, but they need to still be a part of the complete book when I do repagination on the Contents, it will help me grow every chapter (or reduce) as much as I want, without pushing the start of my following chapter back or forth. I thought that suggested Section function would do this, which I created, but I must admit I can't see how? Also, I thought if I click on the connecting text-flow left red triangle (see the enclosed screen-shot), I would get a function to disconnect the link between the chapters. But if I do that, I loose all the text in the following chapter (or at least I think I loose it, as only the photos are there but the text disappears). Another option I was thinking was to copy each chapter and paste it as a separate .afpub file (although this is a major operation for me), and then try to merge them, but I don't think the Place command recognises .afpub file to be inserted or placed. Unless there is another method to insert .afpub file inside an existing .afpub... Ideally, I would like to see ability in publisher to select a chapter and export it as a separate .afpub file, with the same formatting as the original book, and then be able to Place it, or Insert it inside, as when you edit multi-page PDF files. I hope the above explains my problem. Thanks for your time anyway.
  9. Sorry Dan C, me again, I spoke too soon with the previous post of 2 hrs ago, re no-crashing with 48GB RAM increase in the preferences. I just got another crash, about 10 mins ago, and I am attaching the crash report PDF. Affinity Publisher crash with 48GB RAM.pdf
  10. Hi Dan C, Not sure if this will be of any use, but I thought I report my current situation with the (not)crashing of Affinity Publisher. I am actually still working very hard, many hours without breaks, using the official version 1.10.4, and I am using the Shift+arrows to highlight text, as before, but I have not had a crash yet since the last one I reported 6 days ago. The change I made, I increased the memory usage in the Preferences, from 32GB to 48GB. I am not sure how this is done, as I have physically only 32GB of RAM, but I noticed there are no crashes so far. If anything changes I will report it, but I thought this might help your developers narrow down the real problem. Cheers.
  11. A little update sfriedberg, I created the Sections in my book, but not quite clear how I can extract the Sections or work on them without affecting the linked text. Have you got any suggestions?
  12. Thanks NNN for the suggestion, but I think it might be too late now, as I used an old version of InDesign and not sure if IDML was available then. I also remember with every new version of Indesign, older ones could not read their own previous format, which was annoyance for my printers with older versions, so they advised me to always save it in PDF.
  13. Thank you sfriedberg , haven't used Section, you are correct. I will have to learn and see how that goes, but thank you for your suggestion, I appreciate it.
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