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  1. Hi Garry ...... document setting is set to mm, and show lines in points is not activated. Pencil lines width is shown in mm, only vector brush remains with px.
  2. Hi, vector brush thickness is shown in px, but I always work in mm only. (only text size is pt) Is there a way to get a mm setting for this thickness as a standard unit? I can type a value plus mm behind that, but that´s just too much to do that every time. Would be nice if there would be a solution for that, so I could change that to mm. Thanks.
  3. Shame on me .......... ha ha ......... I usually open up Affinity Designer via Spotlight, ..... just enter Aff and get the results. And usually I get the beta, the normal version at first places, so did so, and clicked the non beta version. Good you replied, just checked the version, ......... 1.10.6 ........ had the Designer 1 version, where the problem was present like in the previous 2 version. Now checked the updated 2 version, buttons are working fine now. Sorry for the confusion!
  4. Hi, what I do not understand: Today there was an update on App Store ........ but the button problem ist not fixed on this update. So we have to wait for a fix "may be" in the next update. Why was the fix not included in this update, although the beta has the fix since some weeks now?
  5. Yeehaw! Never thought I would see this alive! Two sides: On the one side ....... a bit shame on you, cause such things have to work properly in a prof. app! On the other side, thanks, that it´s finally fixed now. Really, I been so often frustrated about this, thought my mouse is working wrong, my Mini is doing wrong, and what ever ....... Good it is now finally nice working! Thanks!
  6. Just checked that on my Macbook Air M1, and got the same problems here. Even bigger problems, as the contour button is only showing reactions on two thirds of its shape. No matter what display settings I choose, it´s the same problem. So is this an apple problem, or an Affinity problem that could be solved by Affinity? This is just a pretty annoying thing, as in all my work with mainly Affinity Designer I been clicking thousands of times with no action happening over the time. I just checked AD1 and it´s the same problem. I wonder why I did not find out earlier, that it´s a button shape problem, not a problem of the whole button not responding. So I guess there is plenty much mac users that for sure have the same problem, and not knowing, why this "damned button" is not responding to their clicks. It´s not the button, it is just not hit the right place inside the button. It would be amazing if you could fix this big problem!
  7. If you are working on your computer, and you know, the next thing you have to do is get the graphic done for customer x, let´s say while just writing mails, it´s not even a second to start the keyboard shortcut so AD2 can launch in the background while still writing mails. That´s by far the fastest and easiest way, to launch an app. I also want to keep my "hidden" dock clean, so this is the best and fastest launch option to me. I got most of my recurring actions done by Keyboard Maestro or Better Touch Tool commands, which make my working life so much easier.
  8. I guess apple did a good job about the use of the 5k display, but may be did not good job when it's about other displays, not by apple. Mouse making 2 pixel steps on 4k display with such called standard setting in display prefs, that's a no go, and lacks precision when it's about graphics, construction or also gaming when aiming.
  9. Almost a quarter or third of the left side does not react. In the past I often had to click, until I got reaction, and thought it is a bug about the whole button, that just was not working sometimes. But now I know it is the area of the button, that does not work over whole shape of the button.
  10. I think the problem is bigger than I thought. I often have problems, getting a reaction when clicking in the options button. But did not investigate that much, until now. See new video, that is really bad, ...... I am just working on some graphics, and it is not so nice, not knowing where to click, to get the button react ....... see video: Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-08-14 um 17.32.35.mov
  11. Left the shortcut as it was, only added a little pause between shortcut click and launching app, now it is fine. But I increased the already long launching time further ...... 🙂
  12. With 4k settings that seems to work well. After I switched back to standard settings, it is now working fine, sure different to my video I posted. Strange things happening .......
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