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  1. It is about the first time I needed this option, ....... and - is this true - Affinity Designer does not offer this option on Mac? Please tell me I am wrong, and oversee this option! If not ...... another bad point for Affinity apps. Outstanding startup times, ..... no back to previous saved .... Get yourself a copy of Pixelmator Pro, there you can see how it also can be done, if you do your apps for macs.
  2. Unfortunately its there again, when opening a document that´s been existing. Or a new one! Affinitiy ....... why not making on little preference line for this option, so many want to get rid of? Just one klick for us, if we want it, or not, ................ ! And again I found a bug ........... but I will not spend a minute to report this, cause Affinity does not really care about bugs! That´s my experience. Listen what the customers want, ........ solve bugs .............. then you would be fine! It´s a love and hate thing between me and these apps ...... or lets say this company.
  3. Just found this awesome tip, ....... thanks so much, finally I can get rid of this hint line! Here´s a beer for ya: 🍺
  4. Shit, have to use Affinity again on my M1 Mac, ...... with Affinity silicon support .......... 20 seconds ......... go make a coffee! Why I am posting this? Because this is not acceptable what Affinity guys are doing. They never been focused on fixing bugs, they always been focused on bringing new stuff, often stuff nobody really needs. I call it gimmicks. As soon as I find an alternative to designer, I will put it somewhere else ......... on my M1 Mac I did not even install Photo due to these reasons ...... Could be really great apps ......... but: Could be if ........
  5. Try Pixelmator Pro instead of Affinity Photo ...... really fast start, and super fluid action. And not toy overloaded like Affinity Photo. Waiting for Pixelmator Designer now ........... (this was a joke!)
  6. Bugfinity Designer - I think they do not like fixing bugs, .... they like keeping them in!
  7. Hi again, February 2021 ..... bug is still there with 1.9. Thanks very much for keeping it in, would miss it if fixed! 😂
  8. Such things are the reason why I am using different apps where possible. Affinity is fast in bringing new features (often features not really needed to most of the users) ..... but Affinity is on the slowest side, when it's about fixing software problems. Fixing problems not seems to be their main priority, and so be prepared this bug will remain a long time I guess! This is just my opinion after struggling with different problems, some making app almost unusable, apps I paid for.
  9. 1.8.1 ..... still there this problem, ....... thanks Affinity! Still the same behaviour as shown in videos. No more words for this ..........
  10. This bug here, still existing, still stealing time, still annoying, ............ specially as Moderator been writing that this is a known bug .......... and still not fixed: Thanks Affinity for keeping this bug alive!
  11. Bump, so everyone can see that this bloody bug is not fixed yet! What are you doing the whole day long?
  12. Now I am pi..ed off too! There is no trustworthy workaround for this bug, so I could work fast and stable as it been before this damned update ...... bringing us this bug! This is more than dilettantish what Affinity is doing here, even knowing about this bug and not fixing it! Bug bringers!
  13. Why not bringing more updates in shorter times, and fix f...ing bugs? Sorry, but just in the moment I have to work around this bug again, ......... and it is just so annoying!
  14. I forgot: I the past I already spent plenty of time to report bugs, try settings, report ....... mail ............. but his is much more frustrating if you spend these times and the bug will not get fixed! So I will just forget about that, and live with ...king bugs ..... and may be in another years bug will get fixed. (there is one bug that really needed about 3 years or so to get fixed ..... this is fast ha ha ha ha ......... )
  15. I would not use words as pissed off, or others like this, but: I you want to use a software for professional work, for earning money, for making jobs, for every day flawless use, then I been disappointed plenty of times with Affinity Photo and Designer. I am using Designer from the early beginning, and yes ....... there been many many bugs over the years, some of them really frustrating and annoying. Bug fixing (this is my opinion) never been on priority list number one for Affinity products, as new features started to show up, but bugs remained. In such moments I been ....sed off, and this is also reason why I started this thread. My idea: Fix any bugs that got reported, all of them, so no bugs are around anymore (will not happen, but most bugs fixed would be great) , ..... then you may work on new features. And bring these new features .......... without adding new bugs! Sometimes I ask myself: Who it testing this software, are they really "working" with it, or just playing around? Yes, I love Designer, ..... Photo not so much (I find it pretty overloaded, and no option to reduce the options, so you have to search all the time, if you do not use every day) ...... but I hat the bugs!
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