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  1. ah, that sounds like an understandable reason for that. Thanks, good to know, so I´ll find a workaround for that for sure! :-)
  2. This is exactly what I been trying, but no success. See video, always juming back to photo: info_designer_01.mov
  3. When double clicking on desiger files in iCloud folder on mac, Affinity Photo will open. When trying to assign these documents to open with designer (by doing so in the information window for that file) I can not set designer to be the app, to be used when clicking. Please fix that, or tell me a solution for that, thanks.
  4. Ok, as I can see the "delete handle" option is not, or not yet available on iOS version. What you been doing here ....... I can do this too, but that is not the comfortable and precise option as it is with mac desktop version. Please add this to wanted, needed features for the future. Thanks for your help.
  5. But how to do that, if you got an already existing shape, as here my screenshot, and now you find out the need to delete handles, as I can do with designer desktop with the alt click? Is there an option for that? Imagine a much more complex shape, that you do not want to make new .......
  6. Here´s a movie using Designer desktop version on mac, making an alt click deletes the handle: nodes_01.mov
  7. Thanks DWright, ...... but now I can not drag a single bezier handle from these two edge nodes to modify the curve, and that is the point. Sometimes that one node on the right side of your video, is not enough to create the right curve, and there is need of fine adjusting that curve by using handles from the other two nodes.
  8. Sometimes I need to rework a shape, and instead of a smooth curve I need a curve on the one side, but a straight line on the other side of the node. So usually you would just delete or reset the one bezier handle, and you‘re done. But I can not find a way to do that. Is an option to do so available and I missed it, or what‘s the deal or workaround? Thanks! :-)
  9. Great to have this forum and guys that help! Yes!
  10. You´re the man, .......... but shame on me, never really noticed the object-opacity option at the bottom of the window! Where is the red cheek smilie? Super!
  11. Thanks for that, but I need also fx shadows like inner shadow, or 3D fx, so the black shape option does not work in such cases. :-)
  12. Sometimes I need to add some fx shadow fx, but the shape for that is already used in another combination. So the easiest way for me would be to use that same shape, but with no fill and no line, just to use it to add the wanted fx shadow to my graphic. But that does not seem to work. As soon as I click no fill ........ the fx is gone. Is there any way of doing this? Think about a transparent shape that has no influence on graphic, but gives me the chance to add fx with that shape? Would be very helpful if there´s an easy way of doing so! :-)