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  1. The new Photoshop for iPad might be limited in features yet, but is a pleasure to use their UI compared to Affinity. They don’t need to be frightened of Photoshop mobile yet, but Adobe is doing a good job of encouraging user feedback and are developing the app quickly. Affinity needs to understand that there will come a point where Photoshop matches Affinity and at that point things like UI will become very important. Affinity needs to fix this problem.
  2. +1 for 1, 2, or 3 point perspective guides for drawing
  3. +1 from me. I also started a thread on this topic. Young UI designers with sharp eyes do not realise how bad their darker gray icons on a black background are. It is. Huge issue for me. I am 64. Do they think that designers stop using software once we pass 40? It is so easy to fix.
  4. Another +1 for(mage Trace. It is a fundamental feature of a vector program, not an optional extra. Work-arounds using third party software is possible, but cumbersome compared to working in-app. As a newbie to the Affinity universe I am making many practical comparisons. Affinity is an option only because it will probably beat Adobe to bringing InDesign-like app to iPad, but once InDesign for iPad is here Affinity must offer comparable features, or designers are going to go with the far more familiar Adobe option, especially since, if the designer has an Adobe subscription, then their iPad app won’t cost anymore, while affinity will be an extra cost. Image Trace is important.
  5. Thank you, good to see that there are others raising this issue, but sad to see that young sharp-eyed UI designers don’t think there is an issue, because their sharp eyes do not see a problem. Haven’t they done any UX research with older, and vision impaired artists? If their UX was conducted using only people 20 to 50 years old without any vision impairment maybe it did not reveal this problem. I am 64 and at my age this is a real issue, and, News Flash, artists don’t stop being artists just because they are a bit beyond 30. They can design an easy to read interface here on the forums where it doesn’t matter so much, why can’t they make an easy to read interface for the app where it matters a great deal. yes, just swapping the grey for white, or a very light gray would be a quick solution, but probably even quicker would be just making the tool bar background white. We aren’t talking about man-years of development work to make a huge difference, more like a few hours or days if testing is needed, and there is plenty of room in the preferences pane for a simple light/dark option to keep everyone happy.
  6. Thank you for the welcome. I invested in Photo and Designer, in the hope that Publisher will get to the iPad before Adobe brings InDesign. However, Photoshop on iPad, despite many limitations, does have a dark theme/light theme preference choice and the interface is a pleasure to use compared to the Affinity apps. I do prefer the capability you guys offer with your iPad apps, but this interface issue is significant. Your apps are good enough for me to try and give detailed feedback in the hope that you guys fix the problem. It is an issue that is making me put on hold my desktop purchase of the apps, because I may need to abandon the Affinity experiment if the interface continues to be difficult to use on the iPad. Ultimately I have to choose between you guys and Adobe. Adobe is slowly being dragged to the iPad kicking and screaming, but Illustrator arrives next year, and hopefully InDesign soon after that. It seems that you guys have 12 to 18 months of having the iPad to yourselves, but as soon as Illustrator and InDesign are here, things like interface options are going to matter in customer choices. Get it right and you will own the space because few of us like Adobe and the infamous subscription model. Get it wrong and guys like me will continue to bitch about the subscription but still use Adobe. The Monochromatic UI makes very little difference. The problem is the use of darkish gray tints against a black background has very little contrast. Some of the icons are easier to read than others. A black background with white and light gray would probably be okay, however the ease of seeing the icons in this forum form is brilliant as an example of what is ideal. Everything here is a pleasure to use, but the app is a nightmare when it comes to tool selection. It is so bad I am surprised that a disabilities organisation hasn’t tried to sue you already. They are getting more assertive world wide in attempting to get developers to consider disability usability in interface design, and I have seen action taken, especially in Europe over this issue in the last 12 months. Affinity is probably the worst app I have ever used in this regard. You perhaps don’t realize just how difficult your app icons are to read for those with less than perfect vision and older age eyes. The biggest problem is that app designers tend to be very young, and with good vision, and they seem to think that because they can read something, then everyone else can too. I would argue that a higher contrast option for the interface icons and possibly a light theme option should be a priority.
  7. The very small gray icons on black background are almost impossible for me to see with my eyes. Is there a way to make them black on a white background? Or increase contrast and make then white on black. This is a usability issue that will affect many people with disabilities. Please add an option to the preferences. It is incredibly unfair to not consider people with disabilities. I know dark themes are popular at the moment, but there are many of us who have great difficulty with them.
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