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  1. I was making a general comment about Boolean Plague, not about any one particular problem. Specifically, I was referring to all of the BS hype surrounding 1.8 that didn’t really seem to resolve much. Certainly not for a piece of industry leading “professional” software. For what’s its worth, my current project gets the same lousy results on my iPad Pro (1.8.3) as my MacOS Desktop (previous update). I some how doubt one more post about my specific problem is going to make the devs work any harder on resolving this issue that’s existed since day one. I appreciate you walking me through how to properly post in this forum. Now that I know you take it so personally, I’ll probably just continue doing it my own way. Cheers.
  2. Did you not read the post above yours? What about it? I'm using 1.8.3 and the Boolean problems that plague AD are very much alive and well.
  3. Did 1.8 even resolve anything? Constant Boolean bugs on such simple shapes is unacceptable. We should all get refunds until this is solved.
  4. It’s really annoying, but selecting the end-node and changing it to “sharp” also remedy the problem.
  5. I just discovered Affinity’s lack of bitmap support. It’s honestly appalling. Serif’s current suite of software is so far from being pro-ready, I’m sure I’ll be dead and gone before it ever reaches that level. Serif’s existence is the best advertisement for Abobe that I can think of.
  6. So apparently, each AD layer imports to Procreate as two layers- a raster layer and a layer mask. Because of the size of my canvas (5000x6000px) and the fact that each layer is actually two layers, everything I tried was actually exceeding my Procreate layer capacity. Hopefully that makes sense.
  7. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I figured it out.
  8. I have driven myself crazy trying to export a file and preserve each layer when I re-open the document in Procreate. I have accomplished it in AI, but for the life of me have been unable to pull it off in AD. Is it even possible or is this my Moby Dick?
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