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  1. Been bitten by this bug all of a sudden. Font where there and then they were not :(. We for sure need a font search and replace. We need freehand level search and replace in Designer, this would be another standout feature for it. I need to try and trouble shoot a document that open fine in Photo and every other app on my system. I have high hopes for the next update, since we've gotten iPad apps and publisher ... but I need this app to not suck productivity away. Thanks
  2. I would love a feature that would allow you to copy not just the hex, but the cmyk, rib or other color value to the clip board or let you export them as a simple text file. Bonus points for allowing you copy export other css values (ex. svg, css value to make a circle or logo). Cheers
  3. xman


    +1 for Bleed Preview, bleed export for tiff and other image formats. I'm currently working on a print project, which is the first larger one in designer. And I have to say that the lack of bleed is making some exports more difficult than is needed. So please add non-pdf bleed exports to designer. I've used freehand, illustrator and inkscape which all were able to do this. I understand that AD uses artboards so it not a one to one thing. However perhaps a per art board tick could work. I won't pretend to understand the difficulty to make it work properly. But I do know that this is important even when you come out with the publisher app. Since it would be great to work like I used to in freehand, which had enough publish tool to support small - med projects ... then for bigger one you wold use scribes, quark or indesign. I'm looking forward to your next update of designer very much and hope it includes lots of the little needed features and bug fix. Cheers
  4. Yeah it is sad. Will check out pdfToolbox. But your right if your in control everything it's should be fine to skip those tools. I've never had a color issue when having booklets and other marketing materials printed from scribes or inkscape. May still need scribus (think indesign) for now.
  5. @MikeW thanks for your additional info. It not easy as far as I found to consistently determine the correct cmyk color with a simple and free app/tool. I looked into a few while trying to use only open source software and non adobe software. Krita.org supports cmyk as does scribes.net, but not sure if that is the best way to check honestly.
  6. This was interesting read as well, https://creativepro.com/why-you-cant-trust-acrobats-separation-preview/
  7. From what I understand at the moment, hit the V key more than once with toggle between the move tool and the last tool you've use. So if you use the Rectangle tool then the move tool ... and now hit the V again it should take you back to the Rectangle tool. Some tool will toggle between version of the a similar tool. so if you press M you'll get the Rectangle tool and now press it again you get the ellipsis tool and so forth, the text tool also works this way. Cheers
  8. Thank Chris K, Yeah I guess I was thinking it would be nice to have that option without going into the extra control "flyout" Perhaps this is a request, more than a bug. But I think you could slip the first last drop down menu on the context toolbar
  9. While working on a project I could not figure out why the object were not align the way I wanted. In the example video, I want to center object B & C to A. When using the alignment tools of either in the context toolbar or the top main toolbar it keeps moving A to the center of the selection. I made the assumption that setting the alignment order in the main toolbar alignment panel would keep those 'align to' setting until I changed them. I feel this might be confusing. But perhaps this is only me and is not a bug. However I use this feature often and think it an extra step for me to do to get to the tool. Please move if this is not the correct area to post. Thanks Align_VS_Align.mp4
  10. xman

    Font Book interactions crash AD & AP

    I've tried to reproduce your issues, but it's not having any effect on my system. Have you looked into the possibly that you might have corrupted fonts? A not so quick test would be to open AD/AP in a guest user account and see if it still happens, If it does install a fresh OS on an external drive and retry the tests. Hope you can find your solution. Cheers
  11. xman

    Crash on create/edit Text Style

    @Chris B Here is a zip with all the crashes for affinity designer & photo. I also sent you a DM. So far designer is not crashing when I try any of the search or guide issues. But trying to work so not really trying at the moment. crash_reports.zip
  12. I vote for inclusion of a align and distribution node tool. I've used this often and would be great to have in designer.
  13. Forgot I needed this until I went to use it. I hope this is added at some point.
  14. xman

    Crash when editing guides

    So I posted a related update over on the other post, sorry if it's crossing topics. But the update is that it seem to go away after restart, but comes back. Here are some video: one of it not crash, but showing some of the preferences. Another, showing AD crashing last one showing AP crashing in the same way. Hope this helps working_ad_no_crash.mp4 ad_crash.mp4 ap_crash.mov
  15. xman

    Crash on create/edit Text Style

    Hey @Chris B, So after posting the issue my screen was showing some artifacts in some areas. So I restarted the machine and the issue seem to resolve it self. @lluuiiss I have your try simply restarting? The day when this happen I had the program open all day only using it sometimes. Jumping from GPU to CPU for different stuff. So what ever is causing this it might be a shared lib/ext or something since it was effecting AP exactly the same. I'll report back if it happens again. Well that didn't take long :(. So before I completed this post I tried it again, and sadly it started again. So it seem the restarting maybe temporary. @Chris B, maybe leave AD/AP open on a machine all day, but force or make the GPU to cpu switch a few times. Put the machine to sleep the try again. Anyway I'm no programmer, but seem like it's some in a temp folder/file that maybe gets corrupt or blocked. An added note I do have SIP turn off while I'm getting my machine to production setup. Not sure if that has any effect on this. Can't start right now, but will look further into this when I get a chance. Thanks