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  1. This is actually making me hold off on the upgrade at the moment. I like the wait and see sometime. This should be included with your workspace exports. This is how it was done in photoshop and seems like a good way to get up to speed quickly when you move to a new machine or need to update.
  2. Ah, thanks! This will be very helpful. Did you guys just add this :D. Perhaps for future iterations you could add an input box in the manager to put in exact amounts. The current way should be super handy going forward. Thanks Ben!
  3. I can't seem to find a way to offset it, which I feel is different then moving the origin of the zero. Yesterday I had a project where I need to align guild to a design with had a basic grid already. I couldn't figure out how to line up the grid with my layout. I need to simply offset/nudge the grid over by a few pixel. Not resize it. Please provide a link if you have one, for where and how to offset the grid by an exact amount. Thanks for any info you can provide.
  4. Probably should go under feature request, but a way to offset the grid/guides would be useful. Easiest way would probably be to just move the starting point. Or less convenient, being able to do it through the manager widows. Cheers
  5. Thanks. The first post details still say, so just wanted to be sure.
  6. Any word on what has been change for
  7. No one is talking about the color highlights added to the layers menu! This will help to visually organize your grouping and layers. I have found that sometime as I'm building and exploring ideas the layers can get crazy. So this seem like it should help to mark layers you need to find quickly. Hoping eventually for a filter/search ability in layers. Would be very helpful. Also how many of you are using this as your daily driver? Give me a smiley face emoticon for a head count please :D.
  8. @Aammppaa thanks for the update ( It does in fact work as expected. thank you Affinity dev team!
  9. xman

    Adding New Layers

    Only bumping this because I was running into this issue and was about to add my voice to this topic. But then I tried the AD beta ... Thank fully it seems that the latest beta, has made it so new layers appear above the selected layer! Sweet! Looking forward for when this comes out of beta.
  10. The (Show) Alignment Angles controls, is pretty cool. I can see where this can be very useful. Combine this and hide selection when dragging can increase your control in certain situations.
  11. I've never experienced this. Have you tried logging into a guest user account and see if the problem still exist? Sometime you may have a corrupt setting or file in your profile. Not saying this is your problem, but your not really giving enough information for anyone with knowledge to help. which is not really me.
  12. xman

    Locking Guides discussion (split)

    I'm not against having it as a layer as long as it has a shortcut as well. Since it may be extra work to scroll to the guides layer if you have say over a thousand layer in a complex project. For those of us not familiar will how xara does it maybe explain how it handles this in large projects. For example: Freehand did this. You had a guide layer, which you could move it up or down or lock it with the the layer lock icon. Or you could use the a command key (which is customizable).
  13. Wanted to say that some of the improvement in the beta are great. I can now move the node hands at the same time with a key combo, bleeds (thanks goodness, not crashing anymore when using the search tools (ie, style, fonts, assets, etc). I'm sure there is plenty I did see yet. But thankful they are slowly address some of the issues.
  14. xman

    Locking Guides discussion (split)

    Not sure I want it locked be default, since I use guides as part of building process sometime when doing say logos for example. I would like a shortcut and a lock ui maybe in the guide manager.
  15. Been bitten by this bug all of a sudden. Font where there and then they were not :(. We for sure need a font search and replace. We need freehand level search and replace in Designer, this would be another standout feature for it. I need to try and trouble shoot a document that open fine in Photo and every other app on my system. I have high hopes for the next update, since we've gotten iPad apps and publisher ... but I need this app to not suck productivity away. Thanks