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  1. I've got an example here that shows it doesn't work even if starting position is at whole pixel.
  2. "Move by whole pixels" doesn't seem to apply to groups. If I move around Group, it can end up being placed like 1382,5px. I have both boxes ticked in snapping manager. If I move around layers individually, this bug doesn't occur.
  3. I'm currently in Photo and trying to color outline but I'm still seeing those outer lines. They disappear when I move sliders and so on but not every change I'm doing. Like color or drop down menus. EDIT: I noticed by changing into View Tool they are not in the way.
  4. I think those outer lines when you select an object are very unhelpful while you're trying to style layer. Could you add an option to hide them? EDIT: Sorry I totally forgot I already asked this before. So I just need to hold space until I'm done styling. Perhaps it would be even better if it just flashes outer lines when selecting layer and doesn't appear again until I select another layer.
  5. Lauri

    "Affinity products" -Discord chat server

    Yes. I get your point. It has flaws and benefits like for instance forums have :D It's not for every use.
  6. Lauri

    "Affinity products" -Discord chat server

    Thanks! No, it's not the same thing as forum. Discord chatting happens in real-time, so it's totally different. And there's also a voice chat. I wouldn't hang up on that signing up too much. It just asks your email, nickname, password and you're done. It's even quicker than when you sign-up to forums. If it's still unclear for someone, take a look at this features page: https://discordapp.com/features
  7. I know this isn't exactly right sub forum to share this, but I thought this was the closest one. Hopefully the admins won't mind :) Since the Discord is getting really popular among gamers replacing the Skype, TeamSpeak etc. I think it's a great platform for a software talk as well. There's already servers for other softwares, so this isn't the first one. So I created Discord server for "Affinity products" where users can discuss, ask for help, show their work and request feedback. Just download the app (Don't use the browser version because it's not as good), install, register your account and log in. After that just click the invite below. Invite link (It's recommended that you have Discord app installed and running when you click this): https://discord.gg/auDUEs5 Here's a simple guide, if someone happens to need it:
  8. Is this possible? I'm currently trying to style this thin stroke and it's really in my way of seeing the changes.

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