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  1. Abinash Mohanty

    Blending shapes

    @ErrkaPetti well this is not all features, but why it is good you wanna know! let's say you wanna make an object using an isometric grid, and wanna join 2 shapes to create its middle object. Right now, all you have to do is take a pen tool, and do click, click and click > union both the shapes. By using a blend mode can create this middle guy automatically. It's quite useful and a time saver. I hope others feel the same way.
  2. Abinash Mohanty

    Blending shapes

    Yes, this feature should definitely come.
  3. I swear, and it's weird. I'm running on Mojave.
  4. @R C-R I'm on Affinity 1.7.1 mac version. Check out the attached video I've recorded by following your same instruction (screenshot), but it still shows * would be rasterized.
  5. @R C-R oh! Let me test these. Thanks
  6. @R C-R sure. Here is the .afdesign file test_worked.afdesign
  7. @R C-R Yeah, but if I remove the shear, it removes its gradient. The whole point here is gradient in isometric plane. Anyway, the problem got resolved as stated by @v_kyr. I did the following settings while exporting the artwork. Now it doesn't contain any of the images than just pure gradient when I open this file in sketch app. Thanks a lot guys! Sharing my exported svg file + screenshot of my export settings here. I hope it would help others as well. worked.svg
  8. @R C-RC-R yeah i did so. Let me check again. It's quite frustrating though. Thanks for helping.
  9. @R C-R tried as you said, but no luck test.afdesign
  10. Oh cool! Let me try this in the morning, and i will let you know if that works.
  11. @stokerg Sure thing. I'm here with sending 3 files: original .afdesign, exported .svg web file, and a .sketch file where I imported the svg in. Let me know what's going wrong. Also, I tried to open the .svg file on chrome to inspect whether the images are getting produced by .sketch app or affinity. Now check out the screenshot I've attached from chrome inspect. Now just imagine, if I have to remove 80+ images if my artwork has 80+ such gradients gradient.afdesign gradient.sketch gradient.svg
  12. I'm on the latest version of affinity designer, and have created a lot of isometric illustrstions. However, if I export my artwork to svg (web preset), and open them in sketch app, all the gradients are getting converted to images. I switched back to affinity to inspect these gradients, and I found these are just linear gradients without any special filters. If use the same gradients without isometric plane, the svg out retains its vector gradients, but exporting these with the isometric shapes, it's producing raster images. Is it a bug? Any solution to it. Because i have to do a lot of rework in that case. And it's not just sketch, but my front-end guys also showed me the number of images it has. let me know if you have any solution to it. Thanks
  13. We can probably have a discord channel with different categories. That would be real time engagements.
  14. Abinash Mohanty

    Affinity Designer SVG Export

    The SVG preset (for web) mentioned by @m_bartholomew really worked. I've already tested this on chrome browser as well.
  15. Hey Guys! This is my first attempt to apply affinity designer into my digital Illustration. I totally loved it. You can check out the full Illustration at Crypto black hole Let me know what you think cheers!