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  1. Ha! That is actually quite helpful, believe it or not -- it stops me for looking for those features for now. Thanks...
  2. The goal here wasn't to find the missing text (BTW, I did a few back and forths and got to a point where zooming out completely didn't help at all), but rather that incrementing the field in this way with the mouse cursor (on a Mac) made the text move downward, then decrementing the field in this way also made the text move downward. It was like it was altering the position using the value of the box rather than some origin and delta. A little experimentation showed that this happened when the object with text was selected, opposed to the text cursor being inside the object. If no one else is able to recreate the behavior as I did several times, I'll see if I can do it again and post a video... if that helps.
  3. No offense intended. I'm thinking of two cases here -- other applications which do convey size as additional confirmation you've got the right choice and making the barrier to entry easier for Publisher's adoption by new folks. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that if you've been given direction (especially if you're talking with a printer), that all makes total sense. But I'm certain there are going to be users who will want to whip up some PDF or such for the web and this will quickly become their go to tool. Being able to have that added information merely allows for a more informative choice.
  4. I've got a block of text that I'd like to have the page number of some other piece of text elsewhere in my document. I can't figure out how to mark a piece of text as something that'd I'd like to get a reference too. I can't figure out how I'd drop in a page number to a reference.
  5. I'm trying to get a set of dots (periods are fine, a lightly dotted line would be more ideal) between the TOC headers and their respective page numbers. Entering in periods as the separator shows only those that I type, rather than filling whitespace with them (and leaving some optional space between the heading and number, since I'm now wishing here). I figure that perhaps the solution was let the system use the right-hand tab stop, but I can't seem to find a way to make the tabs have some repeating character.
  6. While I was working on a Table of Contents, with the cursor selected in the middle of one of the TOC generated entries, the Layer / Geometry / Divide option was available. So, like Fargo from Eureka, I pressed it. The table of contents vanished, and instead I got a big block letter T (kind of like a vector graphic) which was resizeable, but had no stroke or fill -- no idea what happened. Command-Z put things back. Is this option supposed to be available while editing?
  7. I entered two lines of text (admittedly in Art Text) and went to use the Paragraph Spacing tools... while I can increase the distance between them, I can never set the offsets to a negative value and bring them closer together (as I can with character kerning).
  8. Here's a case where you can get text to position itself off the page (very quickly) and not be able to return it to its original position (apparently, even by Undo). I started with a multi-page document of 12 pages with a two-page horizontal spread starting with the right page. R L R L R L R L Create a large Art Block of text that spans the width of the page, placing it on the lower-third of the first page. ABC Using the Move Tool, select the text, so it has the blue selection marks around it. Under the View / Studio / Paragraph panel, extend the Spacing item. Change the "Use space before:" option to Always Put the mouse cursor over the Space Before Paragraph icon. Now click and hold down, moving the mouse to the right -- the text will quickly shoot down the page (and often off it onto the subsequent right hand pages). The points will increment. Continuing to drag, move the mouse back to the left. Although the points will now decrement back to zero, the text continues to move downward! It's not possible to move it back by zeroing out the offset. I've been able to get the text to go so far down that it "vanishes" -- that is, I can't zoom out even super-far-away and find anything to select. Is it gone? Is it just unreachable?
  9. Create some artistic text with two lines: ABC DEF Put the cursor between the D and E characters. In the View / Studio / Paragraph panel, click inside the Space Before Paragraph well, at the end of 0pt. Press the UP Arrow on the keyboard. The 0pt will turn into 1pt, and the cursor instantly jumps back between the D and E characters. ...this means you can't use the keyboard's up/down keys to fine tune.
  10. Go to open a New Document. Select A5 (as an example). Looking down at the Dimensions, I can't visualize how big A5 is in units of Millimeters (even though that may be the unit I'd like to use once I have selected my document) Click Document Units and change it to Inches Note the Dimensions area now shows the size in inches -- ok, got it, I can visualize how big that is; but it's not quite what I want, .....so... Select A6 (as an example) Look down at the Dimensions again... whoa, they're back in Millimeters! I thought I just changed that.
  11. When creating a new document, I'm not quite certain exactly what size I want. So, I go to Page Presets, where I see a list of A0 to A10 (and being both American and using English Measurements, it's "meaningless" to me). I do see Letter, Legal, Ledger, as well as ANSI C-D, but again other than Letter (which I assume is 8.5" x 11"), I really haven't gotten a feel for. ...or at least this would be the experience of someone who's new to publishing. Take a quick gander at xpress.lulu.com/our-products. This page shows a name, the size (admittedly in inches), a pictorial comparison, as well as a minor description of what it's used for. It'd love to see at a minimum, rather than just listing A4, A5, ... is the drop down, since there's room for it, something like: A4 -- (8.27" x 11.69") A5 -- (5.83" x 8.27") ... And maybe a little brief description area. So when A4 is selected, it displays "Magazines, catalogs, ...". And when A5 is selected, it displays "Novels, notebooks, pocket-books, ..." The idea being that this drop down could contain more than the formal names, but convey size and creative suggested uses as well. It's be really helpful.
  12. I'm getting unexpected App Closures and Crashes (reproducible). Open Affinity Publisher Beta [22348] Go to Affinity Publisher Beta / Preferences... / Miscellaneous Press Reset Fills (app closes) OR Reset Brushes (app crashes) OR Reset Font (no feedback). For Reset Brushes: I'm getting a EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) for an Invalid pointer dequeued from free list.
  13. whoops... posted in wrong thread, attempting to delete/move this... I'm getting unexpected App Closures and Crashes (reproducible). Open Affinity Publisher Beta [22348] Go to Affinity Publisher Beta / Preferences... / Miscellaneous Press Reset Fills (app closes) OR Reset Brushes (app crashes) OR Reset Font (no feedback). For Reset Brushes: I'm getting a EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) for an Invalid pointer dequeued from free list.
  14. Created my first Framed Text and deliberately overflowed it with a lot of text. Then used the arrow on the right side to flow to another Framed Text box -- worked real slick. Still having text left over, I toggled the eyeball to see what would happen. The overflow text was hidden ...good... but I didn't see any further indication (like maybe the arrow turning red?) that there was still more text left that hadn't been flowed yet. Just looking for a visual indicator there's "more".
  15. I've got a Font Awesome 5 Pro license, which provides a ton of .SVG files. Seeing that there was an Asset panel with an Import capability, I was hoping I could find a way to pull all those in by pointing at a directory. Their SVG directory has subdirectories for different categories; it'd be nice if the structure could be preserved too. #wishfulThinking

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