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  1. What I really miss in Affinity Publisher is the lack of support for the academic publishing market. To be useful in there, Affinity Publisher would need to import the Journal's layout and support bibliographic reference. The main scientific journals often offer their layouts in formats like Latex. This is great to start fast, but this language is horrible to edit and input the information. If Affinity Publisher could import this layout as a master page, the construction of the content would be a breeze and would conquer the academic market. But to this, another important point to work with academics are bibliographic references and its standard models (IEEE, ABNT, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver ...). Some software does this into Microsoft Word as a plugin, and into the browser as an extension, to capture the information, to connect to this type of service, like the great and free Elsevier Mendeley, and to construct all references. Today, some people need to write all content from nothing and spend some hours trying to insert the requisite layout into their document (or through the unpolished tools, or having to learn to program all their layout), when they should use their time in research, solutions, and experiments. It would be great to have this all in a fast and practical way inside Publisher.
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