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  1. Hey jackamus, This was only for feature-request. I tried the hint from @lalcimo and in Designer it works fine. So you don't have to have the expertise ;o) (Maybe dev's from Affinity will have the missing expertise for in future: Maybe Affinity will insert a button for/or a simple other 1-Click solution. ) -> Only select and insert: Then the Layers are inverted below the current layer.
  2. ohh, long time ago, I guess, gimp version has changed. But this Link https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gimp/blob/master/plug-ins/script-fu/scripts/reverse-layers.scm seams to be the script for Gimp in any version. Has googled for. So maybe you will find also a doc for. But this is the script for . Chears Martin
  3. Hi support & forum, I use the cloud for collaborate work. The problem with linked resource: On other machine, the path will not match and we have to relink each resource. So currently I can't find a solution to use linked file in collaborate work, because the link is absolut! Would be great to could set «path relative from current file». Currently I can only link resources «absolute»: The path is clickable but not changeable: Would be great to change link-path to relative: Maybe if this could change (path editable) of our own: with (os x) 2 dots and slash, for «from current file -> one directory down and then ...» -> go to (E.g.) directory «Media» and use the file «Image.png» within. Advantages: This would make it possible to use the linked resource also on other machines. to simplify the use of new directory-structure. to move old projects to other destinations (external drive/cloud/...). ... Maybe there is such a solution, but I can't find it. If anybody has a hint or work-around, I would love it ;o)) Otherwise Feature-Request: I'm sure, to use a relative path would help a lot of «professionals» to work more with an ease. Regards Martin
  4. Totally with you! This topic is anything but a complaint. it is just a wish or «feature request». I'm sure for users who love it (or crave Designer/Photo) to work with external files (even with the automatic update on change), this solution would be a blessing.
  5. @Steps: Maybe you are right. But imagine, Affinty Publisher would be the perfect tool for any kind of workflow, project and different point of view just by a handful more adjustment options. One of them could be «link ressources by default». Not active but with the possibility to activate it if needed. I am convinced that there is not only one perfect way in life. @fde101: I've noticed that, too. A feature request is probably not necessary, because I thought only the name "linked" will lead to the fact that Affinity will also cast a magic of file reduction and that ressources will be really linked, once upon a time ...
  6. Maybe there is a way to set the Preferences to Media in general to «linked» instead of «embeded»?! I've searched, but I'm afraid I haven't found it. If there is a way, please give me a push in the right direction. IF NOT: Would be realy a benefit to have the ability for set images in general to «LINKED». This would be made the dalywork really handy, the filesize less dramatically and the work with different medias with different work-status, customers, ... and so on really helpfull. Would be great to get a new preference-point like: «link ressources as default», below or above the current «Automatically update linked ressources when modified externally» Combined with a better solution to relink ressources like in the suggestion «Linked Ressources with absolut path?»
  7. 1+ Have the same problem in with missing linked ressources. But the hint from @walt.farrell does not work (anymore or on mac os x in this version). Demand: Move 1 folder -> Work to do 98 Clicks Some daly-process to change a folder-location triggers a plethora of work: 1. A have to change the hole folder-location. 2. A ton of information windows pops up. 2.1. There is no «define new path to missing ressources» in this popup. Would be really helpful ;o) 3. have to click on «Document > Ressources Manager» 3.1 All «linked» ressources have status «missing». 4. Click on missing ressource. 5. Click on button «Replace». 6. 3-6 clicks to the right new folder 7. Search the right image in new folder 8. Click on the right file Strange. All the other images have still status «missing». Thought: «Shit happens, the auto-path-correction does not work anymore?!??!» Next image: 9. go to point 4. 10. do point 5. 11. do point 7. 12. do point 8. 13. do point 9. next image, ... At the end, for one folder move with a small project within 19 images, I had to click: 1. (8 times) every other image (5 times) => 98 Clicks! Would be nice to have an easier and less work-intensive solution. Working Solution from other products to explore Maybe you would find a way while exploring the solution from «Davinci Resolve». There all the ressources are stored in «Media Storage». Thats a «virtual path list for all of different location (local but also on external drives). Maybe this is the reason for the really handy and extremly simple solution to change path's. Only click on «Relink Selected Clips...» (I did in this case only on 1[ONE] file). Select it in the «Media Storage Popup». All clips (this time only 2) are changed and relinked. But also for normal videos with more then 100 ressources/clips, sounds, filters, and so on -> It works with only ONE CLICK I hope this will help Affinity Publisher become an even more ingenious product.
  8. Hi Forum, In Affinity Designer 1.6.1 on mac os x, I designed a logo on transparent background. All is fine on mac os x apps. Preview, Photoshop CS, Affinity Photo, ... Only on windows Machine in Powerpoint and Paint, there is a white background displayed instead of a transparent background. In Windows Fotos-App the logo is shown without Background on black App-Background. Also fine. Maybe it is obvious, but I can't find any solution in App or here in Forum. - Why in Powerpoint and Paint is instead of «no-background» a white background? - Do you have some similar experiences or any work-around, so windows-user can use this Logo too in Powerpoint and Paint? - Do I have to set some special options while «export as» PNG? Thanks Martin
  9. !!GREAT!! I U, or the decission maker Thanks a lot. Cheers Martin
  10. Great it works (Posted in download-page) Nevertheless, a possibility to install the old version on few systems where current version (in future) does not work, would help very mutch in everyday life. Simply like this time, via a link in case of total failure of the beta. But instead of around 5 days to get an expiring time about 30 days would be great and help to continue and increase the enthusiasm about Publisher's Beta and to be part of Beta-Tester-Team. I am the last one who doesn't want to work with the latest version. But if it doesn't work anymore, a longer expiration time would be extremely helpful. For all involved: Imagine, several hundred beta users are without a functional application after a few days. How would that increase the pressure to get a hotfix out even faster. Work under time-pressure is not the best condition to do it error-free. But anyway, Publisher (Photo and Designer too) is a great product and I love to work with. I don't want to keep bouncing around this wish/suggestion, be silent and enjoy the work. Cheers Martin
  11. Hey Team, Thank you for fast hot-fix. On first glance: Saving issue in - is fixed. Tried - to use *.afdesign File in Master and Pages. - to use *.afphoto File in Master and Pages. - to save the change. - to export to PDF. - to save as newname.afpub. All works fine. Great thank you Martin
  12. Hi MEB, I'm thilled about and really looking forward to it. Thank you for all the great work and tools
  13. A Zoom-Slider like that from «Navigator» would help. Would Enables quick changes according to current needs.
  14. Thank you fde101 for your information. I grasped the last comment too, with the information «coming quite soon». Sure, maybe the versions aren't so strictly scheduled. Nevertheless, a longer runtime would probably mean very little extra effort for AP-devs or Release-manager but on the other hand mutch more flexibility and safety for everyone. The change in expiring-time would also reduce pressure to devs to publish fast version releases. Quite sure, it would help everyone.
  15. Hi, maybe there is a way to change the thumb size more than the Pages>Options> «Small Icons» | «Medium Icons» | «Large Icons»? Usually in a document with lot of pages, some pages are quite similar. So the easiest way I found to add a new (quite simiar) page is to duplicate a existing one. Then move them to the right place maybe 9 Pages below. It is quite hard or near to impossible to recognize which page it really is where I have to «drag & drop the dublicated one». In Templates with page-numbers I can remember the targeted page/place and search them in the Pages-Icon/Thumbs subline-Info. But with the duplication the pages are move downwards and the page-number are changing. It is managable but not realy easy nor user friendly. Maybe I miss the setting to change the «zoom»-Setting of the 3 selectable settings (small | medium | large). If youm know a solution to up-size the thumbs - would great if you could share! If there is no setting for, would be great, if the size/zoom of thumbs in «Pages» could be changable more. So the Icon could be easy to recognize/match with the 1:1-Size Page. Would make daly work much more easy.

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