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  1. I'm actually still waiting for this feature to be added before I purchase Publisher, Chaosmeister, since this would be "one" of my primary uses for the software. As well as some of the other great features, of course. But this feature is the main selling point for me. Hopefully they will add it sometime soon...
  2. It would be awesome, Annabella, but it's been released now and still doesn't have PDF form editing. I own Photo and Designer, and would like to purchase Publisher, but will wait till it has this feature. They said it could be added in the future. I hope so, but I'll wait and see. Publisher is a great program, just really needs this feature.
  3. You're absolutely right, Arte, and I know that the Affinity apps are using a different code base. But I wasn't really clear when making that point. Even though it's a different codebase, the PagePlus code could be used as a reference. Such as creating a Spanish document from an English document by using the same words but simply translating to Spanish. I've been coding since the 70's, and I know it's not exactly the same, but close. In any case, I don't want to keep harping on this topic, and as I said it's completely up to Affinity. We'll just see where it goes from here...
  4. That's true, d, there are alternatives out there, but most are missing some of the basic features for building fully functional forms. Such as a popup calendar for date type fields, etc. I've tried all available PDF programs, and only found one (aside from Adobe) with this feature, and that was just added by request. The nice thing about PagePlus was, and could be about Affinity Publisher, is that you can have all features in one program. Which is not only very handy and saves having to use multiple programs to create what you need, but also saves the expense of purchasing additional software for that option. I understand it's not considered a priority option for Publisher at this time, but I also know it could be a great selling feature. Which can be seen from previous posts here, and other places. Already having the base code from PagePlus to start with, I can't see it being a major production issue to add this feature to Publisher. But, I do also understand it's up to Affinity to create their own software. I just hope they take this into consideration at some point.
  5. The problem is, though, dominik, PagePlus is now outdated, and can no longer keep up with any changes or updates to PDF formats. The PDF format has changed and updated over the years, and we need to be sure any PDF forms we create will be usable in any modern PDF reader. Adobe isn't the only PDF reader anymore, there are many out there. The key is to be using a system that can output files in any PDF format/version, including the latest. We're hoping that the new Publisher will do that, and be updated whenever a new format/version shows up.
  6. Funny you mention that, GreyEyes. I've also been waiting for the Affinity apps to catch up to the Plus apps in options and abilities. Especially one that I used for years (I won't mention the name here) that doesn't (and won't) have an Affinity version and was left behind. But I do like where they're going with the Affinity apps, just going to take time I guess...
  7. Excellent, Dave, looking forward to it. This is a primary selling point for me and my needs...
  8. Yes, I forgot to mention that I had already downloaded the Publisher Beta and used the option there also. Works fine. I have a couple Windows 10 (and 8) systems to stay current for tech support, but my primary work/production systems are still Win 7. Just like the way it works...
  9. Just trying out the Beta, and looking good so far. However, one of the most used features (for me) of PagePlus over the years was the ability to create fillable PDF forms. I'm often asked by clients to create these fillable forms, and PP does everything I need. Single and multi-line text boxes, check boxes, drop boxes, list boxes, date boxes (with calendar), and much more. Will the final version of Publisher have these options?
  10. tannerjohnso1, I still use Windows 7 Pro, and don't like or use Aero. When Photo and Designer were published I bought both, and was lucky to come across the command line addition option that Leigh mentioned above. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to use the apps. As Leigh also mentioned, there is no support if you use this option, but I haven't had any problems with either app (so far). I do wish Aero wasn't a requirement, but I'm fine with using this workaround to be able to use the software.
  11. Speaking about PagePlus, Bowen192, I've been wondering if Publisher will have all the PDF editing/creation features of PagePlus. I still use PagePlus to create fillable PDF forms/files for clients, because so far it's still the best thing out there. Text boxes, check boxes, everything else. But some of the best features are the ability to create not just anchor links, but also website links, and especially email links. I can't find any other editor out there that creates standard email links, and I've tried a lot. All in all, if Publisher can do everything for PDF files that PagePlus can do, I'm in. I already signed up for the beta, so we'll see. And if any of the Serif/Affinity people are checking in here, all those PDF features are a must have...
  12. Steve, Yeah, the fix I mentioned in that thread isn't really a fix, just a workaround, but seems to function fine for me. No problems using Designer whatsoever without Aero as long as I use that additional command line parameter. If you right-click your desktop shortcut (or program menu shortcut if you don't have a desktop shortcut), then click on Properties, just change the Target to the following: "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Designer\Designer.exe" --no-dwm-warning And it should work fine for you. They say it makes AD run a little slower without Aero, but I haven't really noticed any difference in speed yet. It's too bad it requires this workaround for those of us not using Aero, but it's a simple thing to make the shortcut change, and I'm glad to be trying out Designer now without having to switch over to Aero every time. I'm happy with it...
  13. More good info, Alfred. I think for now, when I'm working on a project that would require much resizing of this type, I'll probably be using Plus. But if/when Serif adds some of these things to Affinity, it will require less and less 'dependency' on Plus as a fallback, and heavier use of Affinity. For my case, anyway...
  14. Thanks, obtusity, appreciate the info. That's a very handy function, and one that I use much more often than one might think. Hopefully Serif will consider adding it in a future update...
  15. Glad to be here, Alfred. And looking forward to as long a history with Affinity as I've had with Plus. And I won't even mention again here how much I'd like to see an Affinity version of WebPlus. Woops... :P
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