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  1. Would be nice having several vector and pixel brushes including some image presets (like in Indesign and Illustrator) for example leaves, wood, drops, ropes, flowers, chains, ornaments, metal, symbols esp. to put pictures or graphics into some creative frames (in addition to creating own image brushes like in Designer).
  2. When I copy an object including a placed picture with effects transparency + shadows from Publisher (where it looks very clear and precisely) into Designer the picture gets pixelated (I used copy and paste into a new document with the size of the cache to save the creation and alternatively copied the object into a new document) - the object (an ellipse with shadow effects) stayed as it looked like in Publisher. It looks like placed pictures don't get correctly transferred from Publisher into Designer. sunflower_copy_new_cache_doc.afdesign sunflower_copy_new_doc.afdesign sunflower.afpub
  3. Is or will there be a possibility to place pictures into several shapes of frames (like in Illustrator) with the picture frame tool => not only a rectangle - such as ellipses, triangles, stars, clouds, cubes, spheres etc.? Is or will there be a possibility to influence the frames and containing pictures with additional special effects like transforming (bending, swirling, blowing up etc.). PS: Sorry - I was too quick - in the meantime I found out how to convert any frames into picture frames (layer menu) and use effects on picture frames as well.
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