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  1. I don't mind, ignore that stupid question
  2. Just out of curiosity, if you happen to have such data and are willing to share: what is current Windows / Mac user-base ratio? BTW, does vector and photo persona finally work in Affinity Publisher after installing 1.7 betas?
  3. Any ETA for Affinity Designer and Photo 1.7.x for Windows?
  4. Really? It's right there, next to debit/credit card: My advice is: buy directly from Serif, for several reasons.
  5. Merde


    Yes, exactly.
  6. A bit too late for me AppleID lock-in is a huge limitation (AFAIK one cannot transfer license between different AppleIDs). I'd like to have all (4 so far) licenses in one place. I'll have something to ponder about when APub is released.
  7. There is standard CTRL+Z/CTRL+Y undo/redo and history panel. How is it possible to overlook it?
  8. Merde

    Affinity canot open my RAW files

    I think Affinity Photo tries to load all images into RAM. Consider AP as a ACR replacement (somewhat inferior at this stage), not a Lightroom replacement.
  9. I don't complain, because I just use something else for RAW development. At this stage Affinity Photo is pretty much useless in that area (speed, mediocre shadow/highlights recovery, no sidcar files, etc).
  10. Have you tried... uninstalling?
  11. Merde

    Licence Mac on Windows

    BTW, why don't you sell Mac version of Affinity apps via affinity.store? On Windows one can choose between affinity.store and Microsoft Store...
  12. It tries, but it fails miserably. I'm an ex-Canon user, I've used Lightroom/ACR (the same engine), Capture One and tried several other free/open raw processors. I always hated DPP, mainly for it's less then average shadow/highlights recovery capabilities. But I can tell you this: there is no other software that can handle Canon colors better.
  13. There is no third party software that I know of, that can imitate Canon's reds easily.
  14. Strange... Can you show us you Stroke tab/panel with this image selected?
  15. Just add a text frame, select it and change number of columns in Text Frame panel (menu View -> Studio -> Text Frame).