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  1. Hi Andy, Is it normal for your authorised resellers to block whole countries and why?
  2. Merde

    1974 Ducati 750 SS (AD)

    That is insane...
  3. Well, I know that is sounds improbable, but maybe you have your country set wrong in Personal details section of Affinity Store Account details? https://store.serif.com/en-us/account/details/
  4. What is your location shown by https://www.whatismyip.com/ ?
  5. Merde

    Serial Number

    Affinity apps are licensed separately. Additionally, buying from Apple Store is buying from middleman and Serif has no info on your purchase. No refunds, no lincese changes etc. possible. I had the same "problem" a while ago (but the outher way round) and ended up buying another set of licenses.
  6. I don't think it's possible. You bought directly from Serif (which is very OK IMHO), not from Apple. Don't worry though, you can always download and install Affinity Apps from Serif store: https://store.serif.com/account/
  7. Really? It's right there, next to debit/credit card: My advice is: buy directly from Serif, for several reasons.
  8. Merde


    Yes, exactly.
  9. A bit too late for me AppleID lock-in is a huge limitation (AFAIK one cannot transfer license between different AppleIDs). I'd like to have all (4 so far) licenses in one place. I'll have something to ponder about when APub is released.
  10. Merde

    Les Dutfield

    There is standard CTRL+Z/CTRL+Y undo/redo and history panel. How is it possible to overlook it?
  11. Merde

    Affinity canot open my RAW files

    I think Affinity Photo tries to load all images into RAM. Consider AP as a ACR replacement (somewhat inferior at this stage), not a Lightroom replacement.
  12. I don't complain, because I just use something else for RAW development. At this stage Affinity Photo is pretty much useless in that area (speed, mediocre shadow/highlights recovery, no sidcar files, etc).
  13. Have you tried... uninstalling?