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  1. Right crop looks like a photo, you have even simulated chromatic aberrations. Respect!
  2. At least on Windows platform you have a choice.
  3. Remove sRGB color profile - it is NOT intended as a monitor color profile! If you have manufacturers' monitor profile - you can use it. If not - it is better to leave this list empty.
  4. At present I have two cameras (Fujifilm X-T1 and X-E1) and 5 lenses (XF 16/1.4, XF 27/2.8, XF 35/1.4, XF 18-55/2.8-4 and XC 50-230/4.5-6.7). I used to own Canon 30D and 40D and 5 different lenses, but I would have to check if I still have any SOOC jpegs at home.
  5. What is the purpose of this work? Does it matter which lens I use (maybe you intend to make lens-specific profiles)?
  6. There is no need to do that. You can install Affinity Designer on several computers (if you own and use them).
  7. Actually, on Linux there would be MUCH less competition for Affinity apps. Personally, if I was still Linux user I would buy Affinity Photo and Designer in an instant. I'm not advocating for Linux version because I realize it is not really a question of money, but rather lack of man-power.
  8. You may be right, but I will not be able to see it for myself, because I don't own one. At least not an iPad, which I find extremely overpriced. Actually, Affinity Photo is the only app I would consider buying iPad for.
  9. That is why I wrote mouse AND drawing tablet. You really need flat and stable surface (desktop) for that. Another drawback: small screen size. 13" or even 15" is PITA and 17" I wouldn't call portable. Laptop makes sense as an additional computer, not the main (or only) one. Unless you work "in the field" exclusively...
  10. Laptop (no matter what OS running) may be good for browsing, e-mail, social media etc. But for serious work I cannon imagine how one could use mouse and drawing tablet on a sofa or kitchen table.
  11. Because raster-oriented tools in Designer are somewhat inferior. @gdenby is of course right, but there are always tools you just don't need. But with Affinity Designer chances are there might be one tool you might require that is not available. After all, AD is made for vector graphics. "Use the right tool for the job". Or, simply, buy both :-)
  12. Affinity Photo should be better for you.
  13. @catlover, make sure you really need tablet this big...
  14. James Ritson explained it already. I would like to add one more thing: some of third party raw processing software try to simulate in-camera processing, but usually results are far from perfect. If you want to have raw processed exactly like SOOC jpeg, use your camera manufacturers' software (Nikon Capture NX for NEF or DPP for CR2 files). Fuji users (myself included) have to rely on simulations, because Fuji doesn't provide their own software. They just use SilkyPix, with different raw conversion engine.
  15. Have you tried amazon?