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  1. A "Pledge" ist not a promise and "we are committed to" is very different from "we are going to" -- sorry, but while this is a nice gesture, I've heard this noncommittal language way to often (in recent years even from our gouvernment with their listening, their commitments and the famous "five pledges") to believe any of it. As I have spend a good amount of time of learning Affinity and moving all my work to it I'll stick with it for the time being. Worst case is that my version 2.4 stays as it is and I'll use it until I don't find a computer that runs it anymore. Given that Serif just got handed a large sack of money, I won't do any free beta testing from now on though, and only install further updates if they have something I need rather than looking forward to playing with a new toy and being happy about everything I discover. The software has hopped from "a journey I enjoy being part of" to "a tool I use to earn a living". My feeling towards Serif has shifted from "fan" and "advocate" to "user" respectively "customer" with a simple business relationship that can be cancelled the moment "the product doesn't meet expectations".
  2. Canva is aiming to go public soon. And no, for me personally it is not about the price and the subscription, it's about the "soul" of the software that I use every day and the fact that it was (currently still is) to chat with the developers directly.
  3. I know it's not of much use, but why don't we all change our profile picture to the "angry cat" emoji to show how we feel?
  4. If I say "please don't sell out", will you listen?
  5. I've seen this happening a few times before with other software companies and have already started looking for alternatives to Publisher. Not going to switch immediately, but based on experience I know it's time to start evaluating other software as V2 is probably going to be last I have bought. Unfortunately, me switching software won't change anything: Everyone who currently works at Serif will have their retirement secured (congrats by the way, you deserve it!) and considering how many users Canva has, it doesn't make a difference to them if a few Affinity users jump ship. I'm only sad to see another company I really used to like and trust (trust that has been completely obliterated with just three simple lines of marketing hogwash) "go to the money". Surely it makes perfect sense financially, but morally and ethically it is just. not. OK. This is, however sad it may be, the world we live in and the world mankind has created for themselves. It's not about happy trusting users anymore, not about having a nice niche, but only about engagement, growth at all cost and a number at the bottom of the spreadsheet. To be honest: If I had the choice to cater to175 million non-pro users and buy my private island in the carribean or to cater to 3 million pro users who's trust I have, I don't know what I would do. I get the decision, but don't like it. At all. Gonna have a beer now, see what other software is available and probably delete my forum user account. Because ... well ... it's done. Serif has lost me as a "friend" and created a "faceless customer" that isn't loyal anymore but will vote with their wallet and go away as soon as things change too much in the wrong direction.
  6. Considering how many “funds” Canva has “raised” in the past few years and how many venture capital campanies are involved, I have a VERY bad feeling about this. The forced marketing speech (“joining the family”, yeah, sure) in the announcement doesn’t halp. I guess that it’s probably a good way for all Serif employees to get a nice retirement in 3 to 5 years, but it’s a buckshot in the face for me as a happy user and supporter of an independent company that makes professional software I use every day.
  7. Another vote vor "insert inside" from me. My use cases: - Using rectangles as image frames in Designer, copying a file from a folder and inserting it with STRG+C - copying and pasting adverts from one file into prepared frames
  8. Assign Keyboard Shortcut to Text Style Open Settings Assign same Shortcut to any feature No warning about shortcut already being used shown Result: Shortcut for Text Style has higher priority Shortcut does not work for feature when the same Shortcut is applied to a Text Style Possible Solution: A warning could be shown in Text Style window, if a shortcut is already in use by the system (same as with shortcuts that are already in use for a different text style)
  9. Hi, I am currently working on an A4 sized document and the printer has gven me precise specifications on how the need the pages. They a very specific page size of 226.6 x 311.4 mm (total size including bleed and crop marks). The export with crop marks from Publisher is a bit larger, so I could crop it if I had Acrobat — ideally though, I would like to set this page size as export size so I don‘t have to edit the exported PDF. Any idea on how to set this up? P.S. — Please don‘t try to convince me that the page size doesn‘t matter as long as the content is centered and crop marks fit. The printer insists on getting pages of this exact size and there is nothing I can do about it.
  10. Strange, really strange, must have been really, really lucky. Keeping my fingers crossed for the fix, glad you identified the issue ... I sent the text out to the client and am expeting it back late next week. Would be great if it worked by then. 🙂
  11. Thanks, I'll try the workaround, it ist going to be really cumbersome and super messy though: The document has currently 313 pages (yeah, I know, lucky number). I need to add about 45-50 empty pages (without masters applied) in different places and afterwards add special content on these pages. Then we're looking at roughly 150 pinned pictures inside the text (keeping the text flow intact obviously) and lastly applying different master pages to different sections / chapters. It worked fine in version 2.0 and 2.1. I am actually doing this very project every six months and never had any issues since I switched from InDesign to Publisher.
  12. I have inserted pages in all kinds of places before, and this is the first time this happened. Must have something to do with the 2.2 update or macOS Sonoma and / or a combination of both. The last project where I inserted pages was done with version 2.1 on macOS Monterey and it worked as expected.
  13. Thanks, I have uploaded the file to you link @stokerg Looking forward to seeing what you can find out. 🐵
  14. - starting with a 312 page document, just text flowing in two columns - use "document -> add pages" to add two empty pages (no master page) at the beginning of the document Result: - the two empty pages are added - text disappears from all other pages (master page is still assigned) Expected result: - for the text to stay in the document System: macOS Sonoma (14.0) Affinity Publisher 2.2.1 disappearing-text.mp4
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