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    Lenovo laptop with Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 Home. Former user of most Serif software from PagePlus 3.0 through PagePlus X9, now enjoying Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher.

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  1. Quite a few users of Publishe use Microsoft Word. The Shift+F3 combination will do what you need. I do the proofreading and corrections in Word already.
  2. NilsFinken

    Crash when selecting all text

    No - I have not yet advanced to that stage! I will return later with fresh info...
  3. Try changing the Edit - Preferences -General - and check the option Insert filler text as text.
  4. The filler text had me confused at first as it could not be formatted or changed, but there is a very useful option in Edit - Preferences - General - Insert filler text as text. Then filler text can be formatted, reduced or treated like any other ordinary text.
  5. Very strange. I cannot reproduce it. It cannot be a frame setting as this would affect both columns. Does the same thing happen if you use real text instead of Filler text?
  6. Use File - Export, then choose PDF.
  7. I believe Filler text is being used. It does NOT behave like other text and should be deleted by clicking the checked menu Text - Insert flller text.
  8. Or zip the PDF and add a password. Both WinRAR and 7-Zip can do it.
  9. Once more panels are docked, their titles are automatically abbreviated. I am sure that, with frequent use of Publisher, they will be learnt but I suggest mouse-over "tool tips" to appear with their titles when they are abbreviated.
  10. I tend to agree with Walt. My professional printer (the biggest printer in my country) asks for individual pages in the PDF print file, not spreads. Thus it does not seem to be an issue. In-house may be different - I have not had the time to test that. Too busy layouting in Publisher!
  11. Nothing keeps you from continuing to run PagePlus alongside Affinity Publisher for existing publications - neither is by subscription (). I, for one, am happy to have access to alle the new features of Publisher and do not wish to go back to PagePlus despite its features. Importing from legacy products rarely seems to work flawlessly (try Quicken or even Lightroom for example...). Embrace progress! :-)
  12. NilsFinken

    Crash when selecting all text

    I experience the same, just using Publisher's filler text and Times New Roman. Even double clicking in the text frame produces the crash. On a positive note, it is a benign crash that does not seem to corrupt the file. It may have something to do with linked text frames containing filler text. I can only remove the filler text by unlinking the text frames. That does not produce a crash.
  13. I don't mind the name (other terms like "leading" will be confusing to most people unfamiliar with the use of lead in old-fashioned typesetting tecniques). But I love the flexibility and created my own paragraph style for Fact boxes.
  14. Good idea, Przemysław. Thanks, I'll try that.
  15. Thanks, Old Bruce! I will stop searching and use your method - and continue using Publisher!