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    Lenovo laptop with Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 Home. Most Serif software, Affinity Designer and Photo.

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  1. GRH was right. I, too, have successfully installed the new Beta.
  2. I have the same problem (Win10). Installation of previous beta versions was never a problem before.
  3. You guys at Serif really are amazing! Thanks for all your hard work!
  4. NilsFinken

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Little more than a week ago I introduced a collegue to Affinity Designer and Photo. When he saw it presented on the Affinity website - and noticed the price - he exclaimed a loud 'Wow!' and immediately placed an order. The next day he proudly presented an intricate logo for his wife's association, made in Designer. I share his awe and want to express my gratitude for you people at Serif - programmers et al - for your hard work, willingness to listen and to continually seek to perfect already impressive software. I know of NO other software company that rivals you! A bit off-topic, perhaps...
  5. I have just dug my old faithful Epson Perfection 3170 Photo scanner out for my brother to use with Windows 10. The Epson support site does indeed offer a driver and the software for Windows 10 and even the Win10 "Scan" software will produce a file. I can live with the extra step instead of the old Twain support, even if it was nice to scan directly from the graphics software..
  6. Excellent! Thanks for your hard work!
  7. I am happy to see that there is a new version 1.6.1 for download for both Designer and Photo (Windows). Where do I find the release notes?
  8. Hi Dawid, You have produced an excellent overview of Designer. I agree that the text is the part that takes the most time to prepare, once your priorities are in place. In fact, I would consider your text to be ideal for the speak/voice-over of a video showing each principle as you mention it. In my experience a lot of people find it hard work to read lengthy texts (even with copious amounts of illustrations), however well they are presented. They prefer a video explaining and showing. For the ideal solution it should be interactive, but that is a whole new project in itself, I know. Great work! Nils
  9. NilsFinken

    Planetary Rings

    Ofek, could it be that the segment has an unintentional stroke?
  10. Hi Alfred Thanks for showing! The dashed circle is a great example of how to use Designer's many great features.
  11. Tab. So easy - and so easy to hit by mistake :D
  12. Could you cheat and make the last, tapering, part separate, then join the two parts? I just tried: 1. Create the line, choose general stroke thickness. 2. Go to Node tool, choose or insert a node where the taper should start. 3. "Break curve" and apply Pressure to the stroke shown with nodes. 4. Join - or adjust - the two parts of the signature.
  13. Thanks. This time it was not my feeble mind... :D
  14. I would use Power Duplicate (Ctrl+J), gradually moving the copy and decreasing opacity.
  15. I much prefer this forum to several, each requiring registration and - more - apps. Nice suggestion, but not for me. B)