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  1. That surprised me, too. But it is just different and slightly unexpected. I have learned to live with it. Just one extra mouse click. 🙂
  2. The Preset is already defined as without bleed. Consequently, when you change any setting, you need to choose More and save your own preset that includes bleed.
  3. As I suppose the "check for new version" only happens immediately upon opening Publisher, I would disable internet access just while Publisher is launched. Then enable internet access again.
  4. Try opening and exporting from the latest Beta version. I find it to be (much more) stable.
  5. Paste Style only pastes the style of objects, not of text. Text uses Text Styles, although I, too, have often wished to be able to copy and paste the style of text...
  6. Hi Eym Are you using any special characters in your folder names? Using a network drive?
  7. I use 250% screen scaling without problems. Win 10. Screen resolution at 3840x2160. Some other - non-Serif - software is so tiny on screen as to be unusable.
  8. Hi, SF!, Also in the latest Beta ( pictures continue to unexplainedly end up below a master page layer, but at least you can reach them like this:
  9. My issues with crashes (on Windows 10) in 1.8 seem to have been cured by simply copying a Publisher file to another location and double-clicking on it. I have not uninstalled/reinstalled and do not use any third-party font thingies. No major niggles so far. 20-page magazine in A5. StudioLink also works.
  10. I am having the same issue. History activated. First occurrence of crash was when using the Photo Persona and its Blemish Removal Tool. That seems to have corrupted the Publisher file. The Beta will not open the corrupted file either.
  11. No problems encountered in the latest Beta version (
  12. Thanks for the explanation, fde101, you really nailed it! That also gave the here-and-now solution which is to reinstall a pin to the errant picture. A big thanks! Nils
  13. Or - as I have experienced on (too) many occasions: An item (usually a picture or a text box) is wrongly and discreetly sent to the master page without being visible or editable via the master page. It is only visible below a master page in the Pages panel. The only solution (until the bug is fixed!) is to right-click (on the Pages panel) on the Master page and chosing "Edit detached". The bug is still present in the latest Beta (...499), at least with documents originating in the retail version.
  14. I may just add that the errant images can then be moved on top of the Master layer in the Layers panel. Very useful!
  15. Publisher Beta Shift +Mouse wheel does not move view sideways as in Version 1.7 , but zooms in/out just like Mouse wheel alone. The beta now takes Ctrl+Shift+Mouse wheel to pan left/right.
  16. They will import fine if you open the pdf from Publisher - not insert or place in an existing Publisher document. Then you change the page size using File, Spread setup. The crop marks are even on a separate layer as is the trim.
  17. Thanks, Pauls! That solved my quandary. I did not know of the ability to edit detached - very useful!
  18. Publisher v. on Windows 10 Home, 64-bit. I am producing magazines, importing Word files and/or clean, unformatted text, inserting mainly .jpg files. On several occasions, an inserted or placed image will suddenly not be "reachable", instead being displayed as belonging to a master page. That means that I am no longer able to move, edit, crop, replace or even remove the image. The Layers panel displays the image as belonging to the master page where it should not be. I cannot delete or move it from the Layers panel. The master page itself seems unchanged and OK and does not contain the errant image. The trouble is that it seems to happen randomly even to other - but not all - single images than the one currently being worked on, forcing me to step back and lose any intermediate work done to my whole document. If I discover the problem in time... Here is a screenshot of how the image is shown (on the left) as if on a master page and in the Layers panel under Master page. Also, the text element shown under the image in the Layers panel is also errant as seen in the next screenshot. When opening the original .afpub file, please note that the bridge image on page 18 is an image placed on top of the offending image (my workaraound!) NytOmGammelt2019-04.afpub
  19. I respect that, Bob, and understand your frustration. However, I have worked professionally with software costing millions of dollars with major glitches that were never ironed out. I have worked with collegues on the same large Microsoft Word file using the same version of Word on the same network and time and time again seeing the formatting of the whole document messed up because of the software - not the users. I guess my age has taught me to get upset about other things in life... I have produced some very satisfactory magazines using Affinity Publisher - also experiencing annoying bugs along the way. But I am still happy!
  20. Few software companies that I have come across since 1986 work as hard as the Affinity team to resolve issues. So give them a chance to find solutions!
  21. Excellent! Thanks for sharing! :-)
  22. Or - even easier- simply type in 2 mm, 4 mm or whatever instead of "0 px" shown below. It will automatically be translated into pt.
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