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  1. Hi @Trevor A, your issue does not seem to be the same as @pmwjournals has described and I assume it would be more useful to put such an issue in a separate new topic or into a thread where the error description is more close to yours. E.g. you may take a look at and the suggestion made by adbosch to work around the closing issue when opening an existing file. It worked for me to at least open the files and allowed me to fiddle around with linked documents inside and save them to a state that worked without the problem again.
  2. Hi @rjbwdc, @VanHeber you may take a look at the suggestion posted by 'adbosch' in the following thread: It worked for me to at least open the files and allowed me to fiddle around with linked documents inside and save them to a state that worked without the problem again.
  3. @adbosch Thank you for your tip with an empty file beforehand. Doing so allowed me to update linked documents in my faulty files and re-save them which then allowed me to open them in publisher without having the empty file. I'm not sure what affected the ability to open them without error after re-save (I cannot tell whether it was only the re-save by itself with the newer version of the software or if the update of linked documents made any difference).
  4. Hi @Jon P, thank you for your fast response. I was afraid the file would work flawless on your side and I've checked your provided files and the "VW Robotation Academy.afpub" inside your archive opens fine on my machine now too. The file "Controls/Map List.afpub" still fails but I assume you did not re-save that file specifically. Might it be helpful if I uninstall Publisher and re-install it after removing everything from %AppData% or other user profile directories? Or should I stick with my current installation to prevent the state for further investigation of this issue? Thank you for re-saving my main file again 😃 It helps me continue working on the project for now.
  5. Hi Jon, I've just uploaded a zip archive with a file called "VW Robotation Academy.afpub" which is the main culprit. The archive also contains some svg and other afpub and afdesigner (and an afassets file) Where the afdesigner files are opened normally as are some of the afpub documents in the "Controls" folder except the "Map List.afpub" document which behaves identically to the above mentioned document. I'm not sure whether the problem might be related to the embedding and linking of other documents thus I've uploaded the whole bunch of files. Thank you in advance for taking a look at this.
  6. Hello, I've just updated Affinity Publisher to version 1.8 and wanted to open some of my previously edited documents used for layouting an app's UI. When I try to open (via file dialog, per drag & drop or double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer) the Publisher application opens up, shows the default empty interface (without an opened document) and closes again. It does not provide any error messages or crash messages to me when this occurs and it is 100% consistent with one file I have. Unfortunately I didn't looked up the version I've opened it with last but I assume it was 1.7.3 as I didn't get any update notifications for a longer time. The mentioned file contains several linked designer or publisher documents (if this might be important). If it helps I might provide the affected file and all related documents to you (via PM or mail etc.) When I try to embed or link the mentioned file into a new empty document it works as expected and I can double click the embedded document and change it or even copy all elements into another new empty document. I also tried to copy all elements to a new empty document and save it as a new file, which does not change the behaviour when opening the newly saved file as Publisher closes itself without displaying anything but the empty UI. Best Regards Tobias
  7. Hello, thank you both for your fast responses to my questions =). @MEB: is there any plan for Affinity Photo/Designer to allow broader support of custom plugins, especially for APIs for pixel access? At the moment I'm stuck with using other tools like GIMP or Krita which themselves are not perfect in regard to TGA file support.
  8. I'm interested in this topic too as I'm partially desperate for TGA file export support and intend to give it a try with self-written plugin for exporting to TGA on windows. You mentioned the Adobe Photoshop SDK support as still in development. Could you point out some more information about which version of the SDK will be most likely to work properly (on the Adobe SDK page there are numerous SDKs available). As already suggested on other threads, is there any documentation about the supported APIs or some sort of compatibility map so I can get a glimpse on what I can expect to use from the Photoshop SDK and what I can most likely expect to fail? Best regards Tobias
  9. Hello everyone, I've used the Affinity Photo for Windows beta version during the last few weeks and the feature I'm mostly missing (which gives me a unpleasing feeling when thinking about buying Affinity Photo for Windows now) is the possibility to transform objects or selections with a custom resample mode. I know there is the document resize tool which gives me bilinear, nearest neighbour and what not as resampe options but I'm used to do those actions on a selection base not document-wise (which feels like an odd workaround to me when copying stuff to an empty document do the resizing and paste it back). Based on the options available for document resize I assume that the implementation details are already done and the only thing missing is providing a UI and apply the resampling to each transform action. Perhaps I'm a bit spoiled using Photoshop but that is one of the essential features for me I'm missing and keeps me from throwing my money at you (actually it does not really prevents me to do so as I like the idea of a useful tool and alternative to adobe products I could get rid of Adobe much faster and a happy smile on my face when such a feature would be available) Last but not least I might have missed an option, shortcut or preferences to set to achieve what I described so any hint on how to achieve it (not some workaround like I've mentioned) is appreciated =). Best Regards
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