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  1. I believe I've been having the same problem. Not a particularly large file and hand-typed. Text at the bottom of a text frame disappears instead of appearing in the next linked text box. I have to fix it using carriage returns, fortunately I'm able to adjust paragraph sizes to implement that.
  2. Can this be raised to a higher priority please. It seems to me that a bug which makes the entire product UNUSABLE should be top of the list. I've got it again with a small file which I just began afresh today. A moderator has taken my file and presumably examined it but we've had no response and the bug has persisted through more recent versions Fix it please
  3. Thanks for the tips. I'm afraid those solutions and suggestion don't work. Whatever combination of techniques I use I still get one text frame with bigger or smaller fonts than the other. There's been no resizing, the document is an IDML import which I saved as an afpub. Clearly something is wrong with that import file which a friend did using his InDesign 5. (I can't do it again mayself as I have no Adobe products, there is no means of reinstalling my old CS3 - that's why I bought Affinity Publisher) I think my only recourse is to start again with a fresh clean AF Pub file and copy unformatted text into it. Makes IDML imports only marginally better for me than copying and pasting from pdfs
  4. When I flow text from one frame to the next, the font size decreases enormously (a factor of about ten). How do I fix this?
  5. I am unable to select any but the last text frame on a 2 page spread (each with 2 text frames connected by flow) Consequently am unable to edit most (3/4) of the text. This occurred only after the recent upgrade
  6. There doesn't appear to be a way to use the same hyperlink twice in the same document in Publisher. Example: In the References section of a paper, I add hyperlinks (to pdf) to a somewhat wordy citation in 3 parts. To make sense of these in the Hyperlinks panel I give them short concise labels. No-one looks in the Reference section of a paper unless they have to, so in the main text somewhere, when this topic crops up I simply write "parts 1, 2 & 3" or "see part 1, page n" and add my pre-labelled hyperlinks to those digits. I can't seem to be able to do that. If I try to use Text | Interactive | Insert hyperlink on that "1" there's no choice list, I have to start again. My tidy Hyperlinks panel now begins to fill up with duplicates as I keep referring to that same hyperlink in my text. Have I missed something? It's not in the video or help menu. Is there a work-around? Thanks in anticipation
  7. Not able to reproduce exactly though it did crash again in the same circumstances on the same day. The next day it performed well for several hours then crashed when changing the colour on one end of a gradient fill. That suggests something cumulative to me. So it's intermittent - which rules out video recording. The only clues I can offer are other applications that are running simultaneously. Apart from Publisher + Mozilla's Firefox & Thunderbird I only have Photools' iMatch running. It's constantly re-reading and re-displaying the files I'm working on but shouldn't in any way interfere.
  8. Just installed 1.8 today and I've had two crashes whilst trying to use the Fill Tool to edit gradients Is it possible to revert to a previous version
  9. Thanks Walt Here's the file The attempted insertion point is on page 4, the emboldened word Costa. Commands: Text | Index | Insert Index Mark It's the first time I've ever tried indexing in Publisher European Calobatinae.afpub
  10. Publisher does just that. Try to add an index mark and it crashes.
  11. On flowing text into the next text box, the tabs alter their positions. The lines affected have two tabs, left aligned at 8mm and right aligned at 85mm The attached image illustrates the problem, the upper (correct) text box aligned with the next text box (incorrect) How can I fix this?
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