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  1. Thank you both for responding! @graphicbreeze--your steps 1-4 worked to get my 'Pages' file to the point where I exported a PDF and can now send to print! @NilsFinken--I'll try your solution as well. Will also roll back to 1.7.3 as per above. Cheers!
  2. I've been creating a photography book for about three weeks. The document elements are basic: text and imported/linked JPEGs. I started with 1.7.3 and continued with 1.8 as of the day it was released. No problems until yesterday morning. The project consists of two Publisher documents: 1) Cover (500K) and 2) Pages (700MB). The book has gone through a number of revisions and I've kept earlier versions of both documents. The issue I'm reporting began occurring yesterday morning as I was doing final edits: Publisher began crashing (I see the UI for a split second before Publisher closes) on the 'Pages' documents (current and previous versions) only. All of the 'Cover' documents (current and previous versions) open. I had been fine tuning the most recent 'Pages' document, updating a few photographs, saving, exporting a PDF to verify, with no issues. The 'Pages' documents crash began occurring when I went back to do some final edits on the latest 'Pages' version which I had been working on and had closed subsequent to exporting a PDF. To reiterate: Publisher crashes when I try to open any of the 'Pages' documents, so the issue is not related to the most recent 'Pages' document I was working on, but loads and opens all of the 'Cover documents'. Also, If I load Publisher, open a 'Cover' document, then try to open any of the 'Pages' documents, Publisher crashes. I re-booted twice with no effect. I'm using a Windows 10 PC laptop on which Publisher has been running smoothly and without issue beyond an occasional 'not responding' which clears after a few seconds. I submitted a crash report the first time the crash occurred but did not include my email address as I did not know I could do so at the time. I tried re-installing 1.8 over the existing installation with no effect. UPDATE: 24 hours later I just tried uninstalling 1.8, rebooting, then installing 1.7.3. 1.7.3 would not open any of my documents since they 'use features from 1.8' or words to that effect. I then uninstalled 1.7.3, rebooted, then installed 1.8 again and am back to where I was yesterday as per above. Is there anything else I can do to move ahead with the book project which I need to send out to get printed. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi guys, I meant to follow up earlier. I followed Walt's advice to set Publisher's PDF output to pages then followed Blurb's online instructions page to set the PDF to Two-Page View in Acrobat and the PDF was accepted by their upload site. This is my first Blurb book so I don't have Mike's experience with them, so it seems entirely possible that the customer service agent I corresponded with was incorrect as per Mike when he told me that a facing pages PDF would be unacceptable which means both methods work. Dave.
  4. Thanks so much, Walt. I didn't realize I could export a facing pages document as single pages--I'll try that as I have both versions. I agree it's weird and shouldn't matter. And thanks Mike--this is what Blurb is telling me and I find it odd. The advice is much appreciated. Dave.
  5. Hello, Is there a way to set bleed based on inside (spine)/outside (trim) in alternating fashion in the same way this can be done for margins? The reason I ask is that I'm submitting a book to Blurb who requires a single-page (not facing pages) PDF set to two-page view in Acrobat. With the same bleed on all four page sides, their system reads the two-page view PDF as too wide by the amount of bleed on the inside (spine) edge of each page. Thank you in advance for any advice on this. Dave,
  6. Thank you very much thomaso--I had not explored the Transform Panel
  7. Hello all, I purchased Publisher for my Windows laptop earlier today and as an InDesign veteran am very impressed. One question: When I create an image or text box/frame, can I set or adjust the dimensions? In other words, if I want to create a 300mm X 200mm image or text box/frame rather than dragging to an unspecified dimension, can I do so? Thank you in advance. DaveF61
  8. Hi Dan C, That is awesome--thank you so much! Now I can open all three file types from within Affinity, which is super. One followup question if I may: the .afp files do not have a thumbnail, they appear as a blank (white) tile with filename below--is that something that can be modified within Affinity's interface when saving or in settings? Thanks again
  9. Hello all--I'm new and thank you in advance I'm setting up a new workflow for my photography hobby based on Affinity Photo, which I'm learning and loving. My question stems from the fact that I can't figure out how to open .afphoto files after closing them from Affinity's main page. I'm unable to either 1) Open the .afphoto file by tapping on it in the Files app as I can with RAW and JPEG files I'm saving/organizing there nor 2) Navigate to the Files app from with Affinity Photo's open/import from page. Any help on this would be appreciated. Dave.
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