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  1. Hi Bruce Thanks for your comment. The video you saw was done by GarryP, and I think the arrows were overlaid after the recording was finished in order to highlight the apparently random snaps. You are probably right about that the local Baselines inside the text box was meant for text only and not for outside objects. However I see no reason that Affinity should not make it so in later versions of AP. Pinning the object to the text box unfortunately does not make it snap to the local Baselines.
  2. Hi again Garry I'm afraid I can't honor your high thoughts about my AP cababilities 😊 Only purchased the software a few days ago and I'm certainly not doing anything advanced. I recently lost my job and found that I needed some proper software to make a nice looking resume. Already had Affinity Designer so AP was an easy choise. So I'm still a blue eyed rookie in Affinity Publisher, but I really like the program and I'm keen to learn. Kind Regards Michael
  3. Hi all I just found out that reducing the screen tolerance in the snapping settings removes those aribitrary snaps and leaves only snapping to the Baselines. The Global Baselines, mind you. Still no snapping to local Baselines.
  4. Hi again Gerry I'm so glad you're taking your time for this issue. What you are showing us in the video is exactly what I see here at my PC. I can't figure out either what's being snapped to. Many kind regards Michael
  5. Hi Gerry Thank you very much for your reply. Well in your video you seem to succeed with what I'm trying to do. But I fear there's an explanation for that. I think that your local Baselines coincide with the global Baselines and the box really snaps to the global Bselines. Could you try again showing the Global Baselines as well as the local, please? Kind Regards Michael
  6. Hi all I'm having the same problem. In Affinity Publisher 1.8, on a Windows PC I have created a text box, and turned on "Use Baseline Grid" for that text box only. But no matter how I twist and turn I cannot snap to that local Baseline Grid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi all I purchased the new Affinity Publisher 1.8 for Windows a couple of days ago. I can't seem to get the "Paste Style" to work. It's always greyed out. Are there special prerequesites for using that function that I'm not aware of, or did I find a bug? Kind Regards Michael
  8. Does anyone know why Affinity designer doesn't let me preview a svg-file before opening it with Affinity designer? I am aware that previewing an svg file in Windows Explorer is not possible unless a special extension is installed in the PC. It would be really nice though if the "Open File"-dialogue box in AD would let me preview svg's.
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