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  1. Here's a file that shows what I mean. Select the "H" and the "e" and choose Subtract from the Layers menu, and the two layers disappear. Test2.afphoto
  2. Hi Em, While I try to remember which file I was working on, here's a file where I tried to subtract the e from the T, and Af Photo does nothing. If I move the e over to the s, and subtract the s, that works, but e from T does nothing. Maybe to do with 2 curves in the e? Mike Test.afphoto
  3. Hiya, So I created a H and e letters, converted them to curves and placed the e over the H. When I go to Layer>Geometry>Subtract with both layers selected, the layers just disappear. Trying it on two boxes worked as expected. Is this a bug? Mike
  4. This doesn't seem to work any more. I have a white fill layer set to multiply under a gradient map adjustment layer in the same group and it just comes out white. This is broken.
  5. +1 for making it like PS. I don't want the Group to do anything except allow me to turn on and off a group of layers. If I want it to mask layers, I should be able to add a layer mask to the group layer. This again makes it incompatible with PSDs which, I hate to bang on about but feel I have to yet again, just about everyone uses. Besides that, it's just makes no intuitive sense to the user. Please change this.
  6. I found it very slow until I switched it from the built in AMD chip to the Nvidia graphics card, and now it seems to be behaving itself. It was horrendously unusable before that.
  7. I'm not averse to shift being to add while ctrl (cmd on the mac) is constrain, as long as it's consistent along all the tools. What messes up my muscle memory is EVERY SINGLE TOOL DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!! Ahem...
  8. Just that please. It doesn't antialias at all when filling, which makes it pretty useless. Photoplus's Fill tool was fine in that regard. Also, could it use the foreground layer like the paint tool, at the moment it switches to the background colour when you go to it, which is very annoying. Something else that would be cool is an expand option. In Medibang, the fill tool can automatically expand by a user defined number of pixels so it can fill into the antialiasing of other strokes really nicely. That would be very useful. Thanks.
  9. Sorry, I meant, handle PSDs and layers more like Photoshop, at least to the point they're directly compatible. I love Serif and I've been using their stuff since Photoplus 5? 6 at least, and I have a big dislike of Adobe, for various reasons, so I would prefer not to give them any more money. The reason I posted this was Photoplus used to handle layers and psds pretty much exactly like PS, and I could rely on it to give me the same results. Photo, while it's got a lot of really sexy stuff, just isn't there as far as this area is concerned, though the font handling is better. I still have PPlus 6 (and 8, but 8 is slightly flakier) installed but I would really prefer to use Photo with all it's nice new additions. There are other packages which I could use, Gimp, Krita, etc, but I really like what Serif have done, and don't really want to have to jump into something else that I'm less familiar with just to do this stuff which used to work so well in previous versions. Honestly, I would be happy to pay more for Photo, just for this. It's a no-brainer at the price it is.
  10. This is going to be a bit of a rant, and I'm sorry, I'm trying to be polite about it. Make it more like Photoshop. Like it or not, you're competing with PS and I and just about every artist is going to have to import and export PS files if working with others. Every time I hit something that doesn't come in 100% like Photoshop, like layers not working like PS or whatever, it makes me annoyed, and pushes me to abandon Photo just a little bit. An artist trying Photo for the first time is going to try bringing in their PSDs to see how compatible Photo is and they're not going to bother trying to fix layers not working because they work slightly differently in Photo, they're just not going to buy it. I don't have the time or the energy to keep trying to fix things, if I find a problem I report it, but "That's how it is designed to work" is not a good come back when I'm spending an hour trying to figure out why something basic isn't working as I expect. The really annoying thing is Photoplus used to handle PSDs/Layers almost exactly like PS, and that's what I loved about it, so to see Photo go backwards in that regard is very disappointing. I used to recommend Photoplus to just about everyone I talked graphics to, but I don't feel I can do that with Photo just because I know they'd try it and inevitably hit the same caveats I'm hitting. I know they're trying to do something better, but we're in a reality where Photoshop is the dominant package, and I need to be able to work seamlessly with others.
  11. At the moment there's no direct way to scale a picture by a percentage. You can use multipliers in the numeric fields, but that's no good for macros where I want to scale a bunch of different sized pictures by 50%. Could we have this please?
  12. But in these cases it is isn't it? They're not using the combinations stated in my request for anything are they?
  13. But this breaks Photoshop loading/saving and seems like a bad design decision, for the reasons stated.
  14. Hiya, Group layers currently don't display adjustment layers within them unless there's another layer beneath them covering the whole area. This is bad for your psd import as all the adjustment layers in groups will not be displayed. Please fix this, it was driving me mental. Also, there is currently no way to draw a layer from outside a group in to be the bottom layer of the group, it always ends up as the child of the bottom layer of the group. Please fix this too. Test.psd
  15. Which means their import of PSD doesn't work properly. Not a good implementation choice. Thanks for letting me know.
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