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  1. I also have to note that I just checked how Photoshop behaves and it behaves as expected - adding pixel layer to group with adjustment layers doesn't prevent adjustment layers from affecting underlying layers when group mode is "Passthrough", you have to set "Normal" mode for that.
  2. Ok, thank you. I have checked described logic and yes — group effect depends on whether there is pixel layer inside. Now I know the reason why everything works not as I expected, but I still don't understand motivation. Here is situation: I'm retouching eyes - one pixel layer to fix vessels, one adjustment layer to make iris brighter, another adjustment layer to make sclera brighter. Ok, it's too much visible layers, I group all those layers into group and ooops - it all stopped working. If I wanted adjustment layers inside group to affect pixel layers from same group only, I would set "Normal" blending mode to group. But I want to just visually group layers without affecting their behaviour, and it seems it's impossible. What should I do — create two groups "Eyes pixel" and "Eyes adjustments"? What if there are several types mixed (pixel - adj - pixel)? So question is — why passthrough groups behaves like normal one when there is pixel layer inside? Why it is called feature and not a bug?
  3. I thought grouping arbitrary layers into passthrough group is pure convenience and shouldn't affect resulting picture at all, but it's not true — adjustment layers inside group stop affecting layers below the group. Is it by design or not? If yes, then how is passthrough group different from normal one?
  4. Ah, I see. I have to turn on global source preview to select source point. Well, it kind of works, but is far from perfect: * I can't just Alt-Click on canvas. On Win7 I have to first click on global source, then source point, which is a lot of cursor moving. On Mac, I have to double-click on global source and then set source point. * When global source preview is on, you see global source only, no your local fixes already done, so I loose what I was going to fix, especially given I have to move cursor far from fix point (see item #1) * There is no "current layer and global source" variant So I still think it would be really cool to have some way to specify exact source layer or at least "current and below in folder".
  5. I have created action with Frequency Separation step and marked radius as action parameter. When I call action, dialog appears, but on every parameter change action dialog loses focus so I can't conveniently and incrementally modify parameter using keyboard.
  6. It seems it's impossible to clone from other position when you use Global source, only from same-positioned pixels in global source. At least Alt-click does nothing. It makes it completely useless for fixing blemishes.
  7. It is sometimes necessary to use current layer and just one layer below as source for tool. My use case is working with frequency separation: I have low frequency layer, then high frequency layer above. To fix blemishes on high frequency layer I turn it into folder and put empty pixel layer on top: * Folder "high frequency" (blending mode = Linear Light) * Empty pixel layer for fixes (blending mode = Normal) * Source high-frequency layer (blending mode = Normal) * Low-frequency layer I want to see full picture (with both low and high frequency layers on) and use clone stamp tool to fix high frequency layer only. But I have to turn off low-frequency layer to avoid getting pixels from it. I propose to add "Current and underlying only layers" and/or "Current and layer in same folder" tool sources.
  8. Please allow to drag files from Finder to file lists in Stack/Panorama dialogs. It is very inconvenient to search for files again when you just carefully selected them in Finder or another program.
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