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  1. I am unable to open olympus e-m1 mark 2 high res raw file on the iPad Pro 12.9. The uni is display but the file file is all black
  2. Eyedear

    Hasselblad H4D-50 RAW file

    I agree with your suggestion. I have been experimenting. It seem that I can get better noise reduction in affinity photo. Was just hoping there is a way to get a similitude starting point to phocus. Especially the colors. At the moment opening the files in affinity the colours are a bit wash out and the colour balance is a bit off.
  3. Hi i have just recently purchase Affinity photo for the PC. have been playing with it and love the feature set. I have tried to open up the H4D-50 RAW file in affinity. the files opens with minimal fuss. the only thing is i find the colors are much more muted on affinity photo. In order to match the Hasselblad Phocus colors there would be quite a number of adjustment needed. could i suggest that a tone curve that matches the hasselblad phocus be made. Do let me know if i can contribute anything. i would be happy to. I have attach a screen shot comparing the Hasselblad Phocus vs Affinity when both are at zero adjustments. i hope this could also be standardise on the Ipad affinity photo too as i own that. thanks again

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