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  1. One of the basic features that is really missing in affinity photo. At the moment basic transform are available but warp tools is too complex to use and does not provide real time feedback. Hopefully the devs are aware of this
  2. Ok thanks for the info. Hope affinity will implement this in a future version on the ipad
  3. does affinity photo ipad version have a info studios which show the info pallete in photoshop. or in affinity photo on the desktop. hope someone can enlighten this
  4. I am unable to find the Info Studios on the iPad version of Affinity photos. does it exist. hope some one with more experience can let us know
  5. I hope we can get this fixed soon. There is a beta version on windows but on the Mac and iPad this bug is causing a lot crash and there is no beta on those platform
  6. Photoshop iPad now has curves but missing numerical inputs. Can affinity photo have numerical input first. And also highlight and shadow clipping in curves too
  7. Is there a method to batch process raw files in affinity photo on the desktop and iPad similiar to what can be done in camera raw
  8. is there anyway we can install affinity 1.8.2 on the ipad after we have install 1.8.3 as 1.8.2 does not have that bug
  9. this bug exist on all platform.MacOS , Windows and IpadOS. I can replicated. it crashes the app when you move only. using the resize or rotate handles does not crash the app. hope the developers can look into this and issue a bug fixed soon.
  10. I think if you press ctrl?Cmd-L it should bring up the levels adjustments. you can also access your layers by pressing Shift+CMD/Ctrl+H to show and hide so you can choose the levels adjustment layer in your layers palette I hope that is what you mean
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