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  1. Exporting and placing them works really well for me. I can get all the images the same size, easily decide on the layout (how many per row), etc. I can just make that page after the entire document is done. Thank you all. What a wonderful and supportive community this is. Maybe some day I will be able to contribute some ideas on how to get things done. For now, I will let my newbiness show :)
  2. I have affinity publisher and affinity photo (desktop, windows 10). In publisher, I am putting together a book/journal. I would like to make "thumbnails" of some of the internal pages, to put on the last page in order to display what the internal pages look like. Is there a way to generate thumbnail version of your pages, other than actually changing the size of your pages?
  3. Thank you, Lagarto for taking the time to look and track down my issue. I have a lot to learn yet!
  4. I'll answer the above questions and also attach a portion of the affinity pub file and also the exported documents. When I set up the document, I set the bleed to .125" The horizontal lines are pen drawn. There is no rectangle frame - I didn't draw one or insert one. When I export without bleed checked off, it is a clean pdf with no extraneous lines (I did get a border around a picture, but I probably placed the image in an incorrect manner. I will research/figure that out. I inserted it just for this example anyway). When I export with "include bleed" - then I get extraneous lines. See lines next to questions 2, 6 and 8. Also, preflight does not indicate any bleed issues .couple sample pages with the issue of lines when export set to with bleed.afpub couple sample pages export without bleed.pdf couple sample pages with the issue of lines when export set to with bleed.afpub couple sample pages with the issue of lines when export set to with bleed.pdf
  5. I'm using Affinity Publisher on Windows desktop and am a new user. I set up my document with .125 bleed. Then I worked on the document. When it comes time to export as pdf for print, if I check the "include bleed" option, I'm getting strange extraneous lines along the sides or tops of some pages. Some of the lines go half way. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I did see another post discussing white lines around a page, but I don't think this is the same issue. In the attachment, please see the extra vertical line along the left side of the page. Thanks for any help you might offer.
  6. I have to agree with Fixx that it is a problem or issue that ought to be fixed. Looking at the export window, once you change something like "include bleed," how should the person looking at the export window know that they are still going to get a "pdf for print" quality export? If there was only one type of pdf output, it might be clear. But there are several types listed in the drop down, so for all the new user knows, they've successfully added bleed but the output pdf could be of a different qualify. Anyway, thank God the forum exists and answers can be had! Thanks everyone.
  7. Hi, I'm a new Affinity Publisher user. I'm on windows desktop. I created a document (multipage book) with bleed set to .125. Now that I'm done with the document, I am trying to export to pdf for print. When I have it set to export to pdf for print, and then I check off the "include bleed" box, the "pdf for print" box (where it says preset), goes blank. In other words, the export window won't let me have both "pdf for print" and "include bleed" selected at the same time. I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help or insights as to what I should do.
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