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  1. I did that and I ended with a lot brushes and unorganized. Other software maintain brush sizes until I reset them to their default values.
  2. Every time I change to anther brush and go back to the last brush used, the size resets to default. Is there a way to maintain the size of the brush? To maintain the size, I have to leave the brush properties open and change the size from there 😕.
  3. I made those brushes in my old projects, time to share them here. Enjoy! MS-Lines_AD_AP_Brushes.zip
  4. For me, I don't like to switch to the mouse when I'm using the pen. I can't continue my work because of it and it should be fixed.
  5. Thank you Affinity team for the update. I reported this before in Beta, Forum, But in this version 1.8.2 still Click to create a new node on curve does not work when using Wacom pen (I have to right click to create a node). It works with a mouse. Windows 10 Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Regards,
  6. These are my setting in my PC. they may help you. Control Panel
  7. Thank you Mark. It works beautifully now in the latest beta.
  8. I tried too the latest beta in my PC, Win10. No freezes. bandicam_2020-03-05_21-58-32-446.mp4
  9. I too have the same thing. I just stopped using Affinity apps (for now) because of this. the bug ruined my experience 😫
  10. Also, WizardRobot reported this for AP. I hope Affinity team can fix it soon.
  11. I reported this in for AD. I can't draw using Affinity apps now 😞 because of this. I tried different computer and the lag still there. I really like this version 1.8. I hope Affinity team will fix it soon.
  12. This bug is driving me crazy. All other open sources software (like GIMP, Krita, Inkscape and MyPaint) managed to resolve these bugs in no time and they work with tablets beautifully.
  13. I really like to switch to Affinity as drawing/painting applications, but the problems that I can't work with my Wacom tablets as drawing in Affinity AD/AP. There is a slight lag when I start to draw even with the new version. I tried it on another PC and still the problem exist.
  14. There is a lag when I am using the brush tool in AD v1.8. My Wacom drivers are up to date. I tried AD in another PC with an older Wacom Intuos 3 and also has this lag. When I draw fast the lag is no more. AD.mp4
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