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  1. You were 100% right. I updated my graphics driver, restarted the computer and now everything works OK. Thanks a lot!!
  2. This sounds reasonable. I had a video card driver's problem lately. I’ll check it out. Thanks.
  3. Nope. I relied on suggested automatic report feature, which I believe have already sent the report to the Affinity team.
  4. The latest update does not allow me to create a new document and to open the existing one. The application crashes. I deleted all old preferences, but it did not help. I turned on the automatic crash report and look forward to the response to my mail. I uninstalled the whole suite now as all three apps behave as I have mentioned above.
  5. When assigning keyboard shortcuts in APub there is an option “Apply to all”, which means that the new shortcut will work for any Persona. You can choose Photo Persona and assign the shortcut for, say, “Layer > New Fill Layer”. It will work amazingly OK in Publisher Persona, though there is no such menu command there (Publisher does not have Fill Layer in it’s menu). But it only works until the program restart. Sadly enough.
  6. The problem and the description are in the attached file on page #1. the_MASK_bug.afpub
  7. To get a crash you should press "Replace ALL" instead of just "Replace".
  8. And this is another bug. "Header 3" style does not show up in the "Replace" section, because it is a child style of Header 2. In Text styles studio try to choose "Show Hierarchical" option and then unroll parent style "Header 2" (by clicking on the triangle to the left). After this it should show up in “Find and Replace” studio.
  9. AP replaces wrong cells and crashes. All instructions are in the attached file. Find_Replace Bug In Table.afpub
  10. Did someone move this topic from bugs branch to this one?
  11. Exporting as a tiff does not preserve overprint option.
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