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  1. Sorry for late response, a blackout happened right then (Kiev, Ukraine). Here are the files. Overprint does not work.afpub Overprint does not work.pdf
  2. 1. Create any CMYK document. 2. Create any black text on a colored background. 3. Create a swatch from this black color. 4. In swatch properties of just created color, choose “Overprint”. 5. Switch off black channel in Channels pallet of a Photo Persona to see, that there is no overprinting. 6. Export the file as tiff or PDF, and you’ll see that there is no overprinting as well.
  3. Here are paragraphs with decoration applied as a left vertical line with 5 mm top offset. Top offset is suggested to be at the BEGINNING (START) of the paragraph. On the right page of the spread, we see, that the Publisher considers the start of the page as the start of a new paragraph and applies an offset where it should not be. Decoration Feature Bug.afpub
  4. Is there any way to export the bunch of all brush categories at once, not by one category? It is not the best way if you have dozens of categories
  5. Did someone move this topic from bugs branch to this one?
  6. Exporting as a tiff does not preserve overprint option.
  7. Can you give an example of this? Anyway, InDesign is doing pretty well without non-global colors.
  8. Can anyone explain to me: why do I need to have the not global colors in a document and what it’s benefit over the global colors?! As I see it, the existence of not global colors just makes life harder.
  9. Why don’t you allow us to create “Image Layers” and “Embedded Documents” right inside the current document without a headache creating them outside? Look how easy Photoshop is dealing with “Smart Objects”!
  10. The same handle, which is located only at the bottom right corner now, should be at every other corner and the middle points as well. Otherwise, the editing is pretty limited. With all respect, guys at Affinity, but why are you not studying how InDesign operates? In some aspects InDesign is a masterpiece, deserving to be mimicked. But you choose to go your own way, and it is so cumbersome, demanding and uncomfortable sometimes.
  11. Affinity has not. I just used a term found under “Menu>Document>Font Manager”.
  12. You are right. But Affinity already has it’s own very primitive Font Manager, and I proposed to implement Missing Fonts Auto-Activation Feature in it. That was the topic of this branch from its start. Unfortunately, I was not clear enough, and people did not grab what I meant.
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